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  1. No budget really, just want to buy the right components to do the job without struggling with a bit of headroom and good for the next few years at least.
  2. Greetings to the Forum. I used to be quite active on here a few years ago but I have been out of the loop for quite some time. My trusty home built PC is well past its prime and time to throw some money at it for an upgrade. Its mainly used for simulation games like Dirt Rally, Formula One and I have just upgraded my Flight Sim to MS2020. I'm on Win 10 now so looking for recommendations on a new MOB, RAM, CPU and GPU. I have enough SSD storage. The new MS2020 in 4K is very demanding especially big active airport scenery so looking for a capable GPU without going mad. Only interested in Intel and Nvidia stuff, preferably Corsair RAM and Asus MOB but open to suggestions. I have one of the very first Dell 32 in 4K monitors that needs replacing so recommendations on a new 32 in monitor are welcome. There is no budget. I'd rather not Overclock, just need to buy the right stuff to do the job with a bit of headroom. Thanks. Buster. Current PC Specs. Asus Z87 Pro. i7 4770K (Stock) 8GB DDR3 Dominator RAM @ 1866 mhz. EVGA GTX 980ti SC. 120 GB Corsair SSD. Samsung Evo 1TB SSD. Corsair HX750i PSU. True 120 CPU Cooler. Dell UP3214Q 32in 4K Monitor. 7.1 Surround. Serving Wench & Lap dancing facilities.
  3. Thanks Nimrod, I nearly pulled the trigger on the same Acer monitor but I took a chance on a refurb Dell, came up
  4. Thanks for the reply. It happens when no 4K media is displayed. Oddly enough I can watch 4K media on YouTube no problem, I am sure the cable is a basic DP one as there is no identifying markings on the cable. My 980ti SC supports DP1.2 but I hope to upgrade to a 1080ti SC soon which supports DP1.4 so I think I will grab a good quality one of those cables and be done with it. Not really concerned with cost.
  5. Not been on here for a while but always lurking. Running a Dell 32 in 4K monitor (UP3214Q) fed by a 980ti SC. The monitor often goes black for about 2 secs and the DP symbol appears at the top right corner of the screen. A Google search found similar problems on this and other Dell 4K monitors. The answer seems to be to dump the Dell DP cable and replace with a better one. So, looking for recommendations on the best DP 1.2 cable to use ? Any point in going for a DP 1.4 cable ? Thanks. Buster.
  6. Greetings. I am tempted to pull the trigger on the LG 31MU97, 32 inch 4K monitor, it will be pushed by a single 980ti SC. This is a tue 4K monitor at 4096 x 2160 as opposed to UHD which is 3840 x 2160. The main use will be for FSX and Dirt Rally. Does any member here have one that can give me some feed back on it ? Cheers.
  7. Waco, is that Sammy a TV or monitor ? can you let me know the model number so I can check it out. Thanks.
  8. Greetings chaps. Once again I need some advice from the experts lurking on here on 40 inch 4K monitors. The ole buzzard has decided that the lounge needs re-arranging due to new furniture incoming that she bought. This means that I will no longer be able to run my gaming PC through my home theater as I do now, I am being evicted to the spare room which, unbeknown to her, will become my new cave. Its no big deal really but having been used to projectors and huge screens I will now have to get a decent size monitor, I recently pulled the trigger on a new GTX980ti SC so that's in there. I'm am going 4K and looking at the Phillips 4065UC 40" for $768 on Amazon. I had to have a heart to heart with the Mrs, I sat her down and held her soft hand and gently explained that it was just like when she buys a fancy new dress you have to get the shoes and bag to match, she completely understood where I was coming from and I got the green light ............ result ! ..... yeeees !! ..... get in !!! So, chaps, I have been out of the monitor scene for so long I don't know whats what anymore, I have been reading up on Free-Synch, G-Synch and IPS stuff etc but I would be grateful for some advice on the best monitor of this size to go for, I can spend around $1k maybe a bit more. My gaming is mainly FSX, Dirt Rally and F1 stuff. Cheers. Buster.
  9. I recently bought a Samsung S32D850T from Amazon, I had it shipped to the Virgin Islands via Miami and unfortunately it got damaged on the way. Because it shipped outside the US Amazon washed their hands of it but fortunately it was insured by the shipper to the VI and I got reimbursed. The LCD got cracked right in the middle so now, essentially useless. I don't want to toss it, can it be repaired ? is it of any use to anyone ? Ebay maybe ?
