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  1. Or you can get the HAF922, it should be a bit cheaper than the HAF932.
  2. g0tanks

    Mass Effect 2 details??

    I wouldn't really care. Mass Effect 2 is about the campaign, multiplayer would be nice if they do a good job on it.
  3. g0tanks

    What's your go-to brand?

    I like Asus and Corsair mainly because they make goodlooking products with good performance. I haven't had experience with their customer support though.
  4. g0tanks

    Which Linux Distro Do You Use?

    I'm currently using Ubuntu 9.10, but i've been wanting to try out ArchLinux.
  5. g0tanks

    robotic lego arm/hand

    More Lego awesomeness:
  6. g0tanks

    Game Benchmarking?

    Here's an example of how PC Games Hardware benchmarked MW2: http://www.pcgameshardware.com/aid,699312/...-Duty/Practice/
  7. g0tanks


    Does anyone know which CPU cooler they're using in the video?
  8. g0tanks

    MP3 track tag / file renamer

    Try Mp3tag, it can do all those things you want. http://www.mp3tag.de/en/
  9. g0tanks

    Heatsink for an i5

    Take a look at the Scythe Mugen 2, you can probably find it for even less than $40 too.
  10. g0tanks

    Supreme Commander 2

    I don't understand why they removed the resource rates, it was of those things that set it apart from other RTS games.
  11. g0tanks

    R.U.S.E. Public Beta

    Thanks for the heads up, i'm really curious as to how it's going to work.
  12. g0tanks

    2009: Post Your Desktop - Windows

    Got a new one:
  13. g0tanks

    2009: What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Sara Bareilles - Bottle It Up
  14. g0tanks

    24 Season 7 [spoilers]

    Season 7 has been really good so far, looks like something big's going to happen next week.
  15. g0tanks

    Best Gaming Keyboard In 100$

    Most people will probably go for the Logitech G15, but the Razer Lycosa/Tarantula is nice too.
  16. g0tanks

    Ubuntu 8.10 Install

    How about giving some more useful information? >_>
  17. g0tanks

    Hello Gta 4 Help

    Yeah, using a crack will result in a "drunken camera".
  18. g0tanks

    Gtx295 Or Sli 2 Gtx280's ?

    I believe a GTX295 is 2x GTX280 not GTX260.
  19. g0tanks

    Which Gtx 260 216 Core?

    The XFX one should be faster.
  20. g0tanks

    Hl2 And Vista64

    So what does the -applaunch parameter do?
  21. g0tanks

    Left 4 Dead

    Custom maps? I'm thinking one room with four entrances and hordes coming from all side.. oh yes...
  22. g0tanks

    Which Is Ur Preferred Tim?

    OCZ Freeze.
  23. g0tanks


    It's great for fast CPU stability testing, but I don't use it if I just want my CPU to be stable for average day use.
  24. g0tanks

    How Big Of A Dragonballz Fan Were You?

    I watched it when I was a kid.. and loved it.. then later when I was bored I started to watch GT, wasn't bad but still liked Z better.