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  1. Woot woot! More pics coming once I have that beast installed!
  2. Err I am getting a server error but both posts go through, eventually... See below
  3. What did the shipping info say it shipped with? I don't trust FedEx
  4. Well, first you need a few million bucks to get a license... So yeah, basically this game is the only chance for an average Joe to experience the green biz
  5. I love the case choice, I haven't seen a case with USB ports on the side before, IMO it's the next best thing since sliced bread. I wonder if inverse cases (if any to be made since Corsair's one) will ever be introduced with a similar feature. (I am actually quite surprised the inverse case idea never took off, you get to see the cool part of your GPU not the boring PCB side)
  6. Oh, you'll have them aplenty good Sir, so glad to have an inverse case so that I can show off the cool part of that Titan and not the PCB side
  7. The full article on RockPaperShotgun is in the link, what do you guys think about that? Was it the state of Connecticut that supported a game dev and it backfired, I wonder if its gonna end up the same way https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/10/09/eu-funding-trine-startopia-30-games/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+rockpapershotgun%2Fsteam+%28Rock%2C+Paper%2C+Shotgun%3A+Steam+RSS%29
  8. It's a youtube link but you'll dig the Chillasfuck Raccon, he/she gets it and so do I
  9. I have Blackwidow Ultimate Stealth and I quite like it Hope this helps
  10. Thats a sweet ride! +10 HP for every decal!
  11. Wow, bots talking to each other. Anyone else noticed influx of fresh accounts, always with an external link in the post?
  12. That was like 3 years ago, got brand new pin stripe paintjob nowadays
  13. Welcome! (Psst, hey, wanna game?)
  14. Big companies like EA and Bethesda remind me of what recently happened to my soccer team, Manchester United. United is a huge franchise, one of the biggest football clubs in the world but the team was on a pretty bad streak under the last manager Jose Mourinho. Basically, the talk was that "the manager has lost the dressing room" meaning that despite the fact that the team has top players and one of the best managers, thing looked pretty bleak on the pitch, there was misunderstanding between the players and manager's playstyle was totally different from what they used to. Same happened to EA and Bethesda. They lost the dressing room, started chasing the profit completely disregarding what the community wants. Their playstyle (season passes/ loot crates/pay-to-prevail items) looked good on paper but gamers are tired of being loved only for the money in the pocket. I remember the times when I used to launch EA games (Need For Speed series, Command and Conquer series etc) as soon as I saw the EA logo I immediately knew that I'll be in love with the game. Now? I am expecting that as soon as I log in/start the game, I'll be offered to spend an astronomical amount of money to "get the best equipment". Or, struggle to play at all, like it was with Fallout 76 or Division when it came out (Division - Wildlands was such a mediocrity, I've forced myself to play for an hour or so expecting better story development but alas it was disastrously boring). So yeah, instead of just making copycats at a conveyor speed, maybe they should consider CD Project Red's approach, and deliver a quality product even if it means waiting for a while. (btw, still not sure what happened to quality games like C&C Generals, that could definitely get a sequel but instead are buried in the sands of time or much beloved by many Battlefield 2142 which never got another game in the futuristic setting)
  15. Honestly, I glanced at the picture and thought it was a muscle car engine block
  16. That_Guy


    Yeah I figured secondary PC is probably unavailable, so unless Galaxy 8 has an expansion slot in which microSD drive could be made a boot drive and then via adapter used as a boot drive... The only other way I can think of, is by connecting it via USB cable
  17. Whatever the reason is, putting people's lives in danger es no bueno... I wonder if they're gonna blame russians again
  18. I wonder if that is why I kept getting those "Sporadic 911 outages" emergency messages today, although I am in Massachusetts... So who knows *shrug*
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