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  1. Hey thanks all downloaded it on my laptop with no problem, burned, flashed, happy. Closed.
  2. I dont have a memory stick or a floppy disc to flash any other way but through the use of ISO burned to a CD... And EVGA download section points to the same FTP as the forums link
  3. Yeah thats where i've tried to download it from but when i try to open or burn the image it just mounts an empty folder with no files or says there was an error while burning it. If it does open for you and there are files there could you hit me the file to [email protected] please Thank you
  4. Hello folks. Trying to flash my BIOS here and for some reason i cant download the latest ISO from EVGA site. Couldnt find it anywhere else ( If anyone has said file and could share it via any free upload site or attach it to the reply i'd be the most grateful. FIle i am looking for: NF78_P10.iso Thanks!
  5. Had subscription to pretty much every major MMO out there... Right now playing: WoW, main char is Draenei Shaman named Molniya on Shadowmoon. EVE online, just started a couple month ago, got two accs running characters names are Tehcat and Killerana. If you you're going to start playing EVE gimme a shout here on forums, they give away 2 months trials right now and you're more than welcome to join our corp, i am new to it but people are laid back and helpful. Lineage2 (mother of the grindfest) just returned because it went F2P, playing an Overlord named Maxijazz (yeah, yeah, i did name it after Faithless) Other than that waiting on the Secret World from Funcom. I like what i saw from it so far, it has nice graphics, kickass factions, based on modern world with a good mix of sci-fi/fantasy. Long live The Dragons!
  6. I dont have enough posts (only posted stuff when i needed an opinion on upgrade/build, and unfortunately those dont happen too often with my tight budget ) but i wish reading news counted haha Thanks to OCC i've learned more about things like graphene. quantum physics and stuff like that in 2 years than i'd have otherwise in my whole life Well, i raise this beer to whoever will win :cheers:
  7. Thanks for that benchmark graph, for a newb like me nothing says *better* than a visual confirmation lol. Well i see now that 448 only slightly lags behind the gtx 570.
  8. In the light of MSI releasing this new GTX 560 Twin frozr III 448 i would like to ask which one should i go for? The forementioned 448 edition with 1280 Mb ram or the GTX 560 2 gb edition? I am playing in resolution 1920x1080, and this is what its going to be installed into: PSU Corsair TX 850 mobo EVGA 780i CPU q9450 OCed at 3.2 gHz 8Gb DDR2 Gskill Ripjaw Case - ATX Apevia Jupiter-X (i only post that to avoid comments like *not sure if it going to fit* etc, it will. PS: Couldnt find any reviews on GTX560 2 Gb edition, thus cant compare them really.
  9. I tried my best... This dumbest phone of mine did too Hope i am not too late Hey, in a turn, i want to see an UFO!
  10. Game: Fallen Earth Server: Alec Masters Character: Molniya Additional Info: lvl 8 future Tech also *account frozen* Game: World of Warcraft Server: Shadowmoon Character: Molniya lvl 80 shaman/draenei Maxijazz lvl 80 DK/draenei Additional Info: Guild New Legion, Alliance
  11. I have an Apevia / Iceberg / 680-Watt PSU with 2x6pin PCI-E connectors and now i've got GeForce 9800 GX2 using 1x6pin AND 1x8pin PCI-E connectors. Question is: are there 6-to-8 PCI-E adapters and if there are such, is it SAFE to use one in my case? ************** Update: Well after a short research i have answered the first part of my own question: Yes, the adapters/converter do exsist. Even that some people do use them to power up their cards. But as to the second part of it, it is still unclear to me how safe is it to do so. According to what i found 6pin connectors provide 75 W @ 107 peak power while 8pin provides 150W. I am not a pro at that stuff so could someone explain me what can happen or what damage can occur if i use an adapter/converter. Thanks. ************** Well just got that 6-to8 pin converter and it works perfectly. Question is closed
  12. Thanks! that pretty much answers it. And thanks for the PSU link - the one you show is 10$ cheaper and looks like a better investment!
  13. Hi all, first time builder with a bunch of Q's and no A's here. Doing my first build mostly for games, and what i want is to get a well-balanced system for around 1500$ First, and what bothers me the most is: For the money i am ready to invest into GPU, should i get dual-sli EVGA 9800 GX2 (1Gb DDR3 each)(found them @ 299$ apiece or Sapphire 4870 X2 2 Gb DDR 5 (found it @ 560$) Both cards are concidered to be high-end cards on the market and according to occ/club reviews in some game tests for resolution i plan to use (1680x1050) the 9800 GX2 card beats the 4870 X2. Here is also the parts of my new rig, any suggestions to what i should switch for other parts to better balance it are welcome =) Mobo: EVGA nforce 780i SLI Socket 775 with Thermaltake Extreme Spirit II North-Chipset Cooler CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 2.66Ghz 12MB 1333Mhz CPU with ZEROtherm Butterfly CPU Cooler BTF90 RAM: OCZ Reaper 2048MB PC8500 DDR2 1066MHz (2x1024MB) (will be upgraded to 2x2048 soon) case: Apeiva X-Jupiter Full Tower G Type-Black (ordered 4 Aerocool Black UV Frame 120mm Case Fan w/ 4 LEDs to replace the ones that come with the case) PSU: Apevia 680W Iceberg Aluminum PSU w/ Blue Sleeves I already own soundcard and speaker: Sound: SB X-fi extreme music with Logitech ZX5500 speakers
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