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  1. Wow, you guys weren't kidding when you said the prizes may arrive this week. I got home and saw this at my front door!


    I'll post another pic after I move my system into it, hopefully sometime next week.


    Hope all the other winners will get their prizes soon too. Thank you OCC and all the sponsors again!


    I had some time today, so here it is after the hardware migration. I guess I should look into fan color coordination now that I have a glass side panel case... :yucky:

    And being an older motherboard, I have to add that USB 3 expansion card at the bottom which messes up cable management a bit, but otherwise this case was so easy to build a system in. I love it!



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  2. Just saw this thread. It looks like there are lots of us "old timers" here. I have a similar system with an i7-930, and it had a 5770 for the longest time. With my kids a little older, I finally get some time to myself, so I decided to upgrade the GPU to a RX570 this Christmas, catching a deal for it for $150 CAD (~$110 USD) for some light 1080p gaming. I can probably squeeze more frames with a newer CPU/mobo, but it seems good enough for my needs (occasional video editing for family videos, light gaming, internet/youtube, VPN to office for work, etc.).


    That said, if you haven't decided yet, the prices will likely come down more closer we get to the summer (though that's still a few months away) once Ryzen 3 hits.

  3. Holy... I can't believe I actually won the thing I needed most - the Fractal Design case. My Antec case had been failing me with its power button and reset button literally disintegrating into pieces. I guess I had been using the same case for 10+ years. I had made makeshift cardboard + duct tape buttons as a temporary measure.


    Thank you so much OCC! You guys are amazing. I can hardly wait for the case to arrive!


    And big congratulations to all the winners!

  4. I've done multiple re-installs on three different PCs at home using ISOs I created from the Media Creation Utility.  These installs have included release versions 1511, 1607 and 1703.  Haven't tried it with branch 1709 yet though.  Regardless of the machine, or Windows 10 release version, every one of them has activated automatically without issue.  All three of these machines began life as Windows 7 Pro operating systems.  In my gaming machine I've even changed SSD Arrays and reinstalled Windows 10 without issue.


    The only horror story I've personally experienced was with a motherboard replacement of a co-worker.  His upgrade of Windows 10 would not reactivate after changing the motherboard.  He even went as far as calling MS and was essentially told he was SOL in this situation.


    I guess a motherboard change is considered too big a change, requiring a new OS license?

  5. How did your reinstall go? Any tips/pitfalls encountered for people wanting to do the same?


    I have a Win 10 machine too (upgraded for free from Windows 7). I'm thinking of getting a new mobo+CPU+RAM, but keeping all the other components (GPU, SSD, keyboard, mouse, monitor). Is there any chance I'd be able to keep using the same free Win 10 license?

  6. IMO, the remote is completely pointless. I barely use it because the controller does everything it does and more. Yeah, it's smaller, but whatever. I mean free is nice though - but definitely not worth the usual $50 price tag.

    was thinking of building a NUC for a HTPC for flexibility but the Shield is really making me second guess my plan.


    As for an HTPC vs the Shield, I think the Shield will probably wind up being more cost effective if you already have a beefy gaming machine to stream from. It also has two USB ports that allow for direct expansion via flash drives and/or hard drives, so space shouldn't really be an issue there either.


    Yeah, I'm definitely leaning towards the Shield at this point. I wasn't planning on gaming on the HTPC if I was going with a NUC that's in the same price range, so that's a bonus with the Shield. The slick interface is most definitely a plus versus full blown Windows 10, not to mention HDMI 2.0 for proper 4k support (even the latest NUCs are still HDMI 1.4b).


    Other than that, both will run Kodi so that's a non-factor.


    The offset is I won't be able to use the Shield for misc tasks such as a torrent server, or potential media server doing transcoding work, but I easily have workarounds for those.


    If your upload speeds are good enough, maybe a home media server that you can access on the go?

    This is what I did. Heck, even 5-6 Mbps upload is good enough to stream most stuff at decent quality from a Plex server.


    For sure. I also installed a few IP cams to check on my kids at home.  I only have 5Mbps up, but that gives me pretty clear 720p streams (tho not 30fps smooth) from the IP cams already.

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