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  1. That is really awsome. the girl one is just cool because its so human like.
  2. this robot is awesome http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/20...0610_robot.html
  3. At least we can agree on that. Dogs are better
  4. Ok I think I can be at peace with this agrument now. I just like CRTs I think I am just old fashioned that way and if everyone else likes LCDs better than that is awesome. And yes you do not have to spend 2 times as much to get a good LCD I realize that now. I think now we can finish.
  5. 2-2-2-5 are good timings! could you post me a link to what ever mem. you were looking at please
  6. Thats funny because I would not recomend Mushkin because I had a stick go bad when I first played HL2 so I switched to a gig of kingston hyperX and had no problums since. I am sorry but I am going to have to say that the hyperX is a good stable stick and the timings are decent not the best for that money but decent enough. OCZ is also good memory though I have never had a problum with it and the timings pretty good.
  7. I would but I dont buy LCDs and I am sorry I pissed everone off with my opinions about CRTs I think that we should all just drop it because I am not going to convince anyone and no one is going to convince me so we might as well be fighting over wether dogs or cats are better. lol
  8. hey I never said that the LCD was 19" I said the CRT was
  9. what is pixel pitch is that like dot pitch for LCDs?
  10. I never said that the LCD was 19" I just said it was 16ms and one grand. A single benegimin is alot when it comes to this desision between 2 equaly good in picture quality monitors. And thank you Verran some one finally agrees with me!
  11. Like you already know from that other thread I am still in love with CRT quality for the money And yes but it is the most spoiled cat you could ever know!! feeding includes: 3 treats (2 healthy and 1 junkfood) Dry food Wet food Turkey Rice milk and water All of wich she gets 2 times a day and I am doing this for 3 weeks.
  12. yes I did all of that and I did enable the sound in the bios but it does not work. But dont worry I found the disk for my mobo and installed the drivers and it works fine now. I think for some reason it was just msi's download. Thx any ways
  13. Yes but how much does that 16ms monitor cost? I can get the same performance from a 200$ monitor that is CRT. I am not saying that LCDs are bad I am just saying for much less coin that you would fork over for a good LCD you can an outstanding 19" CRT with .20 dot pich with better picture quality for gaming. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16824001166 I know CRTs are going away and LCDs will continue to improve but they are not there yet. I did look at the 16ms LCD and it is very nice but for 1000$ I still believe that the top of the line 19" CRT such as the one from samsung is an exelect gaming monitor for a fraction (200$ at newegg) of what the 16ms LCD is for a grand. http://www.anandtech.com/displays/showdoc.aspx?i=2467
  14. Well you can get a better CRT then a LCD for the money you spend any day. But personaly I still think CRTs are better for gaming. In fact check out these reviews of the new xbr crt sony tv compaird to LCDs and flatpannels. http://www.circuitcity.com/rpsm/oid/96194/...DetailReview.do people are just misinformed into believeing LCDs have better picture quality that is simply not true. If you dont believe me then check out all the reviews you see between top of the line CRTs vs LCDs and yes you will find LCDs that have simaler picture to a top of the line CRT but at 3 to 4 times price I hardly for status do I need to spend 600-800 for the same picture quality or less that I can get for 200 out of a CRT. But I will agree that LCDs are light and take up much less desk space.
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