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  1. not sure if its too late or not for this, but you might want to try other programs to recover your data. Sometimes one wont work, but another will. been there, done that. check download.com for some programs.
  2. yeah reinstall the heatsink & cpu. you did plug the hs fan back in right
  3. hmmm... that is a stumper... i would still try to borrow a keyboard... explore your bios and see if there is some keyboard setting thats off...
  4. well, this is what i would do. 1) run norton system works. im amazed by the number of problems that it can fix. 2)run an online virus can. 3)make sure all your programs and windows are updated. 4)last resort, backup everything and reformat.
  5. did you hook everything up exactly like it was before. did you put the hdd on the right chain? i would look over everything again, and might even consider taking it apart and putting it together again.
  6. that is what usually happens when you oc too much. youll get lines where they dont belong, missing textures, and wierd color patches. so tune back the OC
  7. hmm... so everything works fine when you use the 2 gig? i would try reformatting the 60 gig and just hoping that it works this time around. but if it doesnt, i would say you need a new hdd my friend.
  8. check out www.1and1.com . i took advantage of a 3 year free plan they had, and im extremely happy with it being free. i saw an add the other day that said tey had a plan starting at like 5 bucks a month, and that aint bad. they also still have a 6 month "test drive". which i wouldnt think twice about taking advantage of.
  9. its not a bad start. i agree that if i was trying to gain more costomers through the site (which is usually the piont of having a site) i would not state that the company is run by two 13-year-olds. not that i have anything against that (im only 17, and work for a digital media company). its just people dont like to entrust things into kids so young. ya know? also, you gotta jazz it up a bit. you have to try and stand out.
  10. this might sound dumb, but have you checked to make sure you have all of the correct drivers? most of the time problems like that could have the easiest fix, like drivers. did u have this problem before you put in the new ram?
  11. that could deffinetly be part of your problem. get a good xp cd, and reinstall.
  12. try and see if it still works if you use the old psu. dont need to put it back in the case, just lay it next to the pc and plug it into the mobo and hdd ect. if it works, youve narrowed down your problem. i really doubt that you knocked the cpu out of place.
  13. they dont actually release the logo. i checked the site and many many other sites, and they only have small logos. im thinking there is a deffinet reason why the logo is not very attainable.
  14. can anyone send me or point me in the direction of a superbowl XXXIX logo? i need something around 900 - 1000 pixels. i just cant find anything bigger than 400. thanks in advance.
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