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  1. i don't remember what i got for score but i unlocked all the secrets. After that i kinda gave up from the pure rage building up in me
  2. well I'm fighting for the cause
  3. D4rkn3ss_X


    OMG~ thats cool! i always just threw the bottle in his face and ran off but this is great. keep playin the game. it's worth every second of HL2 goodness well... except raven holm... we don't go there any more...
  4. The server was haveing some movement issues so i got off... never ended up following to the next one tho. just wondering if you guys ever figured out what was wrong with that server. the other 2102 server i was on worked just fine oh well hope to do it again some time
  5. Just lookin for a CPU temp monitor program.. wanted to know what ones you think are good. thanks
  6. I was there Ghost gave me some info on it. didn't have an OCC| tag on tho.. sorry. it's on now so no big. was fun gettin killed hope to do it again soon
  7. I am almost through the game and i was kinda disapointed... In the first Half Life you saw the G-Man many times and they made it painfully obvious he was there. but in this one... it is really hard to find him. the first time through swamp boat part i missed him but i watched my brother play it and sure enough there he was walking across into a doorway.. this is the only time that i have seen him in the game other than the intro... just wondering if anybody else has seen him and if so where? it's kinda like wheres Waldo but with G-man they should make a book
  8. I was on the origional server.. had some ping issues over on the west coast but thats cool. didn't remember doin that good on the itally 24/7 server.. . can't wait to try the new server out i'll probably be on later tonight if anybody else wants to play
  9. i think i jus shat my pants it's scarry how real things are starting to look....
  10. whats up n00b! feel proud to be a noob while you can... it won't last forever
  11. Motherboard. it just helps me understand where the name daughterboard comes from:) mobo is good when posting but sometimes i think they are trying to say hobo and well... thats totally off topic
  12. i spent the time to read the first post and vote didn't i?? so i gues i do listen to you
  13. ....please don't oh yeah.. welcome to OCC have fun in all... obey rules... and well. nice to have you with us.
  14. well... when i checked the biso after the auto restart it said the cpu temp was at like 70's c soo... i figured that was it. also the RAM is stable cuz i got my computer to run a server stable for the past couple days. the restartin was before i put in 2 more fans i'll check into the AS5 aplication.. my friend i was borrowing the compund from told me put as little as possible while still covering the core.. to where you could practically see through it. another said about half a rice grain. i figure the site will have an adequate amount. i gues i could look into a biger tornado possibly.
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