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    790I EVGA FTW: Q9550
    Palit GeForce GTX 560 Ti (Fermi) 2GB : 3x2GB DDR3 1333 G-Skill
    Dual Seagate 500gb w/32M cache RaId: 0
    1000watt COSMOS PS, COSMOS S case
    Samsung 12x Blu-Ray & Dual Dell SP2309W Monitors, Klipsh 6;1 and WIN 7 Premium
  1. Agree 100% plus the added benefit of NVidia CUDA if you use any apps that take advantage!
  2. So you will run into the same issues you have without TRIM if you raid 0 two SSDs with TRIM?
  3. New system / build so yeah it would support SATA 3. Its not about afford, its about the price I am willing to pay for SSD. You spend all your time on the forum trying to epeen or you got mommy problems today? Sorry but thats twice you posted a jerk response. Obviously I don't know much about SSD yet, thats why I posted here. Was looking for some pointers and direction like the discussion on TRIM support in RAID 0. Do you know about that, or is that not an issue becuase you live in 2013?
  4. I meant that the 1TB Seagates where fast compared with other disk based Harddrives. Not vs SSDs. $1 per GB is my buy in point as well. I am going to watch the 120gb SSDs and when they are at that price point I will grab two of them with Trim and Raid support and go Raid 0 and back that up with a 500gb seagate that I currently have . I don't have more than 200gb on my system ever becuse I run a WHS setup with an 8 bay raid server attached to it. Only thing thats on my PC is a few games and the last bluray or two I ripped and have not dropped on my WHS. A few articles on this form need to die because they had me concerned with lack of TRIM on SSDs and the maintance you had to do. So second gen is still about 160 for a 120gb so maybe a good shell shocker or price drop away from jumping in. Want to see some picts of my new raid and WHS setup check out this My WHS and RSV-S8
  5. After much thought I am just gonna toss two of the very speedy Seagate 1tb drives , each drive has two platters with only 500gb on each platter, which makes this thing pretty fast. I see a lot of maintance with SSD's haven to pick and choose what I put on them and then going back and reloading them. I will wait longer for the drives and tools to mature more and of course price to come down. For $119 your not going to beat the speed of these things in raid 0 with 2tb of space.
  6. OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD3-2VTX120G 3.5" 120GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) is 206 with 30 MIR Intel 510 Series (Elm Crest) SSDSC2MH120A2K5 2.5" 120GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) is 314
  7. I just made a mistake and took at look at the new SATA III drives. Wow gonna have to make one of those fit in my budget instead of that SATA II version.
  8. I am building a new 2600K machine. I have a 560ti I can toss in it. Question is do I stay with two Seagate 1TB 7200RPM drives in Raid 0 and get a GTX 570 Or Buy an OCZ Vertex 2 120GB SATA II MLC SSD (OCZSSD3-2VTX120G) use a Seagate 1TB for old stuff and stay with my 560ti 2gb (Piliat version) Just trying to figure out my bang for the buck. I mainly spend time ripping my Blu-Ray movies to my media server while playing COD, Team Fortress II, occasionally I will fire up Rift or StarCraft II. The software I used to rip (Aiseesoft) maximizes NVidia CUDA so ATI/AMD is not an option for me its seriously like a 70 min vs 12 hour difference to rip and in 1080p. Thanks in advance for the input, I have kinda shuned the SSD market becuase of prices but at todays price it has me thinking on it.
  9. Linux running on a PS3 is a hack? LOL you guys need to LRN google better. That was happening over 5 months ago.
  10. I don't think its all about the ram but just how fast the core clock like was posted above. I ran a pair of 9800GX2 before my GTX260 core 216s. They where probably the worst cards of NVIDIA's I have ever owned. The honest to goodness real reason I posted here was to let thoses who don't paly games that really take advantage of the extra cards know that the HD 5870 knoks it out of the park in every way! I still run one of the GTX 260 core 216 on my wifes system its a I7 920 with a 24" montior and it runs the game mostly maxxed pretty well. She won't need an upgrade till they update the graphics engines with WoW. The 260 is a great card just not so much at 2560x1600. Thanks for the responses guys I love reading them all!
  11. I have a XHD300 Gateway 30" running 2560 x 1600. I was orginally running two GTX 260 core 216 cards. I dropped to one of those after 6 months and really only noticed very little difference on most games. I wanted to wait for NVIDIA's response but got a very good offer on my card (150 bucks) so I sold it and got a HD5870 XFX XXX edition. I must say that playing EQ2, Far Cry 2, and WoW I could NEVER EVER max things out with one or two and have a playable game. (gamming at 2560 x 1600). This card is just simply amazing. Its very important that you understand my main reason for posting is that most gammers who play at 2560x1600 know that more than one graphics cards don't cut it. You need on card single gpu to handle the awesomeness. Reason why is many games don't properly address the resolution / memmory settings correctly and when you compound that with our extreme resolution you get suck. This card is worth every penny. Under the largest beating I can put on this card (raiding etc) I still pust 60+ fps with things full blast. So from an old NVIDIA only buyer after ATI's laptops of 8 years ago, take it from me they have finally got the clue. This card is totally worth it. I am very pleased and just hope to let you all know its goodness.
  12. From what I read about the UD series if you enable USB3 and SATA 6bg you loose 16x from you PCIE to 8X is this true? I think I read that on Toms. Hard to say I have been trolling a lot looking to build a new rig in Jan. If that is false I agree the gigabyte will be going in my new system, not only that the fact of the construction of the board is so solid.
  13. So all you AMD/ATI fanboys thought your crew was above price gouging. They are the same company. Unlike ATI/AMD NVIDIA is not clever enough to slash its prices yet though. They are only helping ATI/AMD rape us for these new cards. I will wait till after the holidays and this card will eat it about 200-300 bucks when the competition from NVIDIA comes out and I will pick the better card then. But if I where going to buy the $700 XFX card is as good as two 4870s out of the box.
  14. Have a FAmily Pack (3 licenses) comming overnight, and have a second Family pack that will be here Saturday. Can't wait to have 6 systems running WIN 7 bliss!
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