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  1. Okay thanks you guys. So do I have to sand my case down first or what? or do I just spray the crap thing? One more thing. I have a 350 watt power supply, will that be enough to handle lights and stuff?
  2. I'm workin' on my first mod. I just want to get some ideas first though. What I was thinking was to put windows on the side panel and the top. Blue neon, black case, red sleeves. Round IDE cables. Anyone got any suggestions on how I should paint my case black? I have an Antec, I forgot what model it is though. And how should I cut up the case to put the window?
  3. anything higher than 140 for clock speed will crash my computer... dunno what tbred core is, sort of a newbie at this. How do I check?
  4. Hey, I have a question. My 1700+ is barely OC'ed right now, its at clock frequency 140 and multiplier at 11. I can't get it higher than 11. I have a Abit kx7-333 mobo. I'm trying to unlock the AMD, I have the materials needed...gap filler, conductive grease, etc. When I try it, sometimes my computer doesn't even start up, and sometimes I could get to the windows startup but it crashes and doesn't start up again, thank god the bios resets and makes all my stuff back to default or my computer would be lost forever!! , I think I have sufficient cooling, Thermal Take Volcano 9 @ highest possible RPMs. with 9 or 10 other fans... Can someone help a newb out?
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