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  1. but there is a 4870 whit just 512 MB( im not talking about the x2), thats what i want know in what situation the memory size worth more? 9800gx2 vs HD 4870 512MB, the processor is still better, but how i will know if i will need more memory than processor? (edit: you know, whit games like diablo 3 and starcraft 2 comming, im worry about how much video memory they gonna need, and if there is HD 4870 whit 1GB and whit 512MB, i have to consider what the memory size means at all)
  2. i dont get it..o.o do it makes the card worse? its still 1GB of cappacity right?
  3. Hi guys, theres something i cant understand..(sorry my english) the fact of the 9800 GX2 have 1GB of memory size, and the HD 4870 just 512MB, doesnt it count? looks like not, but i cant understand why?? everyone recomends the HD 4870, like the memory size is just useless! but it is the double of the size, its suppose to be important no? i know the hardware is new, and better, its obivious since everyone get crazy whit the new card, but still, the gx2 have the double memory size, whats that mean any way?? i am in doubt, since i was about to buy this computer: Q9450 Striker II formula Evga 9800 gx2... but now i dont know, can someone explain me why everyone ignore the memory size? tanx =)
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