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    Holy Crap Video Card!

    I don't even use screws on my 9800GTX+ that weighs more than a left-over Christmas fruit cake. Honestly I haz tool-less case and it sits solid an un-moveabable.
  2. Try a leafblower attached to the front next it might even be quieter. But honestly my lil bro's comp was running really hot till I tidied up his wires. Now it runs about 3-5 above ambient and he's still using a stock exhaust fan. Good luck with wire management. :thumbs-up:
  3. ocmooz

    Left 4 Dead

    Just bought copy for $37.49 USD since its on sale till end of the weekend. I'll put my steam ID in sig so y'all can find me. Good luck survivors! ^_^
  4. ocmooz

    Christmas Gifts!

    I got a Cooler Master Mystique RC-631 with a window a lil before Christmas from my pops. As for the rest of the haul its all the same ol' same ol' with sweaters and sweats 'cept what my ma got me. She got me a Lord of the Rings trilogy 50th anniversary edition leather bound and all. ^_^ Quite good presents if I do say so myself. @ 1337 p1mp: that's quite a nice knife you got there makes my Kershaw look like rubbish. :thumbs-up:
  5. ocmooz

    Asus P5k Se/epu Vmod

    Good to hear people appreciate this. And as an afterthought, its not so much a voltmod in the typical sense its more just shutting off the EPU because there is still some voltage regulation going on, just not to the point of silliness (i.e. dropping from 1.2V to 1.12V under a load). Thanks nasa geek for the link to that article btw; I'll keep that in mind when I do any future mods.
  6. ocmooz

    Occ Christmas Contest

    Thanks to OCC and Bosco and a merry Christmas to all. I still can't believe I won a flash drive, first time I ever won a contest how cool.
  7. ocmooz

    Browser Wars

    Firefox 3 with Pitch Dark Theme. B:) Occasionally I have to use IE to submit homework through our antiquated blackboard system, that is if the system hasn't crashed itself.
  8. ocmooz

    Asus P5k Se/epu Vmod

    This was the kind of vdroop that caused problems without an OC and if you can't take a risk then don't do it. Better yet just don't overclock if you can't stand the risk. Like I said I have used this mod for 3 months with no ill effects. Also it can be noted that the EPU circuit kept my voltage at or below 1.2V which is lower than my VID... <_< In all I wish I hadn't gotten this board, but I'm stuck with it for now. I posted this because in my searches I found a few people who where also looking for this mod and I have recieved quite a few PMs asking what I did.
  9. ocmooz

    What Is Your Favorite Christmas Carol/song

    I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas (I forget who wrote/sang it, but its old) Edit: Oh yeah I just remembered an even better one: I'm Your Santa by Lil Ed and the Imperials
  10. ocmooz

    What are you listening to right now?

    Pixies River Euphrates
  11. Looks like nVidia has taught ATI how to hold its toes and clap its hands again. Can't wait to see more on this even if I can't justify getting one. I liked the fact that the FPS didn't start to plummet as the res went up, it either stayed the same or dropped very little. B:)
  12. ocmooz

    What are you listening to right now?

    Fantastic Planet by Failure
  13. ocmooz

    My Build..have A Look

    With the conversion from $AU to US$ that isn't a bad deal on the 9800GTX (~$132USD), but I still would reccomend the GTX+. As for power supplies I have had good success with Corsair and Seasonic, which I don't know if you can get where you live. I would also like to concur with the suggestion of getting a P45 mobo as I have an e8400 and P35 mobo myself and have been held back by it. Kingston memory is good, not sure how it overclocks though and as long as the HDD has 16MB cache and is a 7200RPM model it should be good too. You asked about a sound card and I wondered if that was because you wanted better sound or thought it needed one. If the latter then you needn't worry the mobo you posted (as well as most out now) has integrated audio. As for wanting better sound... I wouldn't know what to reccomend because I'm still shopping for one myself. Best of luck.:thumbs-up:
  14. ocmooz

