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  1. For a good CPU/Mobo Combo. Here are the particulars; I am currently running a 980x in a Rampage 3 Extreme (See sig). I have recently purchased 2xMSI R9 290's, as I have a gaming habit. I am running into issues with the pcix 2.0 not being able to handle the xfire data transfer (or at least I've tried everything else to fix my problems that I know of) and am going to have to move to something newer. I have a decent soundcard (X-Fi Fatality) and a budget of around $600 (somewhat flexible). I do not plan on OC'ing this thing to the moon, but if there is a simple automatic bios setting (like on my Rampage) I will probably set it as high as it will go. Thanks!
  2. Lawl. Bosco, why didn't you say something, dude? Let me chat with my guy, he may be interested in that. I love this board.
  3. After reading this and the thread on OC.net, I purchased a Qnix Matte version from Hulustar on Ebay. Got it in 5 days, and the thing was perfect, out of the box. This monitor is, in my opinion, the best 300 dollar upgrade I have spent on my computer in a LONG time. Just very sharp.
  4. If it will game on all three, so much the better. He would AT LEAST want it to run three screens while gaming on one of them.
  5. Can the 7950 run three screens? If not, what would I need to make that work?
  6. Ok team, looking at options for a buddy of mine. He currently has an Asus 6850, and is looking to upgrade. Budget is 300 or less. would he be better suited buying something new, or getting another 6850 for cross fire? Also, he is using a ASRock 970 Extreme3 mobo, any conflicts with that? Thanks in advance...
  7. Honestly, I would suggest that I would return it to them rather than accept that compromise. If a place is willing to take the hardline about something this minor, I don;t know that I would want to deal with them. Mind if I ask where you purchased?
  8. Agreed. Tell them you would be happy to accept the upgrade at no cost if they are out of what they promised you initially. Explain to them that you asked for what you wanted for a reason, and it was understood that they would be providing what you had agreed upon, and as such, they are in default, so to speak, of that agreement. If there is any argument at all that "$25 isn't that much", I would then suggest that in that case, it wouldn't cost them that much to keep their customer (you) happy.
  9. Lhiannon


    Valkyrie needs Cable Managemnt, Badly! Welcome, homie. Possible to tuck those wires behind the mobo? Not just for looks, it will help with the airflow as well.
  10. I agree with those above, but tell me this, what case do you have this in?
  11. No, actually, though I understand you thinking that as my post was pretty misleading. I am using a corsair H100 on it, so, it is still "under water". I used to have a custom H2O setup that covered it and the 2 MSI 480's I had before. Had a reservoir from FrozenQ as well, looked really cool. I don't think I have ever actually had it air cooled. Used an h50 before (when I first purchased it) EDIT: Pics of the old beast...
  12. :-) When smart people tell me I'm doing something right, that feelsgoodman.jpg Back in the dizzle, we bought one of the xeon hex chips as well. That thing was a beast in OC'ing. I have had the 980x up to 4.9 under water. It does so well OC'ed, it blows my mind how stable and strong it has been. Obviously, it cost a mint, so feeling like you got your money's worth is a pretty big deal. Been kicking around with the idea of moving to 780's in the next 6 months or so....this stuff is so addictive.
  13. Thanks for the responses. Trust me, if I were ever to sell it, I wouldn't be looking to gouge anyone. The Kraken still clicks along and rolls over pretty much anything I put in front of it, so it's not a necessity thing. Ah, crap, I just realized my sig doesn't have my specs in it anymore....OK, here goes... Intel i7 980x @ 4.7ghz 18 GB Corsair Dominator RAM Corsair p128 SSD 2x MSI GTX580 X-treme edition (The neat ones with 5gb's of mem and the color changing fans that no one ever sees) Fatal1ty soundcard (can't remember which one) ASUS ROG Rampage 3 extreme mobo It was a real monster back when I built it in late 2010, won a few contests with it and such. Had a radeon 5970 in it back then. Pretty much all I do with it is game and deal with emails re: work. I do love me some games, though.
  14. I havent seen any issues yet, either, so I guess this is one of those "If it works for you, then it works" kinda things, but I got so used to measuring my "e-peen" with numbers back in the day that I guess I just wondered where it stacked up now. Thanks guys.
  15. Have had one of these for a few years now, but I haven't really been too involved in the PC world for a while. Is this still a strong chip?
  16. Selling one Sapphire Radeon 5970 4gb edition. Still plenty of power to play BF3 on high settings, and an overclocking monster. Still, I understand it's a bit long in the tooth at this point. Asking $450 or you can make me an offer. I will consider any interesting trades, as well. Pictures...
  17. OK guys, It is all out of the computer and ready to get boxed up, So I thought I would take some better shots of everything that is being sold. Danger Den Socket 1366 Nehalem Water block. This may fit other chipsets, I am not sure. Another Swiftech pump. Highly recommended. Another Custom Liquid Fusion Reservoir by Alex @ FrozenQ, and 120x240mm Radiator from Swiftech. Twin MSI GTX 480's wearing Black Chrome Water Blocks from Danger Den. Also want to annouce that I have dropped my prices by $100 dollars. So that is $1100 for the complete set, now. I would also be willing to sell it as a partial set, feel free to ask. Thanks!
  18. Ah, shoot. I have been away from my computer for a couple weeks, so my apologies for not responding. So, you would be looking to buy the rad, pump, reservoir, and fittings, along with the CPU block?
  19. Unfortunately, no. Had I been more foresighted, I would have kept the stock cooling components for the 480's, but I didn't. So, selling the cooling setup without the cards would leave me with two useless cards that I would probably have dificculty selling. I know that I could try and find someone who wanted just the boards, but that seems like it would be difficult. If you know someone who is interested in that, maybe we could work a three way deal, or you could buy the whole kit and then sell the boards to the other guy. Thanks man!
  20. Thank you for the feedback. Liike you said, I am open to offers. Given your and some other feedback I am receiving, I have adjusted the asking price, just in case.
  21. Time to upgrade my Computer, so I am getting rid of some things and wanted to give the good folks at OCC a shot at them. The package includes... 2 MSI gtx480’s with Danger Den Black Chrome/ Nickel Water blocks (installed) 1 swiftech 120x240mm radiator 1 custom double helix reservoir from FrozenQ. I will throw in the two UV lights I have. All of the fittings you would need to run a complete setup for the equipment listed above Optional stuff (as in, if someone wants to buy it, I will sell and replace with a self-contained system, no problem) 1 Danger Den CPU water block (fitted for the 1366 nehalem chipset) 1 pump (can’t remember the brand, but it came very highly recommended, and is super quiet) Some pictures of the setup Water Block Again, cause they are sexy. Everything in it's current home. I am asking for $1200 for everything. EDIT: See latest post for reduced price! Am open to offers, and would consider trades for firearms, other high end computer equipment (Planning on replacing with a Matrix GTX580, or Two 580's in SLi). Thanks for looking!
  22. Lhiannon

    The Kraken

    OK, so it has been some time since we updated this thread, but we're back, and I think you will like the latest. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Kraken has gone deep... Special thanks to Alex at FrozenQ, who made the custom Reservoir for us. Top notch, we will definitely be seeking him out in the future for any of our customers watercooled builds... Were still in the leak testing phase, and we literally just finished filling it about 30 minutes ago, hence the bubbles. Props to Danger Den for the GTx460 black nickel blocks, as well as the cpu block. This is our first watercooling build, and so we were a little unorganized. Zip ties will be replaced by compression fittings a later time, but I just got sick of waiting for them. Also, were not exactly experts at running our tubing, so feel free to poke fun at us about that too. Honest feedback will be read and appreciated.
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