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  1. I find it relaxing occasionally re-arranging icons on my desktop It also is a good way to keep track of which games i still have installed!
  2. So, anyone else is pulling This PC and renaming it My Computer just to remind Microsoft that there are many like it, but this one is mine?
  3. LF Skylake 6600k+ Asus ROG Maximus + RAM... Just asking
  4. I totally agree with GJ on plot issues, where i must admit it lacks depth and the "special sauce" that makes a good game a great game (eg Mass Effect - visually appealing while having an awesome main story). Character controls, or should i say moving around, while arent complicated, indeed, could use some polishing. But then again, i got the game bundled for free with my GTX980ti, so cant really complain. You know what they say - a gifted horse worth two in a bush.
  5. "...and it does look a bit odd to see the window on the 'wrong' side" Are you kidding me? Especially when you spot the pic in Review highlights section BEFORE you get to read a word from the article! My first thought was - "oh wow, somebody accidentally included a reversed picture of the case there". And it is a great news, for me at least! My PC is located on the side of the table where i cant see the window normally, hence why i have a windowless case at the moment. And since the Mobo is upside down, it is showing the fun part of my GPU instead of PCB! Fabulous! I hope this catches up!
  6. When are they going to evaluate Nantucket? Comcast is pretty much a monopoly here and they're killing us with both prices and service quality :/
  7. You should include a list of games that you have streamed already in the OP. If people have requests it would be easier to check on what's been streamed already and can be found in archives!
  8. Nice! Wanted to see what Just Cause is about, cant remember if any football is on at the same time but even if, i'll try to catch some of the stream in the half-time! Or check the archives later
  9. I was very skeptic towards Win10 after dealing with "metro UI" of Win 8. I had Win 8 on my laptop for a few months, it felt clumsy and somewhat "alien" to that familiar Windows feel compared to 7. However, at some point i decided to give Win10 a shot due to the simple reason - Windows 7 wont be there forever. Sooo... I installed Win 10, and to be honest, never looked back. For me, Windows is just a way to access my games. Gaming is what i do. So, there wasnt much of a difference really, once i had the driver problem figured out. I click the icon on my desktop, game works, therefore its good!
  10. Yup, contacted Newegg CS today and changed "return" for "refund". Maybe i'll go with Asus Rog Swift for now. Truth be told, only after i saw it for myself , did i realize how weird it is watching movies or playing games with black "columns" on either side of the screen.
  11. Well, finally got my hands on this gorgeous Acer Predator x34. Must say, i am really impressed with the colors and brightness, never had an IPS panel before. GSync makes gaming smooth as butter. The sheer size of this thing is staggering when compared to a 27" monitor. I like the design a lot and it could become "the" monitor for a good 4-5 years for me. Could. Unfortunately, the light bleed on this unit is... Well, see for yourself. Also, when trying to switch to 100Hz in NVidia panel with monitor overclocked to 100Hz causes the screen to go black. Works fine at 95 Hz. Going to send it back to Newegg for a replacement, if the next unit has same problems will have to take my money back and wait until Asus releases their version. UPDATE: Filed for a replacement with newegg, but i think i will just take my money back. Woke up this morning, tried to switch monitor to the game mode (game mode has dimmed brightness and you know how the bright screens are to the eye early in the morning). The monitor "supposedly" switched to Game mode and went black. OSD menu got stuck on "input" and wouldn't let me change anything else. Tried resetting it, disconnecting from power for a few minutes, rebooting my PC - nothing helped. I mean - lightbleed, broken OSD, unable to overclock to 100 Hz.... Complete failure. I am not looking forward to spending hunderds in shipping fees, buying a high-end monitor should not be a raffle. Sorry Acer, next time try harder,
