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    Linpack Error?

    Good job! I'm glad my experience has proved useful and to think my Dad said it would only get me fried silicon wafers and heart-break.
  2. ocmooz

    Forum Wars - Winter 2009

    *Taps the Smith on the shoulder* I think ya forgot someone.
  3. ocmooz

    Linpack Error?

    This seems to be one of the issues of using Linpack in 32-bit mode and the main reason why it is recommended to run it in a 64-bit environment. I'm not sure why it does this, but it should let you run at 1/2 stress mode, it does for me. At 1/2 available memory 50 runs should be equivalent enough to stable, then again I hear that it is about the same as running Prime95 at 1/2 too. As for freeing up more memory... ever hear of the task manager? Best of luck to ya! :thumbs-up:
  4. ocmooz

    Mofset Coolers

    You should give a PM to a member of ours by the name of HitAndRun. Apparently he is the resident HS guy and if he didn't know where to get them then he might even be able to make them. :thumbs-up:
  5. :thumbs-up: An excellent review Taco. One question though: What is it made out of? I know it can't be cheese so I'll assume its some sort of steel like all the rest of Antec's cases. I don't see why anyone would want a fan that big on top of their case, but to each his own.
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    2009: Post Your Ride Thread

    I just got my new camera so I guess I have no excuse not to post my ride. :thumbs-up: 05 Honda Civic Coupe DX Manual 1.7L 16V SOHC Mods: Sedan paint matched grill Flat black badges 17" Drag Alloy DR-13's wrapped in Toyo Proxes T1-R's sized 215/40 Progress Technologies 27mm front and 22mm rear anti-sway bars and rear lower brace NRG Front upper strut bar Unorthadox racing under-drive pulleys Injen short ram intake Custom 2" exhaust with a 3 chamber Flow-Master muffler JL component speakers in the front and a cheepo 10" sub in the trunk Oh and my Dad just made me this custom cocoabola shift knob B:) ^_^ Which I think is the nicest thing on the whole car. Thanks Pops! Well thems my wheels, I like em well enough, and they feel likewise. +1 for Waco's whip I love the hood. Kinda looks like something from Mad Max. And everybody lay off the no-hubcaps thing. don't y'all know flat black is cool and smexy?
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    Forum Wars - Winter 2009 - Scoring Thread

    ocmooz (OCC) E8400 DDR2 PC 8500 (1) 9800GTX+ Air Cooled Geekbench score: 3554 http://browse.geekbench.ca/geekbench2/view/109361 3dmark03 score: 41435 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k3=6058489 3dmark06 score: 12363 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=10022882 Super Pi Score: 15.738s Wprime32 score: 25.480s http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=822556 Stock Clock: 3.0GHz Overclock: 0 OC Bonus: 0
  8. ocmooz

    What Game Should I Get?

    I'd get Call of Duty: World at War if that's your thing. Its a great looking/playing game as far as I have seen when my little brother got it. For me personally though I would get Fallout 3 since I don't see that in your Steam games. I really enjoy that game and I've beaten it multiple times without having done everything yet. Either way you go they're probably all fun to their own extent for different people. Have fun!
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    Check This Lady Out

    Amazingly fantastic! :thumbs-up: I just e-mailed it to my entire family. I'm still in awe... I'm gonna go watch it again
  10. ocmooz

    Diablo II

    Well if you are looking for a good mmorpg that has no subscription fees and runs/looks good on almost any rig I recommend Guild Wars. I enjoyed playing it during my recovery from WoW addiction.
  11. ocmooz

    Escape From City 17 - The Movie

    ZOMG! I love it I can't wait till the next ep comes out. I really like playing HL2, unfortunately I have not beaten it yet in the 6 months that I have owned it, but I'm not trying too hard either. The costumes and acting capabilities are what got me in this vid. Some of the cinematography was rough, but most of it worked well. I'm really impressed considering its just a youtube video.
  12. ocmooz

