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  1. Wow. I had to re-read that three times to make sure I had it right, hope its not a cruel joke Titan XP.... INSANE!!! When I entered I thought to myself - hey worth a shot for a GPU (most parts in my PC are up-to-date) but in my mind I've settled for a game or something... Well, I guess the year of getting divorced and quitting a job (have a new and better one now, not to worry) culminated in an epic ending... As the infamous meme goes - I'll go lay down, try not to cry but will probably cry a lot... Before I did, I'd love to extend my thanks to all the members and staff of OCC, I am glad that this train keeps on rolling for so many years, keep the reviews and guides coming!
  2. You can't say that and then not tell us how much longer is 'much longer'. That's cruel. At the very least say something like 'our anonymous sources say that AMD will announce the OCC winners at the CES keynote' or 'just as soon as we sober up, could take a while, we're still drinking'. Some years we've got result when I've already forgotten contest even happened lol. I totally understand though, most have jobs and kids and stuffs so yeah, could be any time before April Oh, wow, just realized I've only entered twice ever lol I won a PSU back in 2012 (and it's still running!) and decided to let other people to have a go at stuff! Well, its been 6 years, hope my luck for missed years stacks this time lol
  3. Merry Christmas!!! Many new reviews, articles and guides in the upcoming 2019! Oh, and RTX cards price drop would be nice, too...
  4. Makes me think of a joke when professor asks student what is 1 horsepower. Student: Its a force developed by a horse that is 1 meter tall and weighs 1 kilogram. Professor: Where, in the world, can I see such a horse?! Student: *shrugs* well, probably in Pavillon De Breteuil in France where they store all the prototypes...
  5. As accurate as it may be, I haven't really seen anyone here in US using decimals for inches... So I'd say, try this https://www.rapidtables.com/convert/length/mm-to-inch.html so 82 mm is approx 3 15/64" 92 mm is approx 3 5/8" It also gives the math behind the conversion PS: I am a project manager so I have to deal with this sh*t on a daily basis... And as much as my US friends are trying to convince me that Imperial system has some breath in it, aside from converting the whole building industry from it I dont see any reason why it shouldn't be abolished. Think about the confusion, have you ever bothered to look up a definition of a "ton"? To me, as a person born in Europe, a metric ton (tonne) is always 1000kg, period. I had no Idea other tons existed, but yeah, there is like a cluster*ck of FIVE of them (two are obsolete methinks). Plus its funny to watch them to try and convert lets say 13 short tons into ounces while I do 13 metric into grams... Never lost that one.
  6. Damn... RTX would look great in 3440x1440 with a Titan lmao... especially considering my 980ti is kinda... lacking... in the frame rate department in that resolution. lol Good luck to everyone! Skipped 3 contests in a row after winning a PSU, hope the unused luck accumulates. lol
  7. Good timing to enter the Xmas contest then, maybe you'll get lucky and get a nice GPU! THats like 2/3 of a new PC right there! And welcome back!
  8. That goes for every country in the world tbh. Whatever the case may be, I hope they find the culprits to prevent this from happening in the future or maybe Bloomberg did some bad reporting, because lets face it, today's news outlets do A LOT of that.
  9. Wow I always dreamt about paying $1300 to play games in gorgeous 25 FPS!
  10. Have you tried earlier Nvidia driver version? Try a clean install see if it helps
  11. Nice dark font to mask that link you have hidden in the word "quick". Someone delete him please
  12. Sneaky! Thank you for sharing, I often buy parts on Newegg and haven't heard about the attack up until now. Luckily, I haven't purchased anything within the date range but still nice to know
  13. Really hope you'll get around to finishing this, I like the idea so much I've been checking the thread every time there was an update
  14. Thats the email I've used for PayPal, the payment went through. Also check that you're sending the amount in USD, I think PayPal changed it to CAD due to Dave residing in Canada. Not sure if that explains why much less was withdrawn from your bank account, I haven't tried via GoFundme, did straight up PayPal
  15. PayPal link didn't open for me, using Chrome Version 66.0.3359.181(64-bit) here. Will copy the address from the link
  16. Yeah I'll wait for a full circle back to 2142, best game of the series IMO
  17. A bit of humor... Adoption has always been hard
  18. That_Guy

    New Build

    Replaced a few parts in my old PC but RGB on new parts make it look pretty badass. Should I keep the old SB X-Fi Titanium or stick with Asus SupremeFX onboard audio? New build Old parts Intel i5 8600k i5 3570k Asus z370-E Asus P8Z77-V LX 2x8Gb GSkill Trident RGB 2x8Gb GSkill Ares Asus Strix GTX 980Ti Corsair Carbide Clear 600C Inverse Corsair Obsidian 550D Quiet Periferals: Asus ROG PG348Q G-Sync Logitech z5500 Razer Black Widow Ultimate Stealth Asus ROG GX1000 mouse
  19. These scientific articles are always such a great read, Guest_Jim. Never know what may be the next break-through in computing, silicone doesn't have that much life left in it so here they come - "orientronics"
  20. Looks pretty dope. Would love to play it in VR mode, hope the upcoming VR headsets will improve on picture and lens quality though
  21. Here is one of the first search results from Amazon, just search for desk clamp VESA mount. You can pick out whichever one suits you best. Cheers https://www.amazon.com/Monitor-Adjustable-Grommet-Screens-Articulating/dp/B078455485/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1520810769&sr=8-6&keywords=VESA+table+clamp
  22. You might consider getting a used TV for that purpose. I've picked up a 65" Sceptre (low-end brand) for $600 and i run a few windows for crypto trading, it works out pretty well and also pairs as a TV. Don't expect any decent gaming though, i think its capped at about 30 Hz so the image is superchoppy and 4k (even video) doesn't impress either, there is some flickering in the background, but with your budget you could score something of a smaller size and better refresh rate . Amazon here in US has 50" ones for $300 new, guess you could get something similar used in a good condition
  23. Yeah, it is available on Steam, you can add me my nickname is Neebitemnemo. War Thunder features both air and tank battles although I am more of a dogfighting fan rather than tanks. I also play Rocket League and trying out Final Fantasy Online right now
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