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  1. I realize this really only benefits people like us, but I like it! I've always hated having IE on my computer for the off chance that some link opens it up and kills my whole color scheme. I do, however see that this could be a huge problem for 90% of users and I think it would be a terrible move on part of M$
  2. Yum/A/C. Man, My mom never gave me chunky PB when I was growing up, but once I moved out, it's all I had. Chunky >> Smooth when it comes to peanut butter.
  3. Just saw this on another forum and I know there's quite a few Futurama fans out there, But FOX bought 26 new episodes of Futurama set to air in 2010!!! http://ausiellofiles.ew.com/2009/06/its-of...ns.html?cnn=yes
  4. Honestly, people make way too big a deal about tasers. I attribute it to most people not knowing how they work or what they do. Yeah, they hurt like hell, but then it's over, no lasting pain, no bruising, only two small pinpricks on the skin from the darts. As for the news media getting all sensationalist about an "old person" or "student" that's what the media does, make things sound more interesting than they are, because it brings viewers. To a police officer, a suspect is a suspect, whatever their age. If you run from police (like the lady did in ^that article^) you should expect to get injured. And an old lady can shoot a cop just as well as a 20-something gangbanger, so cops can't treat people different just because their "old" or "young." Before tasers were popular with PDs, a cop could do one of two things to stop a suspect: He could beat them over the head with his baton, or he could shoot them, and hope they survive. If you ask me, I'll take a temporary electric shock any day of the week over getting bludgeoned or shot.
  5. It sounds like everything he says is a direct memorization of lines in a book. I knew a little kid that was into astronomy and meteorology and he sounded exactly like this kid. He was also autistic. And seriously, what 11 year old thinks video games are a waste of time?
  6. Basically, if you shove/assault a police officer (going off the article) you deserve everything that's coming at you. To me, it sounds like the cop told the kid to get off the phone, the kid refused, the cop said, "you're coming with me" and grabbed the kid's arm, the kid resisted and pushed the officer off of him, the cop saw it as assault and wrestled the kid and finally pinned him with the taser. Sounds to me like the kid was lucky he didn't get the wrong end of a baton or a Glock. Bottom line is, you do what a police officer says. If it's wrong, take him to court. Someone once told me, "Don't scare the guy with the badge and gun." and it's sage advice.
  7. my quad did that in the process of overclocking it on a board that wasn't great at overclocking quads. The board wasn't supplying enough power to the CPU. I got a new mobo and the problem stopped. I don't know if this is your problem, but mine wouldn't overclock even 1MHz without getting this problem when doing something that solely used the CPU.
  8. Hows THAT for a calculator! I'd like to see an energy drink.
  9. Yes, it will fit. Also, I think this would be an appropriate section of the forum for this question. System builds probably would be good as well.
  10. I just found a mini-USB motorola headset a few days ago, perfect for my phone. And once I found a $10 bill buried in dirt that I was shoveling lol.
  11. A great knife, if you've never owned the 6" version. I almost screwed up the edge geometry sharpening it the first few times, but I re-ground it and it's great. The metal used isn't the best at keeping an edge, so I sharpen it about every week or so. (I don't consider them sharp unless I can shave my arm with it lol) But if you are considering getting one, seriously consider the 6" version. Oh, and I feel like I should contribute to the thread topic when I post, so here 'goes: I don't have anything in my pockets today, in fact, I haven't even put on pants lol!
  12. my roommate's got that card, it's awesome! now if he could only get some nice speakers to go with it...
  13. I'm pretty sure nobody here want to stab anybody. Now if someone tried to stab me, I'd rather be ready. I know you don't care about self-defense, but I believe I have a right to protect myself from people that want to do me harm.
  14. I do carry everything I showed in my pockets every day, sometimes less, sometimes more, depending on the pants.
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