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  1. ok as an american US Army vet, who served in the European theater during the cold war, i can assure that the Russians are up to no good. Russian spy networks and infiltration techniques are among the best in the world and have been since before the days of the czars ...Russians are not your friend, and THEY ARE trying every way they can to dismantle and destroy American democracy... if Kaspersky is willing to fight against the ruling it is because they will lose their gains in spying on and infiltrating america... i have seen it and experienced it ... Keep Russians and all their outlets and networks out of america !! and you will be safer...

    How can you tell if a Russian spy network is lying ? that's all they do, they're always lying always !!

  2. Thanks RR !

    Good information and a lot to consider...

    i'm not mining anything and haven't for some years,but i live and work from a somewhat older triple wide mobile, that was designed with an older paradigm in mind, so i have to be careful what i plug in and breaker circuits involved...

    My gamer is on a circuit by itself, while the office has two continuous running units, the camera server that never shuts down and the Sheila's business rig which almost never shuts down. And then there's the Big office printer, and big monitors and and typical office equipment etc. There are two 15 amp circuits in the office, and quite alot of full time draw, and i have spread out the load so that it's not all on one circuit...bottom line is i'm nearly at the limit for the office,... but the article spells it out and for that i'm grateful.

  3. I wonder what my pulse was when I first played Fear haha


    I can try to find out for myself. Haven't played the FEAR games yet, but I do have them. Need to check on licensing before I do anything though.

    You Must Play The Fear Set !!

    ...you won't be able to stop, even when scared shitless...like Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, or GOT...!!

  4. Today Frank takes a look at the Intel 8th Generation Core i7 8700K & Core i5 8400 processors.


    See how the new Coffeelake parts stack up in the tests in the review below!



    the day that intel comes with the revised 2011 v3,  I7 16 or 18 core, Broadwell-E  in 12nm with everything ... that's what !

    ...you know what i'm talkin' about...

    another fantastic review ccokeman ! ,...thank you !!

  5. Did you look at opening them up and replacing the speaker itself? I know that was a big thing with the Klipsh 5.1 setup I had. 

    since you brought it up Frank, i just checked it out, and it looks like the only way to get inside is to demolish something,...it's possible that i will be able to break it apart and save the components and use them to build a DIY speaker system, but this main is pretty much a solid laminated piece, but i will take your suggestion under advisement. 



    Seem to be a lot of options but I wish I could find a replacement for my Klipsh 5.1 setup.  I think I will just pick up a powered sub and connect the speakers to my old 7.1 surround sound amp  that  lost the capability to be remotely controlled. 


    Logitech is one of the main brands I hear about for PC speakers, so I guess you are good. Kind of makes me want to setup my old Logitech 5.1 speakers, but i'll need to reinstall my Sound Blaster Z, hehe. Been using a Razer Headset for a year now, so. Anyhow good luck with your new toy and let us know how it sounds.


    yes and yes, seems like getting the sound right is very subjective ...individual preferences matter and money,...i looked hard at the clear klipish setup and the bose companion, but the dollars,...trust though, if these don't sound right they will be going to the wifes office !



    Honey these dont sound right to me. You need new speakers so I can get something that sounds right to me!  Sadly I have used that tactic before. 


    SO how do they sound? 


    imma find out tomorrow,...still in shipment  ..) ;

    ...send me the review format and i'll write 'em up...