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    780i EVGA Motherboard
    E8400 3.0 GHz Core 2 Duo processor
    900W ModXStream OCZ PSU
    500 GB SATA HD
    2 GB Crucial Ballistix RAM
  1. Oh, should have mentioned, I have a 24" Acer at 1920x1200
  2. Well, I just got a new Video Card for my system and now I'm wondering where you guys think my weak point would be. These are the specs Motherboard - EVGA 780i CPU - E8400 running 3.7 GHz RAM - 4 gb OCZ Reaper 1066 mhz 2.15V 5-5-5-18 GPU - EVGA GTX 480 running 800/1600/1980 (on MSI Afterburner) I would guess it'd be my CPU at this point. I can probably push it to 4 GHz. I was before but then fried some RAM so I'm a little iffy about boosting it up that high again. Anything else you guys can think of? Thanks
  3. sxracerb25


    Ok so I was having some issues with my desktop freezing up and I fixed that by updating the flash. Then it was overheating and I found out the heatsink wasn't seated completely. Well now, it was running fine. I could run Oblivion for hours without any issues. I ran Prime95 for at least 4 hours (can't remember exactly how long). But then I installed uTorrent to download something and when I started using it I got a BSOD. It said IRQL_Not_Less_Or_More. So I stopped running uTorrent and uninstalled it. Then I decided to run Prime95 again to make sure it's alright and it ran for about 3 hours and then said Torture Test error. I bumped the VCore from 1.18 to 1.20 and it ran Prime95 for 10 hours straight while I was at work with max temp of 63* C. Then I get home and look at it and move the mouse and a few seconds later I get the same BSOD. So I restart and during restart before XP comes up it BSOD's again and has a Registry Error and says STOP: 0x00000051. Restart again and it runs for a bit and then another BSOD. This one being fatal system error c000021a. So after all that I shut it down and then wait a day. Today i start it up and it runs fine and ran Prime95 again for a long time but I copied a .rar file from my laptop through a external HDD and to the desktop and when i went to expand it, it had all kinds of CRC volume is corrupt errors. It works fine on my laptop though. So i expand it on my laptop and try to put it on my desktop after and when I goto install I get more CRC errors. So after all these errors I have no idea. My setup 780i Evga Mobo E8400 cpu 2 gb 1066 mhz Crucial Ballistix at 2.2V 5-5-5-15 9800 GX2 gpu 900w ModXstream psu WD Cavier 500 gb SATA HDD Any one have any ideas? I don't even know the first place to look. It's not OCed at all either.
  4. I have a 780i mobo and a 9800 gx2. Does that pretty much eliminate any hopes of using the pci-e x1 slot? The 9800 gx2 covers it and I don't believe you can run the graphics card on another slot besides the 1st one right? Is there anyway around this? I have a sound card I'd like to use but it's pci-e x1. Any help would be great. Thanks Edit: sorry searched and saw i could put the x1 in a x16 slot. Sorry please close the thread.
  5. Yea the heatsink wasn't seated properly. I dont like the plastic clips it uses at all lol. It seems to be holding at 59 C now while running Prime 95. Anybody have suggestions as to what would be a good cpu cooler setup to run? I want to upgrade it and eventually OC to about 3.6 when i get everything setup and running properly. Thanks for the help you guys.
  6. yea it is. Should i try to reseat the cooler and redo the TIM? Edit: What is the best type of TIM to use?
  7. Well it doesn't seem to be freezing now so I think flashing the bios worked. Now I have an issue with heat. When I run prime 95 my CPU temp almost immediately jumps to like 70* C and then after i close Prime95 the temps don't even come back down. Should i just upgrade the heatsink or is there something else wrong here?
  8. Yea, I bumped the memory voltage to 2.2V which is what I believe is recommended for Ballistix. I'm running memtest86+ at the moment and so far it's passed all the tests 4 times without any errors. Any other things to try? Would adding 2 gb more fix the problem or does it sound like the ram is the issue and not the amount? I'll try to flash the bios sometime and see if that fixes it as well.
