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    I got paid yours come through jeff?
  2. road-runner


    Jeff it doesnt get much easier lol. You have a wallet address use that address in your username with the ALL or FLDC flag
  3. road-runner


    They may as well it never works any way they lost my business long ago
  4. I bought one once but sent it back, it didnt have enough overclocking options in the bios for me at the time.
  5. Usually after you get something antique finally working you will find it cant meet the deadlines or not worth the power it uses anyway
  6. https://hardforum.com/threads/is-a-6950-too-old-for-f-h.1911702/
  7. Not much you can do in that case maybe google a work around to make it work?
  8. Here is counter wallet https://counterwallet.io/log into the account by using the pass phrase assciated with you wallet address its really that simple. use that same wallet address in your username for folding
  9. It went to the address he has in his username, problem i think is still the same as previous months its not the address of the wallet he owns or logs into.. I think he keeps getting cure coin and fldc mixed up and wallet address mixed up also.
  10. Its pretty simple address has to match the one in your user name and you need to be the owner of that wallet address. fldc scans the folding stats and sends fldc to the address in the usernames based on how much work you do each month
  11. Well who ever owns that wallet it went in there this morning
  12. Only requirement I know of is a matching wallet address in your user name with the all option or fldc option if they dont match then you will never see it in your wallet. Did you fix that problem? Looks like it was sent this morning.. https://www.blocktrail.com/BTC/address/19p9bBPkFPUc1wckhoqJRSRRSUgC6wNPmY/transactions
  13. mine came in at 2018/07/07 08:59:11 AM -05:00
  14. road-runner


    It was something small I bought havent messed with it since everything took a nose dive and I dont have much left any way spent it up back when the gettin was good...
  15. road-runner


    A few months ago I had hell with purchases also kept having to cancel the order, had to get bitpay finally to make the purchase
  16. Congrats on getting it working for a different team...
  17. road-runner


    Jeff looks like you succeeded in getting on cure coin team whether or not you get paid I have no clue.. https://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/user_summary.php?s=&u=756047
  18. The paypal link is an email to dave
  19. I still got 5870s 7970s upstairs 960s 970s guess I better get rig of these 1080tis before they end upstairs collecting dust
  20. Looks like a couple spammers I dont think there are any active mods on here any more are there?
  21. Two kinds of websites those that know they been hacked and those that just dont know it yet
  22. I ran bitcoinz for about a day awhile back and got over a thousand of them its worth almost $3
  23. I dont think no coins are worth mining at the moment.. Hopefully everything goes back up one day
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