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  1. JBags

    Java woes

    Hey OCC, I can't for the life of me get Java to work, and my Google Fu is failing me... If I open any Java program, namely Minecraft or the Java Control Panel, I get one click before the whole thing hangs up. And any new windows spawned from that click are completely white. Java website verifies fine.. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling with different versions (8u25, 8u5, 7u55.. 64bit and 32bit). The only way to get it working for like 10 mins at most is if I uninstall, reboot, install, and reboot. After that 10 mins it starts hanging again. pc in signature, Win8.1 x64 The windows install's fairly fresh, since late May. I've been having this issue since then, but havent had to time to figure it out till now. Anyone hear of this/had this happen?? Thanks, JBags
  2. Instead of answering your question, I'm going to address the underlying issue: Because of the prequel trilogy, people assume the entirety of the Imperial Army is comprised solely of clones. This is not true. Though not really addressed in the movies (esp as stormtroopers are not shown without helmets), we can assume the clones were largely phased out after the Clone Wars as they age much faster than normal, are expensive to produce, and the Empire no longer has a need to raise a secret army. So the stormtroopers in the original trilogy are most likely mostly conscripts and enlisted.
  3. JBags

    Dark Souls 2

    Looks like you figured everything out already.
  4. You misunderstand. Total core count has nothing to do with it. After the Phenom IIs, AMD changed their CPU design taking two individual cores and combining them into a "conjoined twin" where they share some lesser-used functions, called a module. The FX-8350 is a 8 core/4 module chip, for instance. Because the two individual cores of a module share some functions with each other they run slightly slower than the entirely separate cores of a Phenom II.
  5. whoa whoa I'm not waiting till q4 lol. I saw an ad a few days ago (for Gigabyte, i think) teasing the upcoming 9 series chipset boards, so I figured those were only a couple weeks away. so i figured it might not be a bad idea to wait a few weeks to get a z97 board and subsequently have the ability to upgrade to Broadwell later on if it's worth it.
  6. Thanks for the replies, guys! I have heeded your suggestions and lowered the PSU, and raised the SSD to 250gb. All of this is going into my already owned Cooler Master cm690 II case. I've also done some additional research and assembled this Intel build, which I'm leaning towards due to being more up-to-date (pci-e v3 and faster ddr3 speeds, etc). Though I'm thinking if I were to go Intel, with 9-series chipsets/boards around the corner, should I wait a bit? Grab a z97 board and then down the road upgrade to a "5770k"? Thoughts?
  7. Hey all, I've been wanting to put a new rig together for a while, but I'm finally ready to bite the bullet! Here's a newegg wishlist of what I had been planning on getting, and I'd like your thoughts on it. I don't really have a formal budget, i'm willing to spend on this, but not ludicrously so. ($1000 Intel Extremes are off the table, I'm afraid.) Frankly, I put most of this build wishlist together a long time ago (990FX + FX8350), and with AMD pretty much shelving the enthusiast/am3+ market with nothing new or word of anything new in over a year, I'm not sure if this build is the way to go. i've always been an AMDer, but should I go Intel? Primary purposes are gaming, programming, media consumption. Upgrading from the current rig in my signature. Thanks, JBags
  8. Bump for update to vanilla 1.7.2.
  9. Yeah, that 1000w PSU seems a little excessive for that build. You could probably drop that down to a 700-800w and have enough juice to add a second 7970 for crossfire down the line. With the savings from that, I'd probably bump the 1TB HDD to a 2TB. If you're going to try overclocking, you may want to invest in an aftermarket cooler, the cooler master hyper 212 is a popular choice.
  10. JBags

    Savan's Game Giveaway

    Bioshock for Steam, please!
  11. Does that 22 count include what you have equipped? If so, take those out, they dont count towards your backpack limit. I'm guessing everything listed after guns equipped is equipped, in which case the count should be 14.
  12. From what I recall, Tomb Raider is not a PhysX game... But yes, reading back on that post, it isnt that clear. For each PhysX enabled game, in it's game directory there should be a bunch of PhysX...dll files. You need to either delete or rename at least PhysXDevice.dll, some games require more, but never PhysXExtensions.dll. The idea here is that the game can't see and load its own included .DLLs so it goes to the nvidia's directory and loads up the modded versions. As far as renaming the files rename it to PhysXDevice.dll_old or old_PhysXDevice.dll or even cut/paste the files into it's own sub-folder in the game's directory. Unfortunately, I don't really know what's up with your Tomb Raider (mine ran perfectly, HD5770 with GTS250 for physx). TR isn't a PhysX game, and this mod only alters PhysX files...
  13. JBags

    Xbox One

    Like I pretty much said in my previous post, a compromise was needed/desired between the XBone's policies and the status quo. Microsoft gave us the status quo. All your complainers aren't complaining for complaining's sake, they're doing so because MS really didn't listen and took the easy way out for PR recovery. I liked the idea MS was going for, i just think they got ahead of themselves and the times (seriously, broadband infrastructure yet sucks outside of metropolitan US areas). The drawbacks of their policy outshined the fuzzily outlined benefits. Essentially, MS said "just think of what we might do" instead of "look at what you/we can do." That was the problem, I'm not going to invest in a system that inconveniences me on the idea that some unknown beneficial feature(s) might be implemented. Arstechnica pretty much summed up how I feel quite well.
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