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  1. I wasn't meaning a stable overclock, just a benchies overclock. No one has got a phenom past 4.something ghz on a 64bit system, all the records are set in 32
  2. Sorry about taking my time, have'nt loged on in a long time. I have the same board and same problem, just use software to get around it. I use this as AOD doesn't work on nvidia chipsets http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=220185 Also if you try you hand at unlocking even if you have a stable cpu you will not get a stable unlock with 4 cores you need to drop back to three as seen here http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=228239 Finaly if you really want to push your overclock, it will need to be in 32bit to get over 4ghz Here is a great resource for overclocking phenom II's http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=596023
  3. yes and no. Mine is stable on an amd board at 3.1ghz stock clocks, but isn't as stable on my current nvidia based board but is rock solid as a tri. I dont leave it unlocked, cause the stock cooler isnt good enought to keep it cool (peaks at 60degrees) But yeah if you get the right parts they can be, as you will have got one that has a TDP that is too high to fit into a quad rather than broken cores.
  4. No, unfortunatly not with that motherboard for 2 reasons, you have the wrong southbridge as stated above you have a Asus mobo which requires hacking to enable ACC anyway
  5. Should have been a bit clearer in my original post, All overclocks done on stock cooling and my x2 550 is a x4 b50 in some tests x4 B50 suicide: x2 550 suicide: x2 550 superpi1m: I'd do some of the other benches, but I dont want to risk my processor with sustained heat... I reckon I'm being held back by the 64bit OS (they don't clock much past 4ghz with 64bit)
  6. I'd happily participate, I just can't see myself as being overly compeditive with a x2 550 (and only the stock cooler but it unlocks) and a X1950 pro
  7. suicide shot here, need to get a proper cooler for it, stock just can't keep it cool enough with all 4 cores going. Ill run some super pi runs when I get home
  8. A warning to all those intrested in nVidia chipsets, they don't have AMD Overdriver. Oh and I found this program as sort of a replacement for Cool N' Quiet when your overclocking http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...ight=msrtweaker
  9. My money is on heat, these phenoms love to be cold, and the colder the better, and they don't like volts all that much. Not sure how hot exactly your talking but, I've seen pictures of a 955 running at 5.2 at only 1.4v
  10. I'd love to as well, but again I really don't have time to spare as im heading into my final year at school soon and probs should be more focused on trying to get a good mark *sigh*
  11. I personaly don't see a problem with the OP running on a corsair 550w psu, Chuck the parts into a calculator such as here http://www.thermaltake.outervision.com/Power and acording to my calculatons it will only draw 320w (no where near full load). Although with the price of psu's in the US you'd be better off (value wise) to grab more power so you don't have to buy another one later, but 550w is plenty for a single card set up and 650w is the bare minimum for a dual card set up (pending on the cards). If you want to reduce your spending drop down to a x3 720be/ x2 550be (if you dont need the extra cores) or a x4 810 and grab a MA770T-UD3P and the cheapest ddr3 4gb kit you can pick up.
  12. what board are you looking at/have? Any idea about what seral it is?
  13. unfortunatly their quite difficult to track down now (at least in Aus.) there generaly selling earlier (at tiny stores) or much later ones (at big stores). But it seems like nearly all of them unlock
  14. At least their cheap and have a unlocking program, I struggle to push the fsb even 10, (although that may be a memory issue)
  15. Yeah, I can run super pi 4cores stable (not at 4ghz mind you ( although I can run it at 4ghz dual )) I'm pretty happy with my chip, but with 4 cores it crashes as soon as I start prime/OCCT/LinX, probally should have spend more trying to get a amd chipset for better unlocking, but I still don't think it was worth the extra $60
  16. I'm pretty happy with my 550 x2, playing around with it now. Just a quick suicide shot with all 4 cores running at 4ghz on stock cooling (no, its not stable, or cool) A $130(AUD) quad core is amazing, but unfortunatly the fourth core isnt occt stable, (but 3 are) i believe due to the limitations of the nvidia chipset lets see if I can put these expensive quad cores to shame, I'll see how high I can suicide as a dual core (appears I can only push it to 4.2 on stock cooling before it gives out, its just getting to hot and shuting down )
  17. http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForc...0M.14559.0.html This shows you that its gpu is about the performance of a desktop 9800GT, It is as said above a rebadge of the 9800GTX with slightly faster clocks In unthreaded tasks the cpu may be a little closer, but still overall quite a bit weaker
  18. Not sure if this is the area for i7, its more expensive and for gaming there realy isn't a major difference between a 920 and a 955 (if this was going to be used for things like encoding that take advantage of i7's power then I would support your build) and the ssd will make a big difference in system perfomance and general responsiveness Oh, and don't bother with 750gb hdd's the 640's are faster (due to higher platter density) and you will most likeyly not need the extra space (but if you really need the space the speed loss isn't too bad)
  19. CPU: AMD Phenom II 955 $325 Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P $262 RAM: G.Skill 4GB DDR3-1333 $88 OS Drive OCZ Vertex 60GB $339 HDD: Western Digital 640GB 16MB SATAII $88 GPU: 2 x 1GB ATi 4890 Gigabyte $558 Case: Antec 300 $101 PSU: Seasonic PSR650+ $158 Optical Drive: Samsung 20x DVD-RW SATA $35 CPU HSF: Xigmatek S1283 $53 Total: $2007 all prices found on staticice
  20. or you could grab a better cooler (not one listed in sig so assumed its intel one) and then hit 4ghz, I still think that a ssd is the best way to get a cheap performance boost that you will notice, although it wont help your gaming at all, it just makes the whole system more responsive. But if you aren't unhappy with the performance I don't see why you need to upgrade at all
  21. The most I would expect this system to draw at load would be around the 400W so really getting 1000w is completely stupid, 650 is overkill but a more reasonable level ( and will be able to xfire/SLI in the future)
  22. about $450 for a g.Skill Falcon 128gb, although the 64gb one can be picked up at $270 (prices from staticice)
  23. Its not really the hard numbers that speak for how good ssd's are, its more the overall responsiveness of the system that improves. It makes vista tolerable
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