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    DFI X48 LT T2R, E8500, ocz venndetta heat sink, team xtreem 1200 memory, asus dvd x2, seagate x2 in raid 0 , xfi fatality sound card, ocz 1010 power supply, 8800 gts video card.
  1. Your an @$$ for sure, this will be the last time i responed to you, kind of hard for you to help him when you dont even have a 950.
  2. I would comment on what ever but, i dont feel like wasteing any more time on either of you.
  3. I didnt say not to use them, i just said they are ugly, and you dont need them with 7/16 tubing on 1/2 inch barbs. Ive run this type loop before, and the hoses where not going to come off, i worry about my compression fitting leaking, more than the 7/16 on half inch barbs ever leaking.
  4. Now see there you go good info, even though im going to try the 24, just to see, ive read where every once in awhile a chip will run an even number, dont remember what threads but there where a couple. It was worth getting, i have not overclocked it yet. At idle the temps are 7c lower than the 930 i had. Ill OC sometime, when im just really bored and want to restart my computer over, and over.
  5. WOW what, it not like your in my living room drinking a beer with me, im not here to be liked, im here to maybe help some new guy, talk about computers, and learn from others that give out good advice, and not from people that just make some things up like they know what they are talking. Ive been building systems for the past five years, but im not a know it all, im always learning. This is not where i get my friends from. I just come here to be with others that like to discuse computers. More like comrades. Dont include your self in that. But you could be a comrade, if you would just stop pulling info from thin air, and only comment on things you really do know about. Bcause some of the basic things you say maybe correct.
  6. Do you really think i care about who likes me on this forum, or more importantly if you like me. I just come here to mess around, i have other forums where there are alot of people who know alot about watercooling, and more extreme cooling. I wont list them here, i dont think it would be right to advertise them here. But you know you like me, its like being at a freak show, you like it so much you had to join in. And by the way i have nothing againest you. The only thing i have againest death, is he does these one liner advice, with out telling anyone why it is better, if you ask him for a link, he will take part of it and make it say what he needs to so that he seems right. This is not good on a forum like this in my opinion. You have alot of people that come to this forum that need real help, and sometimes they get false info that is being put out as fact. On a forum like Xtremesystems, it would not matter as much, but here it seems like there are not many to challenge any info and prove it wrong. they just take it as true. All im doing is questioning his advice, i would like to see him and other people post links backing up the advice they give out. It would make for a much better forum, and there would be links that everyone could learn from. I mean if you say a block is better than another, why not post where you got that info from. I know i would not want to get bad info when i was a newbie watercooler.
  7. I all ready desided how it will turn out. Thats why there are deleted post, i just decided to give up, tired of wasteing my time, with someone who is so limited in the way they think.
  8. I got my 950 today, will put it in tommorw, ill let you know how it does.
  9. *****MODERATOR NOTE***** please when you Quote another poster DO NOT add your comments inside the quote to antagonize the poster you are quoting. To do so is improper forum etiquette and will net you an IMMEDIATE Ban if done again. I have found several of your post that you have done so...please STOP this is your LAST warning...
  10. Ill tell you i like it when you post like this, just shows everyone what a &^%$ head you are. Keep up the good work. Soon no one will take your advice, because they wont like you.
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