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  1. I remember back in time I've read about people overclocking monitors to achieve higher refresh rate. Some monitors (like Asus ROG Swift PG348Q that I use) have built-in overclock function (this one allows to up the refresh rate to 100 Hz at a push of a button), I personally havent noticed THAT much of a difference between lowest 60 Hz setting and highest 100 Hz setting, but that is possibly due to the monitor being a native GSync monitor, everything looks so smooth with it on The only reason to keep your screen in the lowest rate is that it extends the lifetime but then again I can't remember the source of where I've read it so I won't swear by it
  2. I am just waiting on RTX series to drop to MSRP, then definitely showing off a new build But yeah as one of the other threads mentioned, overclocking has become a matter of "auto-tuning" and most of the components are factory-OCed or already at their limit where overclocking wont give any sensible gains, so not too many people are even interested in overclocking them. It surely is nice to hang out here, I always have OCC open in one of the tabs and following Jim's news posts on gaming etc. @Guest_Jim: I miss the posts "sorta-related" to PCs like quantum computing or meta-materials with a potential to be used in the future computers, those were very informative and fun to read!
  3. Sucks. I would think they should reward the customers not try to sorta-scam them
  4. Epic! Love it! Little blue & red light look amazing, reminds me of Need4speed Hot Pursuit! Now you just need to mount a couple of wheels to the sides of the table for full immersion haha
  5. Tell me those fans where the headlights should be are LED/RGB, because I totally want to see them in the dark/lit up!!
  6. I dig the concept! Now you got me thinking if I should build my own desk haha
  7. I might make a jump to 4k but I guess I'll wait until 30** series NVidia are available... TitanXP chugs well in 3440x1440 for now!
  8. Wow. I remember the times when my Asus PG34 was the pinnacle, gone are those times! Congrats thats a great looking monitor. I've picked up the 34" Acer at first but the lightbleed was terrible. How is it on this one?
  9. I do, but I use my speakers to listen to the music a lot when I am searching for new material for DJ sets. Having them pointed outwards, as AkakmanH said, muffles the highs a bit plus I am not a big fan of overhyped bass which is the reason I went with Yamaha DXR15s for a nice, flat, balanced sound. If used them for causal gaming etc I probably wouldn't worry about positioning as much but I am no sound expert and those are just my personal preferences when using PC connected speakers
  10. Merry Christmas to y'all! ...and to the year 2020 - Yippee Ki Yay, motherfucker!
  11. If you compare a line of motherboards from the same manufacturer you'll notice that with higher pricepoint some features are added, like extra USB/PCI ports, higher RAM speeds, better quality components to allow for higher overclocks etc. Basically when picking a motherboard think about headroom on all the components you want to run in the system and make sure the motherboard supports everything you plan on using. Once those requirements are met, you have your perfect motherboard. There is no point in paying extra for, lets say, a model that allows for higher RAM speeds if you don't plan on using sticks that run at that speed. Hope this helps
  12. GSkill TridentZ RGB series are pretty nice both performance and aesthetics wise, I used to use an 2x8 Gb kit and now switched to a 2x16, both worked well
  13. Total War: Warhammer II please! The game is very visually and CPU intensive, I think it'll be a great addition to the list. Plus they have 3 built-in benchmark maps
  14. That last video can't be viewed, Jim. Says "Unavailable. This video is Private" when I try to play it
  15. Just to chime in, I've just went through a similar ordeal although with different hardware config. I've got me a 2x16Gb G.Skill 3200 DIMMs and tried to install them on an Asus Z370E in dual channel mode. Well basically after it refused to boot with anything but me having 1 stick of RAM in DIMMA2 or two in DIMMA 1/2 (single channel) I've started looking for the problem, because the general consensus is that this configuration works fine for many. So, I've cleaned the RAM contacts. I've cleaned RAM slots. I've tried XMP, updated BIOS, tried every slot variation possible, tried over/downclocking, Memtests of both sticks came up fine, then I've read that bent/dirty CPU/MB pins could be the culprit so I took everything out and cleaned everything under an electronic microscope. Then I've moved M2 drive that was ajacent to RAM into another slot. Then I've tightened/loosened screws on the CPU cooler because, according to some, overtightening one screw may tilt the CPU in the socket and some of the pins won't have a contact. Then I've checked the power connector to the mobo to make sure everything is tight and then basically every connector on the mobo. Guess what, nothing helped because of course it didn't. So finally I've pulled the rear panel off and started looking through the wires hidden there, and I've realized that the USB connector that goes from the mobo to the front pannel was touching the mobo in the area where the ram slots are soldered to it and possibly shorting them... So, I've moved it and strapped it with a ziptie. Tried again - PC booted with DIMMs in DIMM A2/B2 and works with no problems since! So yeah sometimes the bug is hard to squish, I hope you resolve your MB/Ram woes though
  16. That_Guy


    Any of your antivirus products ever pop up a warning if you use any at all? I don't use Firefox at this moment so cant confirm if the pop-up looks legit or even happens at all
  17. I just hope they won't do something similar to what Spotify did recently, where favorite albums/songs/etc move to the top after listening and the rest of the library is in quite a chaotic state...
  18. I was going to suggest a cooling pad, but then I've googled the laptop model and it seems like the pad will cost half the laptop's current price, even the cheapest one... That thing is pretty ancient
  19. I like it but not sure it's time for me to let go of my Asus PG349Q
  20. Seriously. Not even April 20th. And they dare to claim to have something to do with weed #fakenews
  21. I5 8600 @ 4.7 GHz Added a zoomed-in scoreboard after I've realized that the original screenshot is unreadable (native resolution was 3440x1440)
  22. One more, this time no wraps This is just what I needed to match my Asus PG39Q, imagine a sweet 3440x1440 with G-sync... Oooh, the goosebumps
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