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  1. Yes that optical drive is cheap, but I had nothing but problems with discs I wrote till I got http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16827118012. It is a 20X speed I know but in reality it feels much faster and all the discs I have burned with it have turned out good. They also make a LightScribe version of this drive if you're into that kind of thing http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16827118016. Good luck with the build.
  2. That sounds kinda weird to me, but here is something worth trying if you think it will help. You might want to try those rubber pass-throughs found at auto stores for the screws, but they might be too thick. Some sort of rubber washer or o-ring is what I am getting at anyway. These also would help dampen vibration going to the mobo as well. Here's a pic of what I'm talking about: Try and find some that are just big enough to fit the screws, which might be hard considering the size of them, and they should hold themselves in place pretty well while you assemble it. Good luck and be careful with your mobo.
  3. Yeah it runs those steam games fine because they are such well engineered software. For example I have an 8500 GT overclocked 749/1638/815 that runs any HL2 engine game at 40-60 FPS (1680x1050 rez 2xAA 2x AF). Just stay away from Crysis and the 8 series GPUs will do fine. p.s. I got this card for $40 after rebate. Its the ASUS overclocked model ftw.
  4. Did I mention that some Frontiers come with a SUPERCHARGER? oooh fast and tuff...
  5. Use ATI Tool to check for artifacts while increasing your clocks a little at a time. Make sure you only do one clock at a time so you know whats causing artifacts. Oh and look for a decent vmod too try I'm sure you can hit a LOT higher core clock that way. Good luckz. B:) I did this with a $40 8500GT w/o a vmod.
  6. I don't know about driving in snow as I'm from Southern California, but I can say this: If you get a Bronco make sure its '92 or newer and you can't go wrong with a Toyota or Nissan 4x4. Seriously though anyone who would consider driving a "new" car in those conditions must not care too much about the ensuing damage that is likely to occur. So how is our advice helping any? If my guess is correct Queen likes Nissan, therefore I truly recommend a 5-year used Frontier 4x4. Good mpg, reliable, and fully capable in all weather conditions same as a Toyota. Plus it will keep brand loyalty. Hope that helps.
  7. ocmooz

    A New Build

    There's a hole there somewhere... Oh! that PSU simply won't do for that card. Get the Corsair TX750W instead it'll handle the load just fine. Other than that it looks up to par with some gaming. What CPU you going with? An E8400 I would hope. Well good luck and I hope I was helpful.
  8. Looks more than adequate with the exception of the HD. If she likes to keep a lot of pics and stuff that 250 will be full too soon. This one is only $15 more for double the space: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16822136149. Also go for a Sony DVD-RW even though its only 20X. I have a Samsuck and it has problems with drivers and tends to screw up music CD's. Anyway good luck with that and that case does look real sharp. B:)
  9. Well this will make for a good first post so here goes. The first part should be pretty obvious that it stands for overclock. Now the second half mooz takes us waaayyy back to the NES days when I played Final Fantasy (yes the first one). Well I got the nickname of moose from my pops, but since the name input on the game only allowed 4 characters I just sorta abbreviated and have been using it ever since. Whenever I need to join a forum I incorporate that and some other lil discription into my user name. Pretty dumb huh? edit: But this forum is so great I'm gonna keep the nick forevah!
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