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    intel E8500 (3.16Ghz), Asus Maximus Extreme mobo, Corsair Dominator DDR3 1800 4gigs, wd caviar 500gig,wd raptor 150 gig, corsair 1000wpsu,soundblaster x-fi titanium pro,2 visiontek 4870s,tunic 120 cpu cooler.
  1. It powers on , but its not booting. You get nothing but a black screen, no bios screen or anything. Theres a fan in it that speeds up and then slows down and it repeats..speeds up and then slows down.
  2. Whats up guys, i havent been on in while. I have have a problem with an acer lap top. The problem is that its not booting up, and i mean it aint do anything. Iv turned it off and even pulled the battery multiple times and still nothing, im kinda stumped maybe you guys have an answer. Thanks
  3. Thanks alot guys, they all seem like really good mice. I have only read of some people who had them and they were failing after like 4 months. I guess they were just having bad luck with them. :thumbs-up:
  4. Can anyone recommend a good razer mouse. I like the looks of them, however they seem to alot of problems. I wounder are they worth the money or not.....thanks btw i am a palm grip but have claw gripped mice before also.
  5. Does anyone know if Arma Comat Operations is Vista compatible yet?????
  6. Get the 780i mobo lots of good things. I had one in a previous build very good board. The 790i boards are to buggy but then again no board is perfect. :thumbs-up:
  7. Whats up guys, got a question and need assistance. I've got a new build going and i want the better of the 2 operating systems for it and it need to be the 64bit version. Here's my build so far: Intel E8500 Asus Maximus Extreme mobo gig sticks of corsair ddr3 1800 1x wd 500gig & 1x 150gig raptor Creative sound blaster X-Fi titanium pro I haven't decided on a graphics setup yet I'll probably wait till the 4870 x2 comes out in August. Anyway i want the OS to be stable and from what I've heard Vista as usual..lol..... still isn't fixed to the point were it is stable like XP is. I mean Xp isn't perfect as you may know but from iv read and past experience with it. It's hell of alot more stable than Vista, now Vista is more current and will be supported unlike Xp and Vista supports Dx10 and 10.1. However looks likes theres a patch for Xp to give Dx10. I also have 1 last question is Arma Combat Operation Vista support yet or no cause i really want to play it. Thanks for any help given.
  8. I was thinking about buying the (Medusa 5.1 surround sound pro gamer edition v2), i read some really good reviews about it, and so far i like it. I was also looking at the Razer barracuda its kinda the same price as the medusas, but iv heard some quality control issues with it not holding up and stuff. i also thought the razer piranhas looked ok but not crazy about, A: the 2 speakers and B: the way sit on your ear...........Id like it to have mic on it as well, all suggestions are welcome.....thanks
  9. My job really sucks.I can be thankful i have a job, as some do not, sad yes, but true. However i still hate it. i currently work for Walmart, but i am trying to go to a trade school of some kind, or join the marines. Why i am posting this i don't know, but it's like 4 in morning. I guess I'm just tired and kinda bored. I had a previous post before i edited it. My grammar and stuff is not great i know I'm not trying to be a perfectionist here. it's not a resume or a report, just trying to get my point across if there is one........ummmm...hmm. I guess talking about personal stuff on a computer form is kinda lame.BTW does anyone know what the release date for the 4870 X2 is. I'm thinking of getting one maybe......Anyway happy computing
  10. Hey guys, im in the process of a new build, this is my second build btw, And I want your opinion on what i should do for a graphics setup. I have a Asus Maximus Extreme mobo and need a new graphics card.So what i was thinking is ethier a single Ati 4870 or dual, or a dual 4850 setup and maybe add a third 4850 later on. I also just got a Corsair hx1000w psu.....Thanks for the assistance guys......... <_<
  11. Hi everybody, im new here, but iv been building computers for awhile now. My question is very simple, does anybody know if the asus maximus extreme mobo fit in Antec 1200 pc case. iv googled the question and came up empty handed. the asus board is a atx form factor not e-atx, a atx board is 12"x9.6" but the asus maximus extreme in 12"x10.1". Btw iv already been to antecs web site and guess what...no such luck. An answer would be great....thanks
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