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    Gaming (cod4 right now)<br /><br />Computer building (and Fo-Shizzel like that)<br /><br />Keeping fit and social stuff (if I didn't get out I'd become depressed)<br /><br />Reading CustomPC (They put the Izzle is my Fizzy appletiser)


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    I'm not saying anything other than that my new rig in the summer will probably be an E8400, a biostar motherboard, a 9800GT+ and an Antec 1200.

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  1. hi guys im just installing a new artic freezer 7 pro into my gaming rig and im having trouble installing it! I have an AMD motherboard and im just struggling to understand the instructions and i can't find any installing help on the web. could anyone shed some light or help me ? so far i have'nt taken out the motherboard, its still in its case and I hope I can keep it there while installing my new cooler thanks !
  2. AS student in college looking for information and history of graphics display and graphics cards. would be big help love you thx
  3. what do you guys think of modern warefare 2 ??
  4. well your a different one arnt ya
  5. ok man thanks, suppose i mit jsut have 2 give it some time and learn 2 differentiate sounds better
  6. ive recently bought the creative arena soundblaster which gd the best review in custompc. its a pair of earphones with a build in xfire audio card. from the review they claimed they could notice sounds and pinpoint where they were coming from. this is improtant to me becuase i play alot of FPS, espeically warefare2 rit now. to be honest i cant say the sound is really any better than my old
  7. dat93

    sony vegas help

    guys its ok, i thought my clips wre being deleted, all vags is doing is making extension clips in random places around my clips and it just appears some are be deleted, thanks anywayz
  8. dat93

    sony vegas help

    i'm using sony vegas 9 pro right now to edit my new clan montage. when i import media, most of the time the file i took a clip from, randomly 1 of the clips would just become white and becomes an sfk extension file which i then cant use as the video recorded clip it was. i sort of understand vegas just makes sfk files for something or other but its randoming my clips so i can't use them. by the way the clips before they are randomed are wmv files i believe. they have that windows media player sign next it lol, also im using vista and im only currently using the trial version of vagas thanks
  9. thx dling il remember that, its not an upgrade its a complete new rig so i'l probably get a 500-750 and make sure they have the right power outputs for the card im getting
  10. thanks ocre! I'l think I'l get the syncmaster 206bw i'm going for an e7300 probably because its pretty good for gaming and doesn't burn a hole through my pocket lol. I think I should be able to play all my games maxed out and at 1608X1050 with a HD 4770, i might have to tone crysis done a bit but shouldn't be tooo much Although I'm thinking U might spend a little more a buy a 4870. once again thanks for help:D
  11. I'm looking to build a new budget gaming pc in some weeks and i'm not entirly sure which montor/graphics card I should get. I was orignally going to buy the new HD 4770 and a samsung syncmaster 206bw, I'l still be playing cod4 most of the time because I play competitively for that but I also want to complete a few of my other games over the summer such as red alert3 and crysis. I'm on as low budget as possibly, il be building it all and im hoping to spend at tops
  12. hi, I play CoD4 mianly, I also play a little redalert3 and crysis. I don't have gamespy, I have steam but i only use it to play a little CS:S sometimes. I don;t actually know how to add friends on steam so if u want to add me its dat93. I'm mainly on Xfire and i use Ventrilo for speaking if you ever get those
  13. dat93

    Unreal Tournament 3

    I love UT3 i used to play it alot on the ps3 until i got into cod4. il be playing it this weekend so if any of you want to add me on xfire its "n0namic" without brackets. cya guys on there hopfully
  14. dat93

    Neighbors from hell

    i think im jsut gona have to buy it from ebay or play.com i checked a few other stores like pcworld and some othe gaming store but they didn't haveit. its a shame i thin kthey r gr8 little games. if anyone wants to try the demos for 1 and 2 here you go http://www.fileplanet.com/124262/120000/fi...-From-Hell-Demo http://download.cnet.com/Neighbors-From-He...4-10285990.html tell me what you think of them as well
  15. If you just finished crysis i wold go for crisys warhead now, i heard its got better explosions....which all the reason you need to play it lol. oh yeah as your playing as the cockney your character speaks a lot more and there is more guns blazing action than the first one. although the campaign is significantly shorter...
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