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  1. I wasn't sure where to put this, but technically it could go in just about any of our forums... and all I can add is the same stuff everybody else has put on the web... so which one of yous super smart programmer guys knew about this stuff like 9 or 10 years ago and just kept it to yourself on the down low ??? and why aren't we talking about here ?? Braegnok ?? did you ??
  2. well yes and welcome back, I think i do remember your club name... I joined around July 2008 or so ...
  3. uh, does yer buddy have any skills at all Spike ?? did he go and delete stuff without knowing wth he was doing ?? ... a reboot away from a total fail ???
  4. i have enjoyed watching all this ...How fun !!
  5. cjloki

    New Forum ??

    yea, i will miss that too, and it's about time you started a geezerz anonymous forum...
  6. cjloki

    New Forum ??

    yea right "you can't graft a new idea to a closed mind"
  7. cjloki

    New Forum ??

    i put this in software because i had this great idea that maybe this change is a result of the new chrome based edge i've been hearing about ... that's how naive i am, but when i tried to go back to the main post i get this error message... it say the administrator has to make some change too, or else the thing doesn't work (hint hint)
  8. cjloki

    New Forum ??

    Well I just logged in to see what's going on, and discovered right away that my OCC has a new look ... I looked into the article about the rtx 2070 ti that guest_jim posted and didn't see a link to respond or quote, or multi quote, but i'm still getting used to this...
  9. i never use it either, don't even remember if I actually signed up for twitter... I seem to remember I tried it way back when it was new, but dropped it quickly... If russia or north korea wanted a secret base of operations to work from through a vpn then why not through getting old unused accounts passwords ?... hmm "Dance like Russia isn't watching you !"
  10. hack for prizes Tesla model 3 https://electrek.co/2019/03/23/tesla-model-3-hacker-competition-crack/ and more... https://fossbytes.com/pwn2own-firefox-edge-safari-tesla-hacked/
  11. Hey now jdm_freak On being somewhat of an Nvidia "Go Green" fanboy myself, and having crossed over to the other side on several occasions in the past, all i can say is that the red team has done much and worked well for me, as well as can be expected from any high end gaming gpu solution on the market these days... Now as far as the new bleeding edge stuff just out right now, I have nothing to offer other than the same youtube informational vids that you have likely already studied, and the same ol' tech writing and reviews that are out there on the webs... but for the record, I have felt more of a flat sort of 2 dimensional, "something missing" feeling from the old AMD hardware after switching over, that I think has to do with Nvidia Physx and how it processes versus AMD but I haven't been able to pin it down... Frankly I truly hope you enjoy and have fun with your new toy, and I'm certain you will get used to it in time... cj
  12. Awesome ! the city visuals remind me of the new Blade Runner ...
  13. ...so on a side note, that atomic heart mention got my attention, and i mean really got my attention ! chief lurker #1
  14. well here's a lil sumpm sumpm on a light overclock... i7 5930K @3.57 score 2720
  15. i haven't check lately but i don't think newegg honors amazon store credit... unless they've teamed up and changed it and forgot to tell me... but that was a good review this morning
  16. yeah you better with 12 squirrels under the hood !
  17. my little system just ran a 2672 best so far, at stock settings... Nice !
  18. well hell... i'm certainly feeling some disappointment, considering the time and money I've put into this machine. ...and there's no way to know how much damage has already been done by Korean, or Russian, or Google, or whoever hacker groups and exploiters out there on the webs... i can salvage a lot of stuff from this one, but I guess it's time for me to get with the notion that Intel is not the safest, and start working on an AMD build... this is sad news considering the recent past history of exploits and fixes we've experienced... but life goes on...
  19. ...NICE !! ...if anyone can lock it down you can !!
  20. well i just went ahead and opened it to see what i have to work with... um this unit appears to be unopened, NIB, the quick start guide is in place in it's sleeve... and the electrostatic bag appears to be sealed and intact... um the display port to dvi adapter is MIA though, not in the box, soo I will have to find one someplace in order to make 2 monitors with a twin hdmi cable work...this will be interesting for sure... I will not be able to connect both monitors until i get an adapter... ...but there it is !! ...thank you OCC !!
  21. that's interesting cow, and informative for those who dabble in the amd realm... on a side bar, i'm not able to run 64 due to one of the dimm slots is dead on this mobo, but it was a contest prize and thus I feel good about 48...
  22. that's some pretty interesting stuff you've got there
  23. ok well you're gettin me all excited.. time to go get the flashlight and have a look see down there ! ...From what i've read, it may be hard for me to see any big difference in gaming, over the 1080 Asus strix, but i'm willing to give it a try !!
  24. ...a little birdie called me at work today to say there is a strange package awaiting me... hmm, and yes, yes there is !! ...pictures in a few minutes ...imma prolly put it in this next Sunday, unless I just caint stand it ! And like the Gremlim said, many thanks to the OCC team, and staff ...I still caint believe it !!
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