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  1. Man gas is still over $2 a gallon here in California.
  2. Like Thewacokid said. If you get the 750 you will not be sorry. I truly love a PSU that outweighs all my other components and provides more than enough power.
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    Try using the power button from the case that works. If that doesn't help check the mobo for loose/missing jumpers sometimes that happens to me when building (usually the cmos reset one) and it won't power on. :thumbs-up:
  4. What he said. As for a GPU there's nothing wrong with a 9800GTX+ if you wanna save some dough, but if your an ATI fan you probably will end up getting a 4870 X2 even if the cost is astronomical. Looks like a good build so far. :thumbs-up:
  5. Umm why not get the Corsair TX 750 its cheaper and has a single 60A rail (more dependable). Either one will do fine its just that the 750 is $30 cheaper.
  6. Dangit lost another one to the red camp.... <_<
  7. Hrrmmmm... If you wanted to SLI in the future you'd need an nVidia chipset mobo, but in my opinion its not worth the money spent or the headaches. If you go with the GTX260 216 core you'll be more than happy.
  8. Welcome to OCC! As for a PSU I love my Corsair TX-750 . It has very long cables and 4x 6+2 pin PCI (just in case you ever go for SLI). It hasn't failed me yet and gives good clean power (I have an oscilloscope).
  9. I don't go in for the whole internet or newspaper job search I do it the old fashioned way and hit the street with fury. Only thing is it kinda sucks when you don't have a car and can't drive, which is where I was when I last looked for a job. I still think you should hit the books for as long as you can stand in order to better place yourself in the job market.
  10. The cooler, Gskill mem, and DVD are good, but I don't know about the mobo. Are you sure you don't want to get a Seagate HDD? I believe they're more reliable. That DVD burner should be faster than what you have. I have one and it seems to be fine. My experience with optical drives lately has been that they all perform about equally and all have the same driver based problems. What you want is reliability in a DVD drive and both Samsung and Sony will give you that. Good luck with the upgrade! :thumbs-up:
  11. Oh cool thanx will try that right now. Oh and I changed my mind on the 140 mms I'm going with a total of 6 120s instead. :thumbs-up: UPDATE: tried wings3d even worse than Sketchup (which I'm finally getting used to). I'll just stick with what I can get to work already, but thanks for recommending it.
  12. Yeah you probably can get that mem to OC to 1000MHz at least if not 1100MHz. Good luck! :thumbs-up:
  13. Even Better pics. I just needed a TON of practice. Now what does everyone think? The small fans in front would be 80mms the giant ones mounted on the plexi parts would be 140mms and the other 3 would be 120mms.
  14. You must not be using real temp or something because my stock hsf idled at 55c and hit 68C under load without OC.
  15. ZOINKS! I'm scared... next thing we know there'll be one playing COD or CS:S and learning to use weapons... I don't even want to imagine what would happen then...
  16. I'm using an Artic Freezer 7 Pro with Artic siver 5 thermal compound to good effect right now on my e8400. I also lapped both the IHS and cooler, which helped to drop temps about 5-7c. I lik this cooler because it was affordable (under $30 when I bought one) and it had a good number of heat pipes. Currently at 3.8GHz I idle at 34-39C and never exceed 56C under full load with ambient temps in the 18-35C range. :thumbs-up:
  17. I have an e8400 and here's about what what you can expect for CPU OC'ing: 3.6GHz @ 1.26-1.28V Very stable and runs cool with my Artic Freezer 7 3.8GHz @ 1.34-1.36V Also stable but about 5C warmer than at 3.6GHz What's the frequency of that RAM kit anyways? I was wondering because if its 667 it will hold you back, but if its 800 you should be fine for 3.6-38GHz. Good luck!
  18. OK finally some pics of what I erm... sorta visualize. Don't laugh too hard, this is my 82nd attempt with Google's (insert expletive here) Sketchup. Just... just use your imagination alright. Of course I plan on there being about 5 fans, PSU and HDD in the bottom, plexi where the gaping hole is, and places to hide wires.
  19. or for getting an OCZ PSU. My Corsair has leads that are all 24-36" long.
  20. Stopping at 1200 or 1000 (like I did) is ok it just needs to be more flat and smooth. As for what I used to monitor NB temps I got my readings from PC Wizard 2008, made by the same people that brought us CPUID, but I only run it while stability testing because of its inherent glitchiness (iTunes, Firefox, and a handful of other programs have conflicts with it).
  21. Artic Silver 5 FTW. I am very pleased with the results of lapping and AS5 on my CPU and cooler as well as my NB and SB. Stock the cpu idled around 58c and hit 65c under load. The cpu now idles at 30-38c depending on ambient temp and it never goes over 55c under load regardless of ambient. As for the NB and SB they dropped about 5-8c for both as far as I can tell, well at least I can hit 4GHz now where as I couldn't before. I usually just use 220->400->600, but have been known to go the extra 2 steps of 800 and 1000. Good luck if you try it and remember, don't blame us if it goes wrong, we're just trying to help. :thumbs-up:
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