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  1. Yeah, neither of mine lived to see their second birthday. And only twice it was my fault. Although i see the OP's point, too. Failure shouldn't be a result of poor craftsmanship, rather tear and wear or improper handling. Technically speaking, there are no parts in headphones that should ever fail.
  2. Wow, pretty sweet collections! Saved quite a few for my own desktop
  3. Gonna give it another go after the update is finished, let me know if i should start a certain class for better synergy, i hope we could play duo since i get tired of soloing rather quickly!
  4. Which server are you on? I'll create a character there UPDATE: Looks like i can move character from one server to another. Thats neat
  5. I love it. Had minor problems with sound after i installed a pre-release version on my wife's laptop, but when i updated my own PC to 10 i had zero problems ever since. This is a worthy successor to 7.
  6. Well, i went through quite a few headsets but honestly, even Sennheiser Game Zero don't cut it for me in terms of audio quality. I think i'll go back to Technics RP-DH1200 headphones and get a dedicated mic... Sadly enough not a single gaming headset, be that wired Razer Carcharias or wireless Corsair 2000 just don't deliver the sound i am looking for. Could be just my personal preference. Thoughts: not sure how much does the sound card affect the quality but i am running X-Fi Titanium at the moment. Thinking about switching to Asus Essence STX, perhaps that could affect the way the headsets sound.
  7. Got a message from IRL buddy today pointing to this on Amazon (notice the price) and right after i ordered 2 of those babies price went back to Now i am sitting here wondering if i'll get both screens as described or a message about price glitch and a refund lol Fingers crossed! PS: Did anyone else ever got stuff on Amazon for that much less and it happens all the time or did i really get lucky? >.<
  8. It looked alright to me. PvE missions are fairly entertaining, i see how it could be a lot of fun playing with friends (similar to GTA V). Spent an hour or so in the Dark Zone, died a few, killed a few. I wish the game had more ambushing potential, like an ability to hide in crashed cars and trash containers. Would be nice if NPCs actually hid in the back alleys or roamed (maybe they do and i just didnt get to that point). Other than that, the game has solid graphic side, really enjoyed the looks. I think i'll give it a shot when it comes out since i have a few RL friends who are willing to pick it up. I agree, there should be a revenge killing option. Like in EVE, for instance, you have a revenge timer which allows you to pay back without consequences.
  9. Also, dont be shy to post your budget (how much are you planning to spend on the monitor) and people may be able to point you in a right direction in terms of price-performance point
  10. Here is some info on goods and bads of various monitor technologies http://www.tnpanel.com/tn-vs-ips-va/ Long story short: TN wins in fast-paced gaming category such as FPS shooters where there is a lot of rapid movement IPS has better colors but limited to 4-5 Ms responce leading to ghosting but still ok for strategies and MOBA-type games like DOTA or League of Legends VA is better than TN in terms of color reproduction but has ghosting issues of IPS. Have you looked at TN panels? Cheers
  11. Yeah, figured it'll be in $1300 area to compete with Acer Predator 34'... Hope i'll get lucky from the first try this time quality-wise
  12. Any rumors on when does Asus PG348Q go on sale in US?
  13. Soo.. That happened exactly how? Someone reheated a sandwich wrapped in nanotube wrapping? XD
  14. The monitor has a 4-star rating on Newegg out of 75 reviews and a 4.1-star rating on Amazon out of 42 reviews. Umm, yeah, but if you care to actually read the positive reviews a large amount of them still complain about BLB. Some people can live with it, but i think if you dish out $1300 on a monitor it better be perfect (like some people got it). Other thoughts: some 3 or 4 star reviews basically say "oh, great monitor, but started to flicker/stopped working/etc" which pretty much it should get 1 star because you cant use it but people still put up good rating (for specs maybe?). I'd say stars in reviews is not really an indicator. Same goes for amazon, the first result i clicked had 44 reviews and most 3 star had "minor" issues like inability to OC to 100Hz, which in my opinion should be 1 star because if the monitor does not work as advertised then it is not the monitor that i wanted. Pretty sure 2 star reviews had similar issues or worse. Some reviews had terrible experience with a number of monitors and had to RMA, but it still couns towards the same stars. Getting us to the point where 5 star reviews (where the screen is perfect - or, should i say, passed the QC) are only at 60% and 1-3 star are at 30%, meaning 1 out of 3 units is bound to malfunction in some way. Quite a gamble for $1300. My unit had not one, but THREE issues at the same time, so yeah, i'd go as far as to claim that the monitor does have quality control issues. When i saw your screenshot of a black screen with logo on it and there was no visible lightbleed i cringed with envy Here is what mine looked like http://s13.postimg.org/5e4a677t3/20151125_210255.jpg
  15. Pictures, or it didnt happen!
  16. So, you mean, you've got one without lightbleed, freezing OSD or overclocking problems from the first try? Chances of that though. Could hit a powerball as well. Or it was handpicked for shipping to reviewers QC problems aside, it is a pretty sweet monitor and i regret not being as lucky as you are or i'd kept the one i got on newegg back in October. Here are my original thoughts on the one i had http://forums.overclockersclub.com/topic/203437-acer-predator-x34/ After seeing the pic you may understand why i couldnt keep it... Didnt want to gamble 4 times to get a good one as well. So, gonna wait for Asus counterpart, see how that goes. Other than that, great review, hope you'll enjoy the monitor for many days to come
  17. Yay. Ark and Rocket league are true gems of 2015 and considering they are new franchises and both are quality games overall.
  18. They matter quite a bit actually. You can make any turd of a case look good and cool better than originally intended. As far as the OP's question each of the cases you have mentioned are really nice cases. I know one of our reviewers loves his Air 540. He ran it with AIO coolers on his GTX 670's and ran an AIO cooler on his CPU as well. I have not worked with the CoolerMaster case but the 750D is very nice and offers plenty of flexibility in a full tower case. The 750D would look fine with an AIO and single video card plus leave you room to expand later as your budget allows. CC is right, you can turn an average case into a monster, let's say Corsair's 550D ships with 3 coolers, but then you can pack some more punch by simply filling up the remaining cooler slots, adding water cooler to the top cooler slot and dropping the rig into liquid nitrogen. Should hum like a bumblebee. Back to the OP: i'd say go for the one that looks aesthetically most pleasing and then has features you're looking for. Like, when i picked my current one, i wanted a case with an adequate (not necessarily best but i can live a couple degrees under) cooling, which is also quiet and had no side window or excessive front panel clutter. Aforementioned 550D came to be the top contender... And i am quite happy with it! P.S: No, it's not sitting in a bath of liquid nitrogen, although i wish it did
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