  12. Damn! But can it make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs?
  13. Well, was totally sold on it. Until "removed LTE" option... Better bring it back.
  14. Asus ROG GX1000 is the mouse i use right now, been through a few Logitechs and Razers and i find Asus to be the best in both comfort and quality. No opinion on headphones, had Razer Carcharias and Corsair Vengeance 2000, both had good mics but drivers can't compare to Sony MDR V700 or Technics RP DH1200 i have, maybe higher price tier headsets will deliver. Just backtracked on the thread, if you dont need mic then go for Technics RP DH1200 http://www.amazon.fr/Panasonic-Technics-professionnel-t%C3%A9l%C3%A9phone-portable/dp/B00FF6L8AU/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1447155825&sr=8-7&keywords=Technics+RP+DH1200 They deliver a great sound while being comfortable. They suit for both gaming and listening to the music or even DJing. Sorry about the link in French, its just to show the price in EUs Here is the Asus GX 1000 - the best mouse i had so far. It packs every feature imaginable (adjustable weight, programmable buttons, switch on-the-fly sensitivity and good build quality) while being relatively cheap - only $65 *in EUs probably even less) http://store.asus.com/us/item/201412AM190000013?_ga=1.231635227.501245191.1436960863 Hope this helps!
  15. But yeah, speaking of computer illiteracy, i do repair my friends computers from time to time and when they call me to tell about the problem with their Facebook isn't loading and i ask them which browser they use and hear "Umm, i think it was Windows 7 but now its 9 or 10 because it upgraded" i want to pull my hair out. I mean - seriously. 21 century, duuuh. I am way cheaper than the guy in OP though. I charge in beer!
  16. A friend of mine works at a computer store here on Nantucket. For those unaware, its an island so the number of places where people can go for help with their PC or Apple devices is limited to that place. So, yeah, some people come and ask for all those things listed in the OP and, since they charge by the hour, he has no choice but charge people out like $50 an hour if he has to re-install windows and some of the software. His favorite type of customers are those "i already know whats wrong with my computer i just need you to fix it and i'll stand here and argue with you for an hour instead of letting you do your job in 5 minutes" people. He actually charges them for the time he spent arguing with them. LOL
  17. I'd rather see them work on improving service in US... Had to switch to AT&T because signal is terrible in my area. Good news for frequent travelers, however.
  18. Well, i guess will have to wait till October and see! Acer x34 would make a nice birthday present to myself. lol! Especially paired with 980Ti strix or lightning
  19. I've been looking at upgrading my old ViewSonic for something more flashy and gamer-grade, namely a 4k IPS GSync monitor. A few of them were announced back in July - including some magnificent (on paper) monitors from Asus and Acer, both using IPS panels and utitlizing latest and greatest from NVidia - the GSync technology. Since then, little was revealed about when said units may be available to the end-user. According to various speculations, the dates range from September 2015 to early 2016. Conducting my regular search on e-tailers websites such as Newegg and Amazon i couldnt help but notice that there are many monitors utilizing AMD's Freesync are already on the market. So, that really makes me wonder - what's the catch? Why do they make us wait? I, personally, am an Asus fanboy and hence, waiting on the IPS GSync monitor by that particular manufacturer although at this point i would gladly settle for a 34" Acer predator, if it was available with GSync. The Freesync verision is out there already, and considering that it works ONLY with AMD cards i assume it helps AMD rack up some money. Could someone explain that to me?
  20. They wanted fair reviews, now they reap it. http://www.overclockersclub.com/news/39296/ Edit: Quality of reviews is not at question here, rather the quality of the product. If manufacturers build sh*t, do bad reviews still stink?
  21. Not sure what they mean. If they have a suspicion that certain reviews purposefully lowering AMD or bumping NVidia cards benchmark results, i am quite confident such reviews would be long called out by AMD or AMD enthusiasts. Until such a proof is in place, all the excuses sound pretty much hollow.
  22. Rest in peace, a true genius. I'll be showing Nightmare on Elm street to my kids
  23. i wonder if it really is an F2P or another P2W :/
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