    Water Cooling: The Battle Plan

    I work in a machine shop and I've been learning CAD-CAM programming. So naturally I decided to make a couple parts after work. I designed them at home first using Delcam Powershape-E, which is free, but a royal pain to use. Then at work using Virtual Gibbs I set geometry and tools to virtually render the part and processed this stuff into machine code. It sounds complicated, but its not, and I have a good teacher (My Pops :thumbs-up: ). Yeah sorry for a lack of pics, but I should have them home soon and once I get my camera I'll get them up. I might not run them till Friday and who knows when my camera will get here so... until then be patient and use your imagination. I'm also working on a decent side window in polycarbonate, but we'll have to wait and see if that's gonna be too big of a pain to pull off. So back on topic: I think I'll just stick with a T-line coz it turns out I don't have enough room to put the pump under the DVD. As for the dye in the line my guess is that it will have minimal side effects on the water since I PM'd the guy who did do it (see link above) and he has had zero problems with his rig.
  13. Now that I have finally decided to water cool my computer, done a little bit of research (thanks Radodrill! ) and done some shopping around I think I need to open this up for a double check. I'm pretty sure the components I have chosen for this project are good, a few are recommendations from Radodrill's post, and the rest are me just poking around for the best price on a non-specific product. I also need some help with the layout and perhaps a link to a good guide on setting this kind of stuff up, since all I seem to be able to find via google is broken links and "How to hook up this Uber 1337 external WC Kit thats totally ineffective" type articles <_< . Lets see... first off is the list of parts: CPU block- D-Tek Fuzion V2 NB block- Danger Den Maze 4 GPU block- D-Tek Fuzion GFX 2 GPU chip sinks- Custom 9800GTX Cooling Kit by iandh - Silver Pump- D-Tek db-1 (read that this was a good pump a couple of places) Radiator- Swiftech MCR-220 Fans- Xigmatec XLF-F1253 (I already have these) Shroud and case mount- Custom Designed (and milled by me, yet I still need to do this) out of a piece of plastic that was left over from a bathroom stall door. I plan on using plastic hose clamps and barbs (no corrosion or accidental shorting-outs), Tubing will be 1/2" Tygon and distilled water with biocide (as per Radodrill) for coolant. Now comes the time for everyone to laugh at my lame excuse for a cooling schematic: Yeah I know... paint. *sigh* I just wonder if this looks right, my only experience with liquid cooling is on cars, and that being the repair of said systems not the design. So any suggestions/comments are greatly appreciated and thanks is given in advance for any advice given. :thumbs-up:
  14. Just a thought: I'd think of this as extending the time of impact. In other words make the force stretch out longer and thus reducing the momentary impact that would normally obliterate it. I would imagine that packing material such as foam and peanuts combined with a viscous liquid such as mineral oil to fill in every bit of space with dampening media would work, but this also depends on the impact strength of the devices in question. If say they had a momentary impact resistance of a couple NM then an impact from a huge fall would need to be spread over several seconds. That's where the mineral oil comes in, it would allow the components to shift about some, but slowly so as to not expose them to as harsh a force. I hope that all makes a little sense. I only just took intro to physics last semester and scraped an A somehow.
  15. ocmooz

    Water Cooling: The Battle Plan

    So I can use a Y line, but there really is no reason to other than it might look/fit or bleed better? I do have that in there that way if ya look between the pixels. And thanks for the replies, this makes a bit more sense to me than some of the articles I have been reading. Not sure when I'll get more parts but I have the radiator at least and I've designed and programmed my custom fill port. Also, I just finished milling the first three sides of my NB cooler. B:)
  16. ocmooz

    New Guy, Thanks Occ

    Good job on the rig and a very nice overclock. :thumbs-up:
  17. ocmooz

    Xbox 360 Controller For Windows ??

    I find that unless I'm playing an emu or a racing sim I can't get the feel right. Its the whole dynamic of how the games are made I think. Something to do with critical thinking that allows one to better experience and enjoy a game. Its true I once was a console gamer and found the transfer to keyboard and mouse awkward, but after a few months playing Source games I can't even play console games right anymore. You should have seen me playing LotR: The Third Age the other night... zomg I might as welll have had the controller lodged in my left nostril. Anyway if you find the need to use a controller thats your perogative, and maybe, someday you'll find the joyful coordination of keyboard and mouse.
  18. ocmooz

    My First Pc Build Need Advice

    All looks good, except I don't like A-Data Ram personally. There might not be anything wrong with the brand, but I've only seen bum sticks in friend's comps on occasion. I prefer G-Skill and OCZ, and have yet to try the revered Mushkin. Good luck with that build. :thumbs-up:
  19. ocmooz

    Hello, New Here And Wanted To Say Hello

    Very nice rig! and
  20. I didn't coat mine, but I did re-do it about a month ago with a #2HB. And as far as I'm concerned 95C tjmax is correct for dual-core 45nm. If the fans are making it droop more I'd suspect a psu not a pencil mod.
  21. Here's what I came up with: Sorry I didn't do Prime95. I just don't trust it and my experience has been better with IntelBurnTest anyway. I thought this thing was stable before with mem at 5-5-5-15, 3.8GHz core @1.24V but I learned that it wasn't stable (Prime95 24 hours) after I ran IBT. After I got it all re-clocked to 6-6-6-18 mem 3.8GHz core @ 1.28V a lot of weird things stopped happening, so I started using IBT. Also IBT is way faster, a 10 pass run usually takes less than a half-hour. This is a new low voltage for this proc (down .022V from 1.35V) and I might leave it like this for awhile. The max temps are why I usually don't run this fast and also why I want to do water cooling. Ambient is 69F (20.6C) by the way.
  22. I would imagine that in order to get 4GHz on 1.1x V it would have to have a VID of less than 1.10, but I could be wrong. There are always flawed chips and some of those flaws can be positive. I'll post up something here in a sec with my C0.
  23. Dude you haz E0 rev proc of course you can go low <_< Some people bought their chips a year ago and have worse steppings and are stuck using 1.28v @ 3.8GHz. As for 1.1x... get real, nevah gonna happen.
  24. ocmooz

    The Stig?

    I'm just sitting here reminded of the episode with the African Stig. lmao They actually rallied in those buckets? zomg That was one of my favs...
  25. ocmooz

    2009: What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Silverchair-The Closing And what's up with all the "2009:..." threads coming around now?