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  1. Thanks Crazy, I may look into a different heatsink then as they look pretty similar. and the graphics card she could do without so I might give it a miss. Insan3, AM3 socket phenoms use a DDR3 because its faster and My Mum has no use for 4gb of ram. I am also not going with 64 bit 7 becasue it requires 2gb of ram to run and ATM DDR3 is to damn expensive to get more than 2gb Thanks Ben
  2. Hey guys, I wanna build a Machine for My Mum as hers is now several years old. I was thinking of the below and want to know if anyone has built a system similar or knows of any problems with a components I have chosen. Also if anyone has any other ideas for about the same price that would also be much appreciated. AMD Phemon II X2 545 Asus M4A785TD-V EVO Corsair TwinX XMS3, DDR3 PC3-10666 (1333) 512MB XFX HD 4650 500 GB Western Digital WD5001AALS Caviar Black 400W Corsair Power Series PSU Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro v2 ! Samsung SH-S223L/BEBE ASUS TA-K51 I am planning to do this build with Windows 7 32bit home premium. The main uses for this Desktop are internet browsing, basic office work, and other general Home PC things with abit of gaming mixed in. I may also overclock the Phenom abit but nothing too extreme Thanks Ben
  3. Specs: Coolermaster M1000 Real power pro XFX GTX 260 XXX XFX 780i Q6600 SLACR Corsair Dominator 1066 4GB OCZ 64gb SSD 2x 320gb WD hdd's in raid 0 Zalman 9700NT Its now run fine since i posted the thread at stock clocks without a hiccup so maybe a bios setting had changed and messed it up. It had ran Prime95 for 8 hours at 3.6ghz fine giving no errors. It never goes above 55 C when playing WoW or any other games.
  4. Even though the bios says its unlinked it is not really. The FSB and the memory speed still have to be linked in order for them to communicate without having to wait for each other to process the infromation. This is the same on my 780i motherboard by XFX. When Overclocking even though the FSB is unlinked with the memory speed the NB still has to work out a ratio to use. These ratios howvere are sometimes quite starnge such as 7:13. The problem you are havig is that your motherboard does not have enough ratios to use therefore having to settle for the closest it can get without going over. For example If your motherboard only had 2 ratios Memory:FSB at 1:1 and 2:1 the this would happen. Memory running at 400mhz and FSB at 400MHz would cause the ratio to be 1:1. If however you wanted the memory to run at 600MHz the FSB would either have to be 300MHz or 600MHz to suit the ratio. Therefore the Memory would still run at 400mhz to match the FSB as it wont go above what you have set and will take the closest option to that speed. In real terms this is much more advanced as the are lots of ratios but once you get into the high FSB's and memory speeds there arent enough ratios to let it work. Another example: On my 780i I run FSB of 450mhz. The ram is rated at 1066 so i set that in the bios. It then runs 1040hz or something like that. If I set it at 1067 it then runs 1066.3 to fit into the ratio but if at 1066 it wont do it as the actual needed to run would be higher than the allowed. So no matter if its unlinked or linked a ratio will still be used. I hope thats cleared it up abit Benvidia
  5. Hi guys, On sunday morning i turned on my system and while in post i accidently pressed the power button and it turned off. I then turned it back on and it said its "resetting the clcok speeds to standard, open the bios to restore to previous" so I did. This happens whenever the system is turned off or a power cut happens. While playing games later on that day it just crashed and froze totally with no mouse movement at all. I turned it off and restarted and Vista then crashed on the welcome to vista screen on the desktop. I then reset it back to standard speed and the same thing happens. I then turn it off at the plug and it starts and then works for the rest of the day. On monday I turn it on and the same thing happens. It gets to The welcome screen and crashes. It did this a few times at Overclcoked speeds and standard speeds. I then turned off at the plug and it didnt work. I then booted on 1 stic of ram and it worked. Put the second one back in and it was fine. I then retuned it back to 3.4Ghz and continued gaming with no problems. Today I turned it on and the same thing happened at both 3.4ghz and 2.4ghz even with my ram running at only 600mhz it still crashed. I reset the bios using the reset to defaults option in the bios and it seems to be fine even though the memory is now running faster and the CPU is running 2.4ghz on 1.3V instaed of on 1.5V as it was previously set on when overclocked. I then ran the CPU at 1.5V to take out if the CPU was unstable but it still crashed. System specs: Q6600 at 3.6ghz (450x8) 1.5Vcore XFX 780i Corsair dominator 4gb PC2-1066 originally running at 1067mhz now at 800mhz. 3.6 ghz - 1067mhz was the original speed, then crashed 2.4 ghz - 800mhz crashed 2.4ghz - 600mhz crashed 2.4ghz - 600mhz only one stick, crashed 2.4ghz -800mhz then worked 3.4ghz - 1000mhz worked then crashed next day 2.4ghz - 800mhz crashed 2.4ghz -800mhz with bios reset works for now Any ideas? *Its not running to hot at only 62 C under full load at 3.6ghz ** It was stable at 3.6ghz for 4 months without a problem
