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  1. I've killed 2 MOBO's with bad power supplies. it is possible so tread lightly. Fortron Bluestorm 500 $89 at the egg.
  2. 2 Seagate 80GB w/NCQ in RAID 0. Took an hr to format and 7 minutes to install Windows :nod:
  3. I too am having a wonderful experience. 25C CPU temps, game stability and a range of overclocking options have left me extremely happy. On stock voltage I was able to push it to 240 FSB and play HL2. Thats stability. My CH5 would never go that high before and it's only at 2.9V at that speed First a NF2 Ultra Infinity then a NF3 Lanparty UT Now the NF4 ULtra-D. Would've bought an SLI but got a new SRT-4 and got a ticket for $100 that week.
  4. Is it a native 24 pin PSU? Got my stuff last night and the build went amazingly smooth. Booted and installed Windows first try. But with all the talk of 20 Pin PSU's not cutting it, I wouldn't take a chance.
  5. DFI Ultra D Athlon64 3000 90nm Fortron Blue Storm 500W ATX12V V2.0 PS 2x Seagate 7200 SATA drives(NCQ) X800XL Preordered from ATI that just happened to ship same DAY. My fiance; however, is starting to question my upgrade schedule lately. 4 machines getting upgraded every 6 months :nod: (except HTPC - that's every 9-12 months)
  6. I know Nvidia is cracking down on the drivers that allow the Ultra-D to SLI mod. But will that prevent me from using 2 PCI Express cards using the DXG? feature? I have an x800xl shipping and would like to invest later in another to enjoy beautiful 4 monitor splender. If any games ever support it that is.
  7. I apologize if it's been asked already, I tried searching. Will the SLI-DR be able to work in the non SLI - 4 monitor mode?
  8. No, it's never gone gold before. They had anticipated release dates but they had never actually sent a release client to publishing for testing. Furthermore a release client has never been approved before. This is the real deal. It got a 98% in PC GAMER. I've been playing CS source for awhile now and it alone is worth the wait. Graphically (even considering it is severely dumbed down for MP play) it is awesome. Plus I enjoy playing titles from my youth all over again. Deathmatch classic!
  9. Nah dude. It's cool, no hot swapping anything here. I also made sure the switch was on DFI board when booting up. -- EDIT Side note Half-Life 2 Soon!--
  10. Yes, Soyo Sy-KT600 Dragon PLus 2.0. If I plug USB -> PS2 adapter into LPUT No Dice Use Native PS2 Plug from KVM switch No Dice Use Native PS2 Mouse No Dice All work using same hardware in Linux Box. It's not that big a deal. One bad PS2 port vs The best motherboard I've ever owned I think the benefits outway the con don't you.
  11. I think I have a bad PS/2 port. I was using a USB mouse and switched to a KVM switch with PS2 plugs. I had to use a USB to PS2 adapter for the switch but my mouse worked fine in Linux. It doesn not work; however in windows. So I plugged the USBto PS2 adapter into the PS2 port. No DIce. FInally i took a PS2 mouse out and plugged it into my port no dice. All of these methods DID work in the Linux box. In the Mouse properties it says Mouse plugged into PS2 port. hmmm any ideas anyone. Not a big deal I could always buy a PS2 to usb adapter ebcause I am keeping the KVM switch really uncluttered my desk. Thanks Logitech Black optical Wheel Mouse Special Edition (The cheap one ) Wired
  12. 4416 After 66.51 1905 Before w/ Stock Drivers
  13. Fit's mine. NB cooler with same footprint of stock will fit. SO take it off to measire.
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