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  1. I have a p35 chipset mobo (ASUS P5k se/epu) as well and I have noticed a couple of things in overclocking it. It absolutely refuses to post with the FSB above 478 and it is finicky with the memory timings. I was only able to hit 478 after I applied Artic Silver 5 to the NB heat sink though and the NB is still too hot for my liking (58C under load). Whether the temperature of the NB has anything to do with my being unable to exceed 478MHz fsb I don't know, but it didn't stop me from bossting my mem I just used a different multi to get the mem up to 1148. I have noticed that some manufacturers do have an option to set the FSB voltage for this chipset, but most don't, so I am unsure if this would help improve the situation. I know my memory is capable of 4-4-4-14 timings because a collegue of mine has the same kind on a P45 board and thats what he runs at. Overall I think that going for a moderately high FSB and using the highest CPU multi you have is probably your best bet.
  2. If you did this boolean div1 = false; boolean div2 = false; boolean div3 = false; boolean div4 = false; Then you would have to use while(div1 != true) { ... } (!= means not equal btw) Which might not necessarily work with what you are trying to accomplish here. Have you tried changing the = in the original code for just the if statements and fixed your brackets? That first code you posted should be close enough that you could tweak it a little and make it right. Best of Luck. :thumbs-up:
  3. No offense to you personally kingdingeling. See sig for response.
  4. I can't believe that fuglier than the Lian-Li or Antec even. What did they do to the side anyway? Mount a broken leaf-blower on it?
  5. I want those decoartions around my tree! :lol:
  6. Here! Here! Stacker FTW! That Lian looks fugly amd don't get me started on the other two. Lets just say I have seen enough of those, but to each his own...
  7. I see a problem in the java parts... = means set to where as ==means equals. I have just finished my first programming class so I don't know the jscript and GUI stuff so well yet, but that would cause a little problem in and of itself. Beyond that it looks about right. :thumbs-up:
  8. Woot! I can't wait to see who wins. Good luck to everyone and thanks to everyone at OCC for the great forum.
  9. Just a couple small things really. First I wondered if its at all possible to make it so I can log off from the home page. Secondly some new emotes would rock. Thanks for the great forum. I love being a member here. Keep up the good work.
  10. AMC Gremlin not sure which year though.. maybe a 75...
  11. ocmooz

    300$ Limit

    fine here's a 500GB hdd Seagate 500GB for $49.99 and a cheaper DVD-R Lite-On 20x The increased cost of the hdd is approximately negated by the cheaper DVD drive :thumbs-up:
  12. ocmooz

    300$ Limit

    mobo Foxcon M61pmv http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813186155 proc 2.6GHz Brisbane http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819103211 mem A-Data 2x1GB http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820211165 HDD Hitachi 250GB http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=HD...380&cat=HDD DVD-R Samsung 22x http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16827151171 PSU SeaSonic 300W http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817151055 Case http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=BE...50B&cat=CAS Comes out to $242.44 + shipping. Hope this helps. :thumbs-up:
  13. I use Trend Micro's Anti-virus and I enjoy its ease of use along with the un-invasive nature under which it operates. It asks a couple times a week to update, but only when there aren't other processes in progress, and then after I ok that action it goes into the background until the next one. This is not so with Norton, which my father uses. It will constantly pester you with "advice" and needless warnings on what Windows is doing while hogging memory and screwing up processes. As for Macafee.... don't even get me started. I will sum up its lack of performance in three words: memory hard faults. I have also been looking into some of the free or cheaper alternatives lately and have discovered that Panda Anti-Virus is about the same as Trend Micro, but for a third the cost. It doesn't have some of the features that Trend Micro, but those are easily taken care of with Windows Defender and Firewall anyway. In all I think that Panda has impressed me the most lately with its low cost and decent features, but I still want to try Antivir, since I have heard similar praise for it and it is free.
  14. AS5 FTW! I use it and I luv it. Keeps everything nice and chilly. So naturally every heat sink in my case has been lapped and had this applied, even the SB. As for applying it I just smear on a very thin layer right on the chip, like start with a drop half the size of a bb. Some others may have different methods, not saying those are wrong, but this is what works for me. Just remember it may take a couple tries to get the right amount of it on. Too muck and it'll be cool but no by that much. Too little and it'll be way hot under load and take longer to come down in temp. Also keep in mind that it takes a couple weeks for it to break in (like all thermal compound). Best of luck. :thumbs-up:
  15. <_< It's still not here and according to the tracking page at Amazon its been in Cincinnati since the 3rd and won't be here until tomorrow. I think I have lost my faith in yet another carrier... UPS next time I guess, because lets face it, Fedex overcharges and DHL is ten times worse.
  16. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817139005 I have the TX-750 and I luv the solidness of construction and good clean reliable power.
  17. Yeah another Zombie post in the making... Quick start shooting! Don't let 'em eat your brains! *runs away like a small frightened animal*
  18. Yeah the OCZ Reaper HPC 1066MHz looks good, but I want to add that most people (myself included <_< ) seldom get the rebate no matter how fast you send it in. That's just the way OCZ is...
  19. Intel. For their efficiency and performance, but I'm will to change my mind as soon as AMD gets it's act together on a NEW line of processors.
  20. I answer this from a perspective outside the world of processor cooling. I work in a machine shop so I have hands on experience with plating, however, I don't presume to know exactly how it would affect this specific application only how it affects parts in general. The nickel plating that most plating houses put on is inconsistent at best with thicknesses varying from .0017"-.003" thick (really thin I know). Even though the thickness of the plating seems insignificant it actual plays a bigger role than most would assume.The inconsistencies in it can cause hot spots to occur in parts used for cooling (e.g. a heat sink) and can also cause tolerances on certain parts to fall outside of the acceptable range. That being said it can be seen that nickel plating has its pros, less corrosion & a tougher part, but can lead to an ill fitting and or poor performing part. So if you plan on putting together a kit that has all copper parts a non plated block would be best (because corrosion is not an issue), but if you plan on using some aluminum or brass components then nickel plating becomes necessary for system longevity. I hope that this is all comprehensible and helpful. Good luck! :thumbs-up:
  21. ocmooz

    Sup Everyone.

    Here!Here! And the best of luck with your first attempts at OC'ing.
  22. ALRIGHT! Who's responsible for this zombie post huh? <_< Anyway I'm 25...
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