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  1. I was wondering about that also, thanks..
  2. Probably so there relatives can make money on new mounting hardware
  3. Guess its not happening this year havent seen any mention of it..
  4. Nice rig nice performance also.. As a comparison I looked back to see what my 1080s done on that bench with skylake x. I just now finally got the rig moved in as my main rig not upgrading for awhile lol.. https://www.3dmark.com/spy/2234635
  5. For the heck of it I downloaded the win 10 usb tool went to the old x58 rig stuck a different hard drive on it as to not loose my win 7 and installed win 10. I did not have any trouble everything works fine except I cant find that activate for free button lol
  6. Thanks yea I have seen that already. They also say skylake or newer to get the h265. I am gonna try the i3-4170 that is in the board with quick sync like it has it may be ok for 8 cams.
  7. I have a socket 1150 motherboard with a I3 dual core with HT in it was used for mining if I could find a devils canyon or some kind a quad core with on die video or quick sync I will use it at the office there is only 8 cams there. I hate to buy a brand new one somebody got one laying around they dont need I am sure
  8. Actually letting it run through the cpu now and running two FAH clients on the GPU. The 7900 doesnt have quick sync but it handles the camera fine at 30% load where the old 980x I had them on 4 fps and was still at a little over 50% load. Got them on 10 fps now its not even straining 50%. Having faster SATA helps also I think.
  9. Moved the 7900x win 10 machine in as new main rig, lot more power and speed than the 980x x58. Stuck a couple 1080Ti in it, blue iris video surveillance software allows to throw the decoding off to nvidia cards also. Choosing to let the video card do the work it loads one card at 30% letting the cpu do the work loads it to about 30% total also. They say intel quick sync is way to go but it has no problems with 18 cameras
  10. road-runner


    Look at the url its not legit and has a beeping noise that plays to. Malwarebytes nor antivirus ever say anything I wasnt about to click it
  11. road-runner


    I get this message or redirect occasionally when I google martins produce supply and click the result or there website in google. Only does it with there website and not all the time is it them, google or on my end?
  12. I aint doing all that, was just thinking about updates coming to an end soon. I think I will just shove the win 7 rig in the corner let it be the dedicated camera server and move one of the new rigs in as my main rig. I got a broadwell and a i9 both with windows 10 already setup from the mining days
  13. The ipcam software works fine on win 7 they actually have a newer better version for win 10 so that shouldnt be a problem. ok thanks just wonder google shows some people with driver issues on the chipset x58
  14. Will windows 10 be ok on x58 chipset i7-980x? All I use it for is email facebook browse the net etc. and blue iris ipcam software works fine on windows 7
  15. Gave up on the liksys stuff years ago, nothing but trash for me. went with netgear and been happy every since. I have upgraded once or twice and using the netgear nighthawk x10 R9000 right now
  16. I had a 500gb sandisk die after a couple years so I am not buying those again my samsungs seem to be holding up well so far
  17. when they done mowing and weed eating BBQ them then get a couple more for next time
  18. get a couple goats they will eat everything in sight
  19. Yep have to go back to the main page to reply
  20. road-runner


    So where we gonna sell it then
  21. they had a work around till they got it fixed I used it about a day
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