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    Asus M2A-VM, AMD 5600+ OC'd,Gigabyte 8600GT OC'd, Coolermaster Exteme Power 500W, Patriot Extreme PC2-6400 2GB,
    Antec 300 Case, WD Raptor 150GB, WD Caviar 200GB,Windows XP Pro
  1. I use CDBurnerXP............works great.
  2. Picked up or built? Welcome to the forum. :thumbs-up:
  3. I'm a fan of Riva Tuner. I have an old 8600GT too. I'm pretty sure it will work for your card. +1 on the drivers being current. I use driver sweeper when I install new card/drivers.
  4. I use rubbing alcohol and coffee filters......works great!
  5. There is a product called "GOO-OFF" that will work to remove sticky residue. I'd go with the Phenom II as well.
  6. I've had such a lousy experience in the past with Norton, that I stay away no matter what the hype. I use Avast, Spybot S&D, and Zonealarm with no problems.
  7. I guess we just have a good driver or drivers here in my town. Everything I have recieved (Newegg or not) has arrived in good shape.
  8. Those LEDs are what makes the cooler work as well as it does!
  9. I've always had some kind of driver issue with Creative products. If you got it working GREAT!
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