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  1. I've read that Intel will be coming out with new SSDs later this year, so that's something to look out for as well.
  2. Did Nvidia give any hints at all of when Fermi-based cards will be coming out? I'm waiting for these to knock the red-camp's prices down...
  3. Came home to find the Asus M4A78-HTPC/RC motherboard. Neat little guy. Thanks OCC and Asus!!
  4. Thanks for the tip! I do in fact have the Edimax PCI wireless card. I hope the latest drivers don't have this problem when I upgrade then...
  5. Crazy_Nate, can you send me the link to where I can find more information on this? I have a Ralink RT256x PCI wireless card as well and will be moving to Windows 7 64-bit soon. I've heard tons of issues with the card when using it with a 64-bit O/S with more than 4GB of RAM. Do the latest drivers from Ralink's website work/resolve the problem?
  6. OCZ for the main rig (voted) Kingston for the secondary one
  7. Got a Patriot Box Office to replace the HTPC. Now the HTPC serves as an extra desktop computer!
  8. Finally back from the craziness that was Boxing Day. Congrats to all the winners and thank you OCC for organizing such a wonderful contest
  9. Got the same experience on one of my computers. The USB mouse's LED light shines bright even after the computer's shutdown. Never figured out why. I just throw something over it to cover it up.
  10. +1 to what Andrew said, get an Nvidia card with Purevideo HD or an ATI card with AVIVO HD to do the decoding work. The drive itself does not do any decoding. So if the GPU doesn't do it, it's up to the CPU. If you have a weak CPU, that can be a problem. And if you're planning to bitstream DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD over HDMI to a receiver, pick your video card and/or sound card wisely. AFAIK not too many support that yet. I can only think of the ATI HD 5000-series for video card, and the Asus Xonar HDAV1.3 (and its slim version) for sound card. I think Auzentech has a supporting sound card too.
  11. Any more conditions? How much stuff will you be fitting in there? I assume it has to fit an ATX motherboard, not mATX. 5970?
  12. +1 I have the regular Noctua NH-U9B in a poorly ventilated case and I've never seen my mildly OC'ed 3.6Ghz E8400 above 60 Celsius. It idles at around 40. With a proper case with good ventilation, I'm sure it'll do much better.
  13. How's its performance with just the single fan in the middle? If I understand correctly, removing the 12cm fan on the outside will give room for tall ram heatsinks right?
  14. Sure it's a limited case and all but still, wow that's expensive! Seems like it's just been 'deactivated' on newegg too... not sure why.
  15. Great to know! Just saw a review on another site and it definitely looks promising.
  16. Another Tomato user here with the WRT54GL. It's more lightweight than DD-WRT but still has all the features I need.
  17. Haven't been around long enough to know Verran well, but from people's comments you can tell he was a great guy. Such a young age too. R.I.P. Verran.
  18. On a related question, would the 5770 or 4890 be better at playing the upcoming Diablo 3? That's probably the only game I'll be playing in the near future as I'm not a big FPS fan.
  19. I've been using OpenDNS for some time now. Is Google's Public DNS better?
  20. Another vote for the Noctua NH-D14! Still waiting for an OCC review though
  21. This brings back memories. Here's my list from my own computer and the family computer. First there was a bunch of really crappy cards that I don't remember... then: Voodoo Banshee (Creative Labs 3D Blaster - my first true 3D card, I was so psyched back then!!) Nvidia Riva TNT Nvidia Geforce2 MX400 Nvidia Geforce4 MX400 (Asus) Nvidia Geforce4 MX460 (AOpen) ATI Radeon 9200 (Sapphire) Nvidia Geforce4 Ti4600 (Albatron) Nvidia 6600GT (EVGA) Nvidida 9600GT (Palit) Hoping to get a HD5770 soon! Or a HD5850 if I save up enough spare change...
  22. Congrats Steelers! The 100-yd interception return before the half was definitely the turning point.
  23. A few more days. Good luck guys and gals. ^_^
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