  6. Yes it was prime stable for 2 hours 30 which is when it reached 70 C on the cores then i shut it off. On normal day to day gaming i never see over 60 C. So it wasnt totally stable but it never crashed. That was about to finish one loop of Prime 95. Benvidia
  7. Hi guys, My Q6600 was at 400x9 at 1.425vcore but it slowly became less stable as i used it and eventually i had to give it 1.48V to keep it stable enough to do stuff on. I have recently changed too 450x8 to get 3.6ghz as it is slightly quicker and uses less vcore. I had it set at 1.42V and it was reasonably stable and over the past month or so i have had it at 1.48V because i was doing some superpi runs and stuff at different speeds to see if i could get into the 13 seconds area. It has now started becoming unstable again just like before when i was running 400x9. Is this a case of CPU degredation? It has only been built since september and only ever had the vcore at 1.5V for a matter of 15 mins. My mobo is 780i, Q660 G0, and corsair Dominator 4gb 1066 kit running at 1064. Benvidia
  8. I got a Q6600 on a 780i, Basically the same board apart from a few little things, Generally overclock the same tho to my knowledge. I was running my G0 revision with a VID of 1.325V at 3.6ghz (400x9) on 1.4875Vcore with the vdrop mod holding 1.48V under load. I was able to prime95 for 1 hour before crashing with an error in Prime95. I have just decided to go for 3.6ghz (450x8) at the same vcore and it just did 2 hours 10 mins on prime 95 large FFT's maxing out at 72 C on core 1 and 65 C CPU die temp. Benvidia
  9. Processor: Intel Because of there superior Overclockability, My Q6600 has gone from 2.4 to 3.6, 50% overclock! and thats not even rare. When I was first looking at doing my build I was looking at an AMD 6400+ Black edition ( I think it was called) 3.2ghz dual core which is difficult to run at over 3.6ghz from what i have heard. The new Phenom II's do look promising though but still the Q6600 still buts up a good fight and they are on par with Q9x50's. It just seems AMD are a whole generation behind Intel. Graphics: Nvidia I am abit of a Fanboy of the Nvidia cards and i know there not the best bang for buck but they Overclock well my GTX260 640mhz overclocks from 640 to 740 very easily without any vcore mods or bios updates. They also get loadsa driver updates to keep bumping performance and just seem to run better IMHO. I have built rigs with ATI cards and the HD4800 cards are quick for there price but they just dont see the same performance at The GT200 series cards. Intel and Nvidia: Because why would you want two of the 2nd best company's. Benvidia
  10. For your enjoyment http://www.watercoolinguk.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=3768 Benvidia
  11. I also occasionally used to get the same problem on XFX 780i with a Q6600. Bios used to say temps were around -30 to -90 with Hwmonitor saying the same number but positive. Everest ultimate edition will either say the true reading or won't display a CPu temp from the mobo. Since updating the bios tp P08 from XFX i have no longer seen this problem Benvidia PS: What Overclock are you running at what vcore?
  12. Hi There, i have done the vdrop mod on my 780i. I was dropping 1.24 in bios to 1.18 under load and if im right the higher you go the more you get so mine is probably just like yours. The resistor is near the dimm slots but i jsut googled it and it was pretty easy to do. Now running my quad at 3.6ghz for every day use on 1.4375Vcore in bios and 1.426 under load. The more scribbling on the resisto you do the closer you will get but im happy with that. If you need any help Overclcoking on that board i'm happy to help, just drop me a message. ( I ve also OC a E8400 on a 790i so know what your doing) Benvidia Edit: These are the links I used. All the info The piccy XFX 780i
  13. Dont worry now , I ve sorted it. It seems a little more VCore when running the ram in sync seems to do the job. Benvidia
  14. ok ran the latest memtest and got 81 errors in one pass. These were all on test 6 at the same time, 29 on slot 0 28 on slot 1. Benvidia
  15. Hi, I have overclocked my Q6600 to 3.6ghz on a 780i using 1.425 vcore and upping the NB to 1.5v. Upto now my ram (Corsiar Dominator 8500 4gb 2x2gb) has been running unsynced with the CPU at 800mhz with 5-5-5-18 timings and has run fine. Now i tried to up the speed to 1066 but it will just fial prime 95 within 2 mins ( roundinmg was 0.5 when 0.4 was expected) or something like that. I have tried running the timings as follows, 5-5-5-15 2T with 2.1V and 2.2V and it fials prime95. 6-6-6-18 2T with 2.1V and it fails 5-7-7-18 2T with 2.1V and it fails ( mobo optimum so it said) It runs well at 800mhz but 1066 is a noticible difference in everything so i really want to get to the Ram's rated figures. Thanks Benvidia
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