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  1. Honestly that's scary. A 15-day warranty? C'mon gimme a break, shipping could take that long or longer and they could be sheisty and say the warranty started at time of purchase. I wouldn't do it, I'd take a 4850 before I took that deal.
  2. My suggestions: EVGA 512-P3-N884-AR GeForce 9800 GTX+ Superclocked Edition 512MB SeaSonic SS-500ET 500W (I know, I know its only a 500W but read the specs these PSUs are solid) but if it has to be ATI... SAPPHIRE 100259L Radeon HD 4870 512MB Best of luck on those upgrades man! :thumbs-up:
  3. Hey I been looking for this thread ever since I got the game back when it was on sale. steam_I.D. in sig ^_^ cya in-game
  4. Hey Andrew! Nice mem my bro just bought some from the Egg and it helped him out a bunch. If you decide to unload that case I have a couple recommendations on a replacement. Cooler Master RC-631-KWN1 (What my Pops bought me for christmas) Cooler Master RC-534-KKN2-GP (What I built Grandma's new comp in) Hope this all works out for you and you get to play some real games. +1 for Orange box and Fallout 3 BTW :thumbs-up:
  5. Very nice choice I forgot to recommend Polk, but they are as good if not better than any of the ones I said. As for head units I always prefer Pioneer myself as they have a good familiar layout and decent sound for the money. Hope it all sounds good when you get done upgrading.
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    see above
  7. First post eh? Well here are mine in all their glory. *Fixed to reflect changes* I used GIMP to create them and incorporated parts of the logo in the design while adhering to the color guidelines. Hope .gifs are all right because .jpgs were not saving the colors right (and I still don't know why). Best of luck to everyone else who is competing. EDIT: Just remembered that I was supposed to give approximate time to make. I'd say 4-5 hours roughly, not including my jpeg fiasco. EDIT #2: A revision coming in the form of "Lead" being changed to "Senior"
  8. OK now I'm looking at kits and thinking of just doing a GPU block plus chip sinks and was hoping for a little advice. Is Asetek a decent brand? In particular I am looking at this kit from SVC. As for chip sinks for the video card I liked the look of these ones from Petra's. Anybody use these yet and if so do they work well enough? I am starting to doubt my ability to pull this off without a kit first time through, but if I can figure out the order in which everything is supposed to be plumbed I think I can pull it off without one. Also I was thinking that maybe a kit would be best for my first time water cooling because of simplicity. Thanks in advance.
  9. I'm working on mine. ^_^ They'll be static of course, since I find the animated things get annoying after awhile . Now I just need to practice image quality... -_- Ya' know graininess etc. Good luck to everyone!
  10. To quickly answer your question these speakers would most likely sound very thin and weak, with an over-emphasis on treble (imagine glass shards dancing on your ear drums). This is due to the cheap aluminum voice coil and tweeter. The aluminum vc is also more prone to failure, so I would assume these speakers to have a very short life span. As others have said the power rating is a bit overkill, which will cause the speakers to sound thin and weak and possibly even over work your head unit. Also as Cirro said the depth is crucial to get right, and seems to be a bit of a problem on bigger speakers. Your best bet is to look for something similar at a local retail store and then find it cheaper on-line (if you can). That way you have a better idea of what you are getting into. Some recommended brands would be Pioneer, Sony, Audiobahn, and JL Audio. Best of luck. :thumbs-up:
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    Issue With L4d

    Maybe its the output format of your card. When my brother hooked up his 7900GT it acted that way till we found the right output format. I think it was NTSC, but I could be wrong. You also might check for a loose connection on the cable you're using, as that could introduce some noise. Good luck.
  12. Its not the mod, but more likely your settings. Try shooting a bit lower next time while overclocking. Also it would be nice if you could read the rules and not hijack someones post in an attempt to seek help. Best of luck GreenThing.
  13. Three beeps usually means no video output. Your best bet is to clear the CMOS, but if you are using integrated it could get worse. I wouldn't worry though, I had my HSF fall all the way off once and all my puter did was shut down.
  14. That's not what I said -_- ... I said to get it stable above 4GHz or if you just wanted higher memory speeds. And I don't know if its all that different if you have a different stepping or a different P35 board. All I know is that most P35 boards don't like to be tweaked that high.
  15. To get stable above 4GHz you would need a P45 mobo. For some reason the P35 boards don't like the FSB up that high. Also that mem can get up to 1200 on a P45 board. Imho 3.8 is a decent daily oc and you shouldn't need to go any higher.
  16. Ok, but is it IntelBurnTest stable? I previously thought that my OC was good till I ran that. Now I use IBT because its faster and way more intense. And don't be alarmed about the temps because they will get way up there. Good luck.
  17. You're welcome. I'm glad it worked out for you. :thumbs-up: EDIT (added because of relevance): Unfortunately you can't adjust the NB voltage on these boards no matter what. The reason is because of some limitations in the P35 chipset, and this is partly why it is limited in the FSB speed. As for bios I am using the 0501 version, which seems to work better than the 0304 I was using before. I had skipped the 0401 bios because it was glitchy. Depending on which stepping of proc (e.g. C0, E0 etc.) you have you may not get a stable 4GHz at a low enough voltage to have safe temperatures. I think I had to bump mine up to 1.4v (C0 stepping) and the temp was just way too high so I run with a daily oc of 3.8. Also I would like to recommend using IntelBurn test to check for stability, since it is more intense and quicker than prime95 and the like. Hope that helps to shed some light on things.
  18. You just have to keep rubbing a little more lead on till it takes effect. Here I'll show you the right one again using your pic because it is much clearer than mine. It may take quite a few passes depending on how soft the lead is. I'm sure it will work out if you keep trying. Just do a couple lines on top of it, then try it. Good luck. :thumbs-up: BTW: It is exactly the same board except that the writing on top of the capacitor near it (that little silver can) is a different color
  19. :thumbs-up: A big thanks to you Radodrill! I have been planning on going to water cooling and now with the guidance you have given I am well on my way to drawing up a decent system. Now I know where I can stick a 240 rad in my tiny mid tower and what brands are good etc. I just had a couple of questions though. I want to get a chipset cooler and was wondering if any old block would work (such as a DangerDen maze 4?) or would I need to find a particular type for my ASUS P5K? As for a GPU block I can't seem to tell if the 9800GT blocks will fit my GTX+ .I want a full cover block, but will I have to find a particular one to fit my card? No hurry on a reply as I am going to take this slow (and save up some dough) and drag it out over about 6 months or so. Thanks again in advance.
  20. Funny thing is most iMacs out right now have an ATI. Mine has a X1200 or something like that and it won't even run Half-Life.
  21. Been using that one for quite some time. If the tools are there why bother with all the complex formulas and such?
  22. I don't even use screws on my 9800GTX+ that weighs more than a left-over Christmas fruit cake. Honestly I haz tool-less case and it sits solid an un-moveabable.
  23. Try a leafblower attached to the front next it might even be quieter. But honestly my lil bro's comp was running really hot till I tidied up his wires. Now it runs about 3-5 above ambient and he's still using a stock exhaust fan. Good luck with wire management. :thumbs-up:
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