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  1. look buddy my waranty period has exired i bought it in july 2008.and there is no such kind of labs or XFX cant repair my card so any help will be appriciated
  2. yes the power cord was connected correctly and the card is XFX plz tell what should i do
  3. HELP!!!! today i turned on my computer and saw a spark on the video card,then i suddenly turned off my pc and restarted,now the spark is gone but there is no display and the capacitor is melted,now i am running on the builtin vga.now tell me what should i do there is no such LABS so i can get it repaired and the warranty is expired,if i know the power of this capactor i can change it myself.so please help me as soon as possible.this is the image http://i560.photobucket.com/albums/ss44/jo...600problem1.jpg
  4. which choice is better (performance wise) 2 (500GB hard drives) or a single 1000GB hard drive and what are the advantages of both setups
  5. on which CPU the 9600GT will perform 100%(with its full power) i going to upgrade my cpu just for gaming so which one will be better, also my old single core CPU(2.66ghz)is not performin as it should whats the reason its not overclocked at all)
  6. how does a card in physx helps u,??????????increase physx & FPS or what & what exactly is stream processor
  7. thanx for ur msg i already have a XFX9600GT i just wana know about 9600GT ur using an 8600GT as a physx card,its done through nVidia control panel right,but does a SLI bridge used in doing that and how does a card in physx helps u,??????????increase physx & FPS or what & what exactly is stream processor
  8. 9400GT how it can perform against 8600GT and 9600GT any 1 know about its review any link???????
  9. thanx for ur answer BRO... how does a physx card works,is it done through nVidia control panel
  10. thanx for ur help well are u tired of my questions???????? i read somewhere that a 9600GT and 9800GTX+ can be in SLI...?
  11. can 9600GT be in SLI with 9800GTX+,and i wana know which different cards be in SLI??? how much increase in performance
  12. thanx guys but i wana know does a COREi7 consumes less voltage than core2quad or core2duo???
  13. How much voltage does a GPU and CPU consume does a core2duo consumes less voltage than a single core,and a CPU consumes less voltage than GPU????
  14. GPU really increases performance??? if yes in which way MUTI-TASKING or what???
  15. how much difference will it make if i put a PCI 2.0 card in PCI 1.0 eg. if i have a 9600GT which is a PCIE 2.0 card and im runnin it on PCI1.0 and it gives 45-50 FPS,how much will it give if i just put it in PCIE2.0
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