  9. I forgot which ones to run. I'll try memtest and check my mem voltage. I'll try Prime95 but i think it'll probably freeze up during it. Edit: Now that i installed my GC drivers its showing my 9800 gx2 running at 64* C
  10. Well guys I posted a while back because my freshly built computer kept freezing after about 30 minutes when running Vista. Well I installed XP pro and I was running it for about 3 months flawlessly. No problems whatsoever. Then I saw the Windows 7 beta was out so I tried running it and it's acting exactly like Vista again. Running for about 30 minutes then freezing. I don't know what the problem could be. I'll try to install some monitoring programs. As of now I haven't put HW monitor or anything on it yet. If you guys have any advice toward what the issue could be or what monitoring software to use, please let me know. My system specs are as follows: Evga 780i motherboard Evga 9800 gx2 graphics card E8400 Core 2 Duo CPU 2 gb crucial ballistix ram 500 gb WD SATA HDD OCZ ModXstream 900w PSU Stock heatsink Anything else you guys wanna know just ask. Thanks in advance guys. Edit: I just put HW monitor on it. Voltages CPU VCore 1.13 V Vin1 1.50V AVCC 3.25V DRAM 1.62V NB 1.09V +5V 5.06V +12V 12.23V Temperatures CPU 34* C Mainboard 30* C Core#0 38* C Core#1 38* C It shows my Chipset fan at 5000 rpm. Does that seem right?
  11. Hey guys due to financial circumstances I am thinking about selling my computer. It's a freshly built desktop maybe 2 months old. Here's the specs: E8400 3.00 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo EVGA 9800 gx2 graphics card 2 GB of Crucial Ballistix 1066 Mhz PC2-8500 500 GB WD caviar SATA 7200 RPM HDD OCZ ModXstream 900w PSU Lite-on DVD-RW DL I'm using the factory heatsink on the cpu, but it runs well. I have XP installed on it and it seems to run with no problems. I've ran Crysis on it with pretty good results so I'm just wondering what i could get for this. So please make me some offers guys. I'm not real sure what i could get out of it. Thanks guys just let me know.
  12. Sorry i'm still a noob at this stuff how do i adjust these voltages and what should i set them at? What are htt volts?
  13. Well I was doing the torture test with Prime95 and it froze up but until it froze it was passing all the tests. I dunno if it matters but looking at my CPU specs on Prime95 and CPUZ and stuff shows my L2 cache size as unknown. I don't know if that means anything but just something i've noticed. Those are my idling temps but I'm using stock heatsink too so i'm not sure if that would be the cause of the somewhat high idle temps. While i was stress testing they didn't even jump up though so I'm not sure what to think about that. Any more ideas guys? Edit: ok i guess i was being stupid when i set up the computer. I put the ram in 1 and 2 instead of 1 and 3. I switched it over and it seems to be running better. Even my CPU temps dropped to like low 50's. Sorry for the stupid post guys. Thanks for the help. Edit: Edit: Well i thought it fixed it but it still froze again while doing the prime95 torture test so i don't know why it's freezing.
  14. Ok sorry guys been busy. I ran memtest and did the two tests you said for 10 passes and let it run for like 24 hours lol. It never had an error. Never froze during that either so could that suggest that the freezing is part of vista? or software related or something? Any ideas please let me know guys. I used it before work and i was using it for about an hour with no problems but then it looks like the clock froze at 3:18 AM so it froze in about an hour and a half. Thanks guys
  15. Well i tried changing it to 2 volts 5-5-5-15 and by 900 did you mean mhz or what? I changed the mhz to 900 but it still locked up. And i'm a complete noob with this stuff so playing with the cpu what do you mean? i don't wanna change it and screw something up. I'll try running mem test or something and see how it comes out but any other ideas? Thanks guys
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