  10. Just to close off this thread, would you all agree that it now looks certain the GPU is dead ?
  11. Thanks phil69, that fixed it !!, pulled the GPU and plugged the monitor into the MOBO, now back up and running. So that eliminates a corrupt OS or the SSD it lives on so I looks like my trusty ole 580 is toast ? What do you you chaps think ?
  12. Done that Spike, no problems found, even run Scannow in command prompt, nothing found.
  13. OK, a bit of an overdue update ( not had time to deal with it ) Tried all the suggestions above, no luck, re seated the GPU & RAM. Checked all SSD & MOBO connections, all seemed fine. I can report a slight improvement, I now get the happy beep during the MS logo but it still looks like the BIOS is not handing off to the OS. I would do a non destructive re install of the OS but I don't think it can be done in safe mode ? Any advice chaps ?
  14. Greetings. A fairly new build and been working great, now suddenly it wont boot up properly, I get the MS logo briefly then a blank screen, it does not get as far as the happy beep when the BIOS hands off to the OS. Any thoughts on this chaps ? Thanks, Buster.
  15. Which is better, Titan X or 980ti ?
  16. Thanks chaps, you confirmed my suspicions. I have been out of the loop on this stuff for a while, whats the difference between a 980 and a 980ti ? Would I be better off with a Titan X ? Cost is not a concern and AMD is not an option.
  17. Greetings. I am very tempted by the Acer B326HK 32 inch 4K monitor. I am currently running a factory overclocked GTX580 which my not be man enough for a 4K screen. Should I upgrade to a GTX980 for 4K or will I be OK with the 580 ? I mainly use it for FSX. Cheers. Buster.
  18. Greetings. I have always been loyal to Dell monitors but my old 24 " Ultra sharp has white cloudy effect all over it so its time to go and time for a change. Looking at the Samsung WQHD 32-Inch LED Monitor S32D850T I am running a factory overclocked GTX580, should handle it OK right ? What do you guys think of Samsung monitors and anyone using this big ass bad boy ? Cheers. Buster.
  19. Thanks guys, I dont really need to image the whole drive, just FSX, the problem is that with all my add ons including Photo Sceney Gen X for the whole UK, my FSX file is around 80GB. Can I just copy it over to my spare 600GB back up drive ?
  20. Having just recovered from a HD disaster and re built FSX from scratch (again !) I am looking for the best imaging software so I can make a good backup of it. Acronis seemed the obvious way to go but I am reading very poor reviews on it, especially on Amazon. Anybody got any recommendations, pay or freeware ? Cheers. Buster.
  21. Greetings. I am looking for ideas to solve an issue that has been doing my head in all weekend. I recently upgraded from 2 x 600GB Velociraptors to a single Samsung Evo 1TB SSD. I kept one HDD in place to use as backup storage and after a HDD re format to clean it, I copied and pasted my whole FSX file on to it complete with add ons etc. Having done this in the past with complete success, I was confident in doing it again. Now, when I try to do the reverse and copy it back on to the new SSD, it will not work. I get the window that says "Preparing to copy" for a few minutes then the window simply disappears and nothing is copied ! I have tried every method to move the files including 2 windows side by side and dragging and dropping, I used the "Move To" and "Copy To" feature in the menu bar but nothing works. I tried small files and large, they all fail to copy. I tried re installing FSX and Acceleration on the SSD and after setting it all up to how it was previously, I tried copying over the Add ons one by one, no luck, copying fails every time !? I Googled this issue but could not find any definitive answers. Anybody got any thoughts and advice on this ? I am using Win 7 Home 64 bit which is a fresh install on a new 120GB SSD with new MOBO, CPU and RAM. Thanks. Buster.
  22. I just caved and ordered the Samsung 840 Evo 1TB from Amazon. I like the software that comes with it, ideal for a numpty like me !
  23. Thanks for the input chaps. It seems the definitive answer is that the load times will be the same if I lump games and apps all together on one large non partitioned SSD ? Am I correct ? Looking at the Samsung Evo 1TB at $459 on Amazon, seems like a good deal ! (Very good reviews)
  24. I am about to finish up my PC upgrade by replacing the HDD's with one or two SSD's. My OS lives on a 120GB SSD and I like to keep my apps and games on separate drives. My thinking is to get two new 240GB SSD's, one for games (mainly FSX, DCS World, Dirt 3, Medal of Honour etc) and one for apps. The other option would be to get one 480 GB SSD and chuck everything on there with a partition maybe ? Is there really any need to partition SSD's or would load times be just as fast if not partitioned ? Thanks. Buster.
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