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  1. You should google this. The equipment you're using had almost unlimited amounts of guides created since 2007/8 on it that a quick Google search should give you the info you need. This video might get you started. http://www.5min.com/Video/How-to-Overclock-a-Socket-1366-247439870
  2. Nice overclock there. 4.6Ghz is nothing to sniff at! Nice and stable too!
  3. The best thing when it comes to fan is to buy proper silent fans the first time round. I fell into the trap of buying cheap fans, then i didn't like them and got new fans. So i wasted more money than buying quality the first time round.
  4. Top 3x Gentle Typhoon - Blowing out Back 1x Gentle typhoon - Blowing out (I've played with this as both intake and out take, but don't really see much improvement, so i made it outtake to decrease the amount of dust in my case) Bottom 1x 140mm Xigmatek - Blowing in
  5. I got the Scythe Gentle Typhoons - AP15's. They are extremely silent and are of high build quality!
  6. I didn't justify stealing i said "I can understand for students and low income earners that this can be difficult" where did i say i condone stealing? I stated that for people with less disposable income pirated software can seem like a nice way to get a software package; simply stating a reality isn't condoning anything. Also considering i was telling people to stay away from pirated software i really don't understand how you came to the conslusion that i was justifying pirated software for certain groups?
  7. I honestly can't remember the last time I got a virus. It's unfortunate that you got a virus, but for what it's worth these are the steps I take to make sure I'm as air tight as possible on Windows 7: 1. Run as a standard user and leave UAC on. 2. Use a quality antivirus like Eset (low memory footprint cheap as chips, fantastic software) I use Microsoft Security Essentials free for family members. 3. Try to stay away from pirated software as much as possible, I can understand for students and low income earners that this can be difficult, but most of the nasty stuff hangs around those type of websites (and dodgy pron sites, so choose your poison with care). Otherwise keep you OS up to date and implement a simple and automated backup plan for valuable data. The last virus I got must have been years ago, running as a standard user pretty much makes you immune to 90% of junk on the internet as long as you don't type in your password to execute an unknown executable. Oh i might also add in that Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 (I'm running 11.10 dual boot) works very well
  8. I find it strange how people keep comparing Iphones to cheaper Android phones. The Iphone is very expensive and it's also a really nice phone. I have a HTC Desire Z and my wife a Samsung Galaxy SII and they are fantastic phones just like the iPhone and are in the same price category (Iphone is still the most expensive phone here). Things have to be kept in perspective. A mega expensive phone from 2.5 years ago will still most likely be better than a cheap run of the mill phone from a year ago. I will however, never buy a cheap Android phone because they are not really all that crash hot, but at the end of the day you get what you pay for. In the past you used to pay for features; a nokia was a nokia and it worked, now you pay for the hardware. Cheaper phones nett you cheaper hardware and amore cut down OS.
  9. I couldn't get it to work in VMWare (I own it, latest version) but it did work in virtual box under Ubuntu.
  10. I used to overclock so i could play games at higher resolutions and detail. But i must admit that with my current system i only overclock because i can and to benchmark. If i left everything at stock i would still be extremely happy with the performance.
  11. This looks familiar... http://www.asusrog.com/forums/showthread.php?2384-Rampage-III-Gene-Over-Clocked-CPU-Folding hmmm....
  12. B3 Replacement in and i got 6628 marks in PCMark 07

  13. If i'm not mistaken all 2600k are D2
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