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  1. Yes I did spot that for under £200 I like cases with a mid plate so that will be one thing I will look at putting in
  2. Well I've had three hdds in it still the same issue, not like it isn't working because it does just temperamental. I have done all I can do, different drives connectors and ports. I can't see three of them doing the same to be honest.
  3. Well I m with others, as the Q9550 is a good chip, yeah fine not as good as the 2500k, but its not really worth it sure may well get more perforamce out of it. I am in the same sort of boat only I have a good reason to, my mobo is on its last legs ( refuses to boot sometimes, sluggish SATA perforamce) need I go on Also the power savings for the same perforamces ( or more) *edit sorry throught it was Q9550 not 9450 oh well just different clock speeds still a good chip
  4. Well I'm having a sound card but don't know about the interface As yet got a choice between xonar DX like I have now or a DG. The UD4 has a slightly weird layout considering I'm may land up with a DC2 from asus that's a tri slot cooler But I'm water oolong so it won't be for long
  5. Xonar DG? should live up to spec got a on board headphone amp as well.. can be had for less than £25 these days dunno about US as i live in the uk erm need a pci slot to use it through
  6. Was consdiering it, but the ASrock and gigabyte look to be better boards anyways, so it took the bulliet a while ago
  7. Yeah £200 for a board is a bit steep to be honest considering its not really needed £160 is a sweet spot for SB mobos it seems Althrough I will be having 8Gb only 1600 ram as I don't see the need for faster, I will be trying to do a run for 5.0Ghz
  8. Well thinking about it they are both not easy than again I can get a tj07 which is already built for rads at the bottom but what fun is that? Like I said I will take a look but the fractal is better looking so throw the measurements my way via pm. It appears it's not the modding it's the water cooling.
  9. I will chase the 800D up through if the price was right I'm guessing a bit of modding involved for a daul 120 rad at the bottom
  10. Okay I don't know how we came to this topic I think I'm going to get a gen 3 mobo which will be the ASrock as its grown on me with its pretty gold caps
  11. Yes, I do understand, bigger case better for watercooling. The reason why I like the fractal design Define XL is big...ish yeah fine the 800D is bigger. its got a lovely look to it (imo better looking than a 800D) and less common, particaly in terms of watercooling. I m whiling to put my time into it through, making the fractal what I want to use it for, I mean thats the art of modding. I have seen a 600T with a tri rad at the top but it did run into the 5.25 bays. The thing with watercooling is that before one starts, need to look into why you are doing it? I can't very well skimp on it as I would land up upgrading later on making it more expeansive for myself...most inportant thing is take onces time... I have been looking into watercooling since I built my LGA775 rig 2 years ago never got around to it, back than I would just get a case that could support it. Now I feel confedent enough to make a case to my needs. A bit of topic here to set me stright if I m wrong, I mean thats the point of a fourm. With regards to Rads, now if I ask what rad should I get I bet it would a very expesnive list. I know it depends on what metals they are made out of but they are moreless the same these days. Yes fine some like High speed, High Cfm fans while others like slower fans to perform at thier best. But here is a example say if I was to get a EK coolstream RAD tri, now if I put that on most fourms poeple would advise, not to...Why? nothing wrong with the Rad itself same sort of metierals I mean EK don't skimp. With a set of well matched fans I m thinking it would be as good as a more expesnive Rad in the same class.
  12. Sorry, yes I knew about that, ASUS and ASrock have been seprate companies for a a while now. As for phase counts, it is with SB more CPU bound, as always.. however a board with higher phase counts does help it in more ways than just overclock, Ie is able to provide cleaner power with less spikes, less Vdrop so you don't need to put the Vcore up to much to counter. The mobo side benifits is that its power circitry runs cooler as the load is spread more(techincly). I m not saying thats a fact I m just sharing what I seen..Not like the ASrock needs to worry in that department. I m based around a LGA775 so things are called different on my platform so sorry if I said something I shouldn't have.
  13. Hi guys I m planning a build very soon..if i get a new job it will be a bit faster, however i ve mostly budgeted things in, this thread has a few purposes in mind. I have a question ragarding the Fractal Design Define XL - what I m planning to put a Triple radiator (sorry bad spelling) on the top panel with it and its fans mounted internal hence the reason for a clean design case. Now I have seen a few fractal projects with that, however they are very rare, also the photos didn't really answer my question. So how much space is there between the mobo tray and the top panel? I m also planning on removing the bottom HDD cages so I can fit a Double 120 rad. Next one is regarding the 650D again I appear to be chosing case that hardly anyone has as a modding project ( I ve seen NZXTs and 600Ts but thats not helpfull ) same as before I m planning on mounting a tri rad on the top panel, somehow as most of it is mesh.... it looks like its possible but again I can't seem to find the answers or rather no one has. laslty is there any cases with clean looks that is big enough to take watercooling for less than £160 and easyish to mod it so it can? cheers again for your time guys
  14. I ve always had asus boards, but I have noticed they got alot of issues, and thier features is all over the place ( and i don't like blue! ) I m not saying other onces don't, ASrock is a very popular board and they seem to have odd firmware niggles with odd mouse movments or it not working. but nothing major. To be honest I would like a Gigabyte, as in terms of overclocking, its a no brainer UD4 has 16 phase for CPU so it *should* overclock better and be safer for the cpu. the asrock is only a 10+4 for the cpu? but I would like PCIe 3.0 () althrough the cards are not out for it yet, I will land up with one eventaully....or two So I will see what happens closer to the time, if gigabyte rolls out full PCIe 3.0 UD4 or UD3P whatever I decided to go for. one of the reasons why I m holding fire
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