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    Lapping Questions

    Stopping at 1200 or 1000 (like I did) is ok it just needs to be more flat and smooth. As for what I used to monitor NB temps I got my readings from PC Wizard 2008, made by the same people that brought us CPUID, but I only run it while stability testing because of its inherent glitchiness (iTunes, Firefox, and a handful of other programs have conflicts with it).
  2. ocmooz

    Lapping Questions

    Artic Silver 5 FTW. I am very pleased with the results of lapping and AS5 on my CPU and cooler as well as my NB and SB. Stock the cpu idled around 58c and hit 65c under load. The cpu now idles at 30-38c depending on ambient temp and it never goes over 55c under load regardless of ambient. As for the NB and SB they dropped about 5-8c for both as far as I can tell, well at least I can hit 4GHz now where as I couldn't before. I usually just use 220->400->600, but have been known to go the extra 2 steps of 800 and 1000. Good luck if you try it and remember, don't blame us if it goes wrong, we're just trying to help. :thumbs-up:
  3. ocmooz

    Fallout 3 Benchmark?

    I've been using RivaTuners monitoring server to good effect. Getting 45-60 fps with Ultra settings 8x AA on a 9800GTX+.
  4. ocmooz

    Zombie Survival

    You probably got your wish considering the political party now in power in the US. well except for the weaponry... <_< Companion Cube FTW!!!
  5. ocmooz

    Core I7 Now On Newegg

    Can't be any good they didn't call the socket LGA 1337.
  6. ocmooz

    Build My Own Case?

    tried that and.... umm.... I sux at using it.
  7. ocmooz

    Build My Own Case?

    nice! and yeah what program did you use? It may help me out if I could find a decent program. ^_^
  8. ocmooz

    Zombie Survival

    Its not Gordon's, its some other dude's that was already dumb enough to get his brain munched! How is chainmail gonna make you light and fast? I seen some before its really heavy.
  9. ocmooz

    Build My Own Case?

    I've been trying to draw some stuff out on my comp, but its just too hard for me to get it looking right. -_- Maybe I'll just draw it on paper and scan it in.
  10. ocmooz

    Zombie Survival

  11. ocmooz

    Zombie Survival

    ok I'm ready!
  12. Yay! Primer looks excelent Queens! Yay! The powder-coat issue died!
  13. ocmooz

    Build My Own Case?

    I'll start working on plans tomorrow, but I'm going to bed now. Thanks all for your support. ^_^
  14. I still don't see what you are failing to understand about this guys. I used a friggin FULL-sized electric oven out in my car port with an extension cord. I bought the oven at a thrift-store for fifteen dollars, but it wasn't a toaster oven. After I used it to powder-coat a water pump and valve covers I threw the oven in a dumpster. I may be a red-neck, but I ain't stupid. There I hope thats enough of an explanation this time.
  15. ocmooz

    Build My Own Case?

    Yeah I think it'll end up looking like a giant heatsink though, which wouldn't be a bad thing, except it might be fugly.
  16. oh noes not chrome! Do it satin black! B:)
  17. ocmooz

    Gpu Stress Test Tool

    I use ATITool to test my cards after a good burn in with iTunes. B:)
  18. ocmooz

    Mvixbox Nas Server Contest!

    In. Wonder what drives I'd put in if I won it?
  19. I still think it can be done with less than one can of color and clear, but the alien green thing sounds cool so try it.
  20. It just means that you should use an oven that you aren't gonna cook Thanksgiving dinner in. I got an old electric oven from a thrift store to do parts in when I did this, but that setup is gone. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So Queen's how's the paint going man?
  21. ocmooz

    Budget Computer Build

    Its a perfectly capable case for mild gaming. Of course one could always get creative with a dremel later in order to make it an ultra cool lan box. B:)
  22. response: http://store.summitracing.com/partdetail.a...se=SUM-01-06100 It cures in a regular oven. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for having enough paint, I think you have more than enough Queens (as I mentioned before) so don't worry be happy and get to painting.