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  1. I prefer Logitech for peripherals myself and was until just a week ago using a 2 year old G11 keyboard. My best advice is to go down to a local electronics store and try out a few if you can then find it cheaper online if you don't mind the wait. Currently I am stuck using a beige monster KB from a Compaq while I wait for my Gigabyte GK-K6800 to show up. I chose this keyboard for 2 reasons, it was black and had a wheel for volume control. Again try some out before settling on a particular model or brand. Maybe you have a friend or co-worker with a good keyboard you can try. My brother uses a pretty simple KB himself, which came with a friends Alienware machine and looks remarkably like this http://www.petrastechshop.com/loinprokebl.html. I found that extra buttons on keyboards don't always go over too well in the heat of battle, but to each his own. As for a mouse I use a G5 currently and I also recommend the G9. I can also recommend Microsoft mice because I have a few that are quite comfortable and function well. Another thing to think about, as well as something else I am waiting to receive in the mail, is a gamepad. I ordered a Logitech G13 because it looked comfortable and the brand was right of course. There are a few other options out there, but none seem to fit my needs so I passed on them. I won't say that one is a necessity for gaming (I have no idea if I will even like mine) its merely just a thought. A last thought would be to buy wired peripherals for reliability and that my past experience with wireless mice and keyboards has been abysmal. Good luck in your search!
  2. This explains a lot now doesn't it? From my personal collection by the way.
  3. No. You can already buy them here.
  4. Well after finally getting the install program to run (had to turn on virtual disc service) and letting it get it's kinks out over the past week I'd have to say I like it. The main reasons would be the faster and smoother running processes as well as there being less annoying DEP warnings. When I open Firefox its no more than a 2 second wait to see a window and even iTunes has improved on its foul running tendencies. As for the start bar I quite like it. The larger scale buttons are something I always wanted to see down there and not having a ton of long bars I have to sort through to get to a window I want is great too. So what don't I like? Well there are a couple small things just as with Vista. First would be the control panel being a p.i.t.a. to navigate; it always seems that what I'm looking for has a completely different name and subcategory. At least in Vista I could get it to look somewhat like a control panel. Second would be the fact that Windows update keeps trying to give me "New" drivers that are at least 1-2 years older than the ones I'm running now.
  5. Wow I have never seen a poll with so many choices. Good thing mine was at the top. Even if it is half as good as people claim it'll still be better than Vista, which I can't complain much about either. Guess I'll have to wait till Thursday when my pre-order becomes available for download in order to find out.
  6. I an currently using this and it does well to dampen the noise of my gpu. http://www.mcmaster.com/#86115K21 Its stuck to my case sides and floor using some generic spray adhesive from walmart and seems to help make the noise less noticeable at 100% fan duty.
  7. I've got an old Compaq socket 7 machine as well as a 478. Though the socket 7 isn't running at the moment still have to find the jumper guide again so I can set the board right for my K6 450MHz I threw in it.
  8. Oh good because this is only my 4th build and I was sorely disappointed with the board I chose for my first build (see my sig) and I was hoping I did my homework right this time. Almost went with a 780G because that's what went into the other 2 builds and they worked well, but they are not serious over-clockers. Hopefully I'll have my case painted and the wire sleeving done soon so I can fire this puppy up!
  9. Nice roundup and part of the reasoning I went for a Gigabyte for my latest upgrade. Oh and I just got my MA790XT the other day and it does too have 90 degree sata ports, unless you meant something else.
  10. I laughed so hard that I shed tears. Now I'm hungry for a pb&j sammic,,,,
  11. No he hasn't I had my Aunt do the same thing and she still calls trying to get over the phone computer lessons or advice. Last time I just up and told her to call HP for customer support. Nicely of course.
  12. I can see him screening phone calls now. Same thing happens to me all the time now that I helped my Grandma and Aunt out. It seems that every time the phone rings I cringe in fear and wait for that familiar voice on the message machine. Or when I forget to screen and end up spending 2 hours on the phone talking someone through re-sizing a window or how to burn pics to CD. Now as to your build I also feel that it is a bit much unless you think they are going to turn into gamers overnight. Why not look into the Athlon II X4 line of cpus or even the Phenom II x2s they are both reasonably priced performers. As for mobos I like the 785G chipset boards that my grandma and brother use myself because they just work right although I just ordered a Gigabyte 790X for myself which is also reasonably priced. The memory could be changed to 800 or 1000 to reduce the cost a bit and they probably would never know the difference. A 9800GT could be useful, but why bother when all they really need is a 9500GT(I don't like the 8 series cards) to keep them happy? As for the PSU try a nice tame Corsair 450VX or even an Antec earthwatts EA430. All the rest of the hardware and software looks decent and I wholeheartedly support the choices of DVD and HDD. Anyway good luck with the build and the inevitable tech support issues. :thumbs-up:
  13. I can't believe I just spent the last minute reading that. What I wanna know is if there is water on the moon how are they actually gonna separate it from the soil? And come to think of it how do they break down water into its base components? I know, I know... But seriously news like this should make people curious to see how things are done or at least question why we are being told at all.
  14. Here's a funny review: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/vie...n-Arkham-Asylum :lol: oh and I suppose I should say something like "spoiler alert" even though its not much more of a spoiler than every other review out there. At least he didn't trash it, which means the game is completely safe and ok to play.
  15. Yeah I would grab the ASUS M4A79XTD, but they are sold out and I'm not that hard-core of an ASUS fan. I am however sold on the 790x as a strong middle ground between the GX and FX since I want a decent board, but am not concerned about CF or SLI.
  16. Ok sorry to dig up this old post, but after hours of research and opinion hunting I've decided that the time is now. I've got my cart loaded up with the following: GIGABYTE GA-MA790XT-UD4P Mushkin XP 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 1600 AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE 3.2GHz MSI N275GTX TwinFrozr Any last comments to sway me from this decision? Or does this look good enough to eat? I'll wait a bit before pulling the trigger since I value all your varied opinions. Thanks again guys!
  17. OK you guys talked me into it . I just pre-ordered the prof upgrade now the waiting begins. Man my little brother is gonna be pissed that he doesn't qualify .
  18. So I'm thinking of getting this, but I don't know much about the new windows. Anybody used the beta and have an opinion to share? Or at the least a link to some opinions that aren't those of MS employees. Edit: So far what I have seen is that it is ripping off a lot of things already available either on a Mac or through the use of non-MS programs such as Firefox. lmao
  19. Finally you make a post after being a member for over 6 months! Bro these guys do have a point. It may well be the wall anyway keep trying and remember what I said about AMD's being fussy with too much voltage.
  20. I saw that they were doing this last week and got myself a nice little CM ATCS 840 for only $155. Too bad I haven't received a shipping confirmation yet <_< .
  21. A bump for you. Oh and payment sent for that 9800GX2.
  22. That sounds like it could work, but couldn't I just as easily put the rad inside behind the 2 120mm fan holes? And same thing for the Gigabyte. I wonder if anyone has done this yet or if there are space issues. Seems like every time I look for how people do setups all the google results are for modding stores. Is there any good sites I should look at for ideas on modding the case I have now or how I might want to set up a new case?
  23. <_< 48 views and no one has an opinion? This needs a bump.
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