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    Here's my idea!

    I would assume World of Warcraft?
  2. My name is Callum. One day in primary school we were using flash cards, and the little pouches we kept them in were made by a company called Calcard. seeing as most of my friends shortened my name to cal anyway, they just put the card on the end. the 94 came along when i made my first yahoo email account and calcard was taken, calcard94 was one of the suggestions allof my usernames everywhere are calcard94, but if i can have a different nick to username, i have is as Kaldo, which ne of my friends at high school call me. I haven't changed it on forums so that people dont forget who I am well, there you have it. my nick is after a company that makes pouches for business cards <victory cheer> -Cal
  3. Could you have staticed something while driving? We learnt recently in school that cars generate alot of static travelling through the air. Maybe you have zapped it?
  4. for storage it says " single hard drive 1Tb (500gb x 2) ... How many harddrives?? I'm confused
  5. looks good to me Brilliant case btw. The main thing to remember is to research. Find out everything you can on every part. The last thing you want is to find out that your CPU DOESNT FIT YOUR MOBI, or you got very bad RAM TO SUIT YOUR PURPOSES. Before you go out and spend your 1.7k on parts, make sure you know what your doing. however, at a glance, this rig looks very good. -Cal
  6. hey guys. im looking for a good MoBo to x-fire with (probably $270 AUS max) looking at e8600 4 gb corsair dominator 2x 4850s am thinking the gigabyte DS4. have seen the DS5 and DQ6 but am not sure the upgrade is woth the moneys. can anyone help? thanks -Cal
  7. Thanks. Im in Australia. Looking at getting either 4gb of dominator or 4gb of hyperx, will it still work on 32bit? im now looking at a different mobo also an ASUS P5Q Pro this has 2 pcie so i can crossfire later on if i so choose. the 430w psu listed comes with the case. im going to buy a 650w these sound like better choices? -Cal
  8. Hey. Im planning a build for a pc with some game output (not huge, maybe COD4, BioShock and Crysis at low levels) I was origianally going towards the C2D E8500 (3.1GHz) but have read that most gamer pcs have quad-core CPUs. I chose the dual core for cheapness mostly as I don't have a huge budget (1200ish) but wondered wether I could get a Quad with similar performance for an equalish cost? (I'm looking at about $190 US for my Dual-Core) Any ideas? P.S. I am looking at the ASUS P5Q pro, Toxic 4850 (reviewed on OCC) and 4Gb of kingston HyperX P.P.S. I do not plan on overclocking Thanks! -Cal
  9. Hi im going to build a pc that i can play games on (WoW,COD4, Bioshock, and maybe Crysis) but need help finalising my parts list. so far i have C2D E8500 3.16 GHz $210 ASUS P5QL-E $145 Corsair Dominator Series (2x1Gb) 1066# $100 Sapphire Toxic HD4850 512MB $275 Samsung 500Gb HD501LJ $75 ThermalTake M9 430W PSU $130 CoolerMaster ATX Extreme PSU 650W $120 Samsung S223F DVD-RW $30 PCI WiFi card 108MBPS $40 Vista Home Premium 32-Bit $100 MS Office '07 $40 Any thoughts, recomendations or warnings? -Cal
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