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  1. Go with the 8800GT. No competition there, and you wont need to mod the BIOS...Just find some card here/OCN/OCbay/fleabay/other-retail-store and stick it in the empty PCIe slot - You do have an nVidia chipset, correct? Edit: the only difference with those two is the cooler (and possibly a few minute details, but that's not important atm). As Andrewr said, you want to try and get the same memory amount for both (ugh...bad sentence) - ie: 512+512, 640+640, 320+320, etc. If you don't know the amount of memory in the card, just download and run GPU-Z .
  2. Wow....I was folding all last night on Vista while redownloading L4D...Got one WU done, all others died to NaNs. I guess I'll be using the console and win 7 for now on. Do we only need one WU done?
  3. I kinda like it - It'll take getting used to, certainly, but it's nice
  4. Looks like I just ran across this in time. Will be folding (under error_404) for OCC
  5. +1 If all else fails, you can try adapting one that's meant for forums (invisionfree, etc.) I like the new icon - It's a hammer, no? The sites starting to look very trustworthy, and with the items listed slowly increasing, you should be serving tons in no time
  6. Thing is, your board is perfectly fine, and just needs the correct BIOS. Try burning it to a CD... If all of that fails, a floppy drive is certainly worth the price of a new mobo
  7. You don't necessarily need a new chip - try copying a BIOS file (make sure it supports your CPU!) to a floppy drive and reboot. It should recognize the BIOS file and reprogram - it looks similar to the Asus boards that do the same this. This saved my . at least once Just make sure you've got a internal FDD
  8. ^ You reminded me...I gotta set one up. Your Q6700 tempted me
  9. Don't know if you took is so, but I'm not trying to insult you. This is *really* tempting...
  10. I hope this is the right section... Anyway, it's an auction site dedicated to hardware and hardware alone. I'm not affiliated with the admin by any means, I just thought it was certainly cool enough to share with you guys. They also offer free banner ads at the bottom for any overclock-related forum, which I believe OCC is so Bosco, waiting on your approval! Right. I also got that email, so I guess I'm back OCBay.
  11. This happened to me before....Are you sure you're the only one using your username?
  12. Depending on when this happens (deadlines and such), I'll be in if I get my i7 rig up and running. I'll probably do poorly in the graphics - based stuff...Dunno what card(s) I'll be running, but I know it won't be impressive ~Error
  13. A lot of what has been said is really sound advice - I'm in no way a person with a ton of life experience, but please do try to view it from the other party's side. Your dad may (or may not) be annoyed at the way he he handled his life, and is trying to prevent the same thing from happening to you - I don't know how effectively. You two (or three) may just need some time apart - try staying at your girlfriends for a while, or take a private vacation. The very opposite may also help - put a major amount forward for a *relaxing* trip for your family (or just you three), and make sure it's made of things you know they enjoy. I'd stay away from alienating them at all costs, but it may be necessary at one point, just try to make it up, for both their sake and yours. Hooray for OCC advice B:)
  14. I think I like him! (Has nothing to do with the quoted part) Don't up any voltages unless you need to for stability. I'm running AMD atm, and my rig is out of commission anyway...But just clock it up, and when things get unstable, feed it more juice! (Within reason, you've got a 45nm chip. So no more than 1.4v under water for 24/7. Feel free to correct anything I said - I'm an AMD guy this generation (wrong one ) IIRC, the Q8x00's don't clock so well. Sell it and grab the older, amazing Q6600. Look for a chip with G0 stepping - They're not hard to find used, and I've seen 4GHz under water, and well over 3 stable for 24/7 use. ~Error
  15. Woah. Hey, sorry for not checking back - I'm getting hit with a ton of work atm. I promise you guys that once I sell my sigrig I'll see about grabbing an i7 and pushing it...Dunno if I'll have cash left for a graphics card :\ I could always grab a 4870 ($180 AMIR, sometimes!) and maybe a GTX 280 a bit later. Thanks for making me a section all for myself Here's something strange that happened to me recently...
  16. Damn - I got nothing...:s Oh well, finally got a wireless router (N, too ) for my "normal" christmas! Thanks Dave! ~Error Any chance you...Forgot my name in the drawings? Just kidding. Edit: This is crazy! over 10 pages in a night! OCC barely posts that much in a day normally total, lol. editx2: You people who worked to get 50 posts...You better stay on these forums!
  17. Can't you just do it now? I'm gonna piss my pants if it's too much longer...
  18. It better be multithreaded - you've got a ton of entries! Maybe see if Stanford would be willing to lend us a few thousand folders If it's not multithreaded, give me the source. I'll...Optimize it ~Error I'm really tempted to stay up...
  19. Hmmm. Maybe this is what I need to get my damn 6000+ off and running @ over 3.5GHz. 12k 3DMark - Here I come!! *Grabs peanut butter*
  20. Sorry, redragon, but no - clockgen can OC locked boards - that's why it exists. The part #'s in the list...Nvm. That's softFSB. Okay. buying a new proc will not allow you to OC. A new motherboard will. Download (google) crystal CPU...I forget the name atm (props to anyone who links...both for refreshing my memory and helpinh the OP). *Just read more of your post* the second part is partially correct. It is the mobo (as I said) but you can still OC with software. If I may ask, what CPU do you have (or just the socket) - I can reccomend a board or two for you, expect to pay </=100 for a decent 775 OCer, and a few hundred for a 1366 board. AM2 is somewhat cheaper. ~Error
  21. NO! *FLAME* *HATE* Give me my section back! Can we have an "Ultra Mobile" or "Ancient" section? I shall not be ousted of my place! Now it's gonna be.... 1st place : 20k 2nd place: 4k xD ~Error
  22. Q'you update the laptop/tablet/pwnage category? That's where all the competition is Especially cause I'm winning xD ~Error Suggestion: How about a vintage category?
  23. I'm glad you put a post requirment on this.... Could that be my desire for new toys? No.... At least we'll be getting another 50 (times a large number) extra posts right before xmas Can we win more than one? Cause I want them all... On second thought, I'll let one of the 3850's go...and one of the 4830's or whatever card that there is 5 of...I can only run quadfire Anyone else noticed there are no nVidia cards? Is there a reason or just coincedence? Just wondering... Thanks Dave/Bosco/Admin/Man-On-The-Internets-Who-Gives-Me-Free-Stuff-And-Lets-Me-Touch-The-Llamas Where'd that come from anyway? (The llama thing...The post came from my keyboard -_- ) ~Error
  24. *faints until 9pm* Can't wait! ~Error
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