    Wireless Problems On An Ubuntu Imac

    Thank you all for the suggestions. I did try the ndis wrapper thing once, but that didn't even want to run and I still got it to work on my desk after hours of fiddling with it. I'm not at home right now, but I remember setting the ssid and router IP on the iMac. When I start it up it tries to connect automatically but after about a minute it states that the network has been disconnected. On my router I have put in the MAC address as I found it using some command or another n terminal and thats about all I did to my router besides changing its ssid and password since I got it. Is there anything I need to run in terminal or elsewhere to allow it to connect or something I haven't done to my router yet? In the router status it shows it as having WiFi broadcasting enabled and on the iMac it shows up as one of many wireless routers in my neighborhood, so I know its there, but it just won't talk (???). The other thing I tried to do was ping the router, but that seems to do nothing, or rather I click the button, and it just sits there looking back at me dumbfounded.
  15. I haven't been able to find anybody with such a problem as this so far on the net (or at least any who have their problem fixed). I put Ubuntu on my iMac recently and I also got a wireless router which worked fine when the Mac was on my desk, but when moved to the kitchen it stopped working. I had it both wired and wireless on the desktop it worked fine, I had good signal etc. and then I moved it and nothing. I mean I still have a signal, its just that it won't connect, it keeps telling me that the network was disconnected or something. Any help is greatly appreciated as I am both a Linux and router nubsauce. Thanks in advance.
  16. ocmooz

    Wireless Problems On An Ubuntu Imac

    No thats not it I am getting a full strength signal reading (its only 8ft away) and I even tried it with a cable too. Could it have lost a setting or something? I didn't change anything, but I don't know what Ubuntu is capable of screwing up on its own. Does anyone know what my setting should look like for this set up?
  17. ocmooz

    Wireless Problems On An Ubuntu Imac

    44 views and no replies in over 36 hours? Am I not being specific enough or is this not really worth anyone's time? <_<
  18. ocmooz

    Rc Helicopter + .45

    That is if the powers that be don't lock him up first. Which is not to say that they don't have something better than this already...
  19. ocmooz

    Favorite Booze Related Drink

    Alas I gave up drinking awhile ago... but since no one has posted these: Irish Car Bomb- 3/4 pint Guinness, 1/2 shot Bailey's, 1/2 shot Jameson Fruit Ahoy!(at least thats what we called it)- half-n-half Kern's peach(or apricot) nectar and Cap'n Morgan's spiced rum and if we were being reeeeaallly cheap- Boon's Farm apple with Miller high-life. As for lager I remember Bohemia (from Mexico actually) best, but I would take anything German import too. Cheers!
  20. ocmooz

    I7 Vs Phenom 2's

    Well if these procs are as good if not better than Intel, and, they are cheaper then I will probably build an AM3 machine next. I'm not an Intel fan of any sort, just kinda chose them because they seemed good. The last 2 AMDs I owned were ancient, one was a 133MHz something or other and a 200ish one too. Guess I was out of the PC game for a while fiddlin' with Macs eh?
  21. ocmooz

    Recommended 120mm Fan!

    This is what I have Silverstone FM 121. They are moderately quiet, have decent airflow, and let you know when they are dirty because of their white color.
  22. ocmooz

    What are you listening to right now?

    Sherry Fraiser by Marcy Playground ^_^
  23. ocmooz

    Occ Cribs!

    Looks great for a first place. :thumbs-up: After seeing this I'll never again complain about my 6'X80' bedroom again. By the way Steve thanks for the curtains idea, because I too have to put my bed under a window and its always drafty in the winter. ^_^ I'm gonna need to straighten things up and make a video soon as finals are over and I figure out how ma's camera works.
  24. ocmooz

    Vista Home Premium 64 Bit

    If any problems arise, such as blue screens because of memory leaks, I would look at updating your bios first. Just my experience with Vista Home Premium recently. <_< I built a new computer for my Grandmother and all was smooth except the aforementioned problem. It went even easier than the install on my own rig, of course, I have been practicing. I really like the 64-bit and I wish I was as smart to buy it when I first built my system... oh well I'm only wasting 700MB of ram.
  25. ocmooz

    In Need Of A Laptop

    Thats a tall order to fill for around a $1000 Queens. Most 17" laptops run upwards of $1300 nowadays and blu ray is even higher starting prices. I know its not an Intel, but check this out anyway. MSI GX-630 Its what I've been saving up for ever since I used my friends to play CS:S before class one time (ok maybe several one times).