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  1. Got an AMD FX6300 Black Edition stable at 4.3Ghz. Runs nice and cool.
  2. yeah, been leaning towards the 460 1GB as well after doing more research but it's still difficult to choose. here is a head to head comparison of stock clocks on the 5850 versus the gtx460 1GB. not sure about bench marks but the numbers are better for the 5850. been an nvidia user for a long time, which is probably what makes it most difficult other than the physx thing but the 5850 looks really good. but with that factory oc version of the gtx460 mentioned above it's really become an easy decision to go with that one for physx and serious clocks out of the box.
  3. pretty neat the oven thing worked, thanks for sharing (couldn't hear you too well though to make out words until the singing started ) would have picked the gtx 460 out of that bunch too, let us know how it performs!
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    hello and welcome!
  5. ah yes, that's right you should be able to still have a dedicated physx card and get better performance because of that. would definitely go with a graphics card upgrade versus a cpu upgrade in this situation. the amd cards have gotten the edge lately and should prove to be a much better main card. 5850 or 5870 would be my choice.
  6. if this is for gaming and you want support for dx11 go for a 5850 graphics card, that cpu is fine. are amd graphics cards supporting physx these days? if not and you want physx go with a 460gtx 1GB.
  7. hello folks; have a job interview at best buy coming up but have been largely out of the realm of the latest video cards for awhile due to being unemployed or simply not making enough money for it to make sense to think about being able to afford one. would somebody be kind enough to write a few short sentences about the best/newest video cards on the market today and classify them from best to worst? please go back to the 5770 and nvidia's closest counterpart (atleast in performance) and up to the latest offerings from both companies. not totally ignorant on the subject just looking for a quick catch up. thanks!
  8. maj0rgamer


    seems pretty neat, thanks for sharing. went ahead and signed up. looks to be a vista/7 only game... anybody know the minimum system requirements?
  9. build your own, don't get locked into the nonsense of a pre-built pc! folks on here will most likely be happy to show you the ropes on how to build one as well as which parts to fit into your budget. you can have a much better pc for much cheaper. here is a link to get you started on how to build your own pc. don't be afraid to ask questions and let us know what kind of budget you have so we can help put parts together for you. as far as answering the poll or the original post, sorry can't do that as it's just a bad move to buy a pre-built pc unless you either have a ton of money or just flat out can't figure out how to build your own.
  10. going with the flow

  11. the legend of zelda (nes) is about as good as it gets!
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