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  1. yesterday i did the newest cumulative update and immediately started having " driver_power_state_failure" blue screens...  somehow my wireless adapter drivers were corrupted in the process :dunno: but i was able to uninstall it all from the device manager and reload it ... so far so good ... 

    I also ran the sfc \scannow and found that there were some other driver issues that i will need to correct but for now no bsods, so ok,  but i was just curious if anyone else has had issues with the new update ?


  2. 16 hours ago, SpikeSoprano said:

    The Borderlands games are also a blast, and a new one coming out soon. I played every metro out , love them !

    borderlands is a blast !

    if you're into fright like i am then fear, all of them and dead space...

    but i did get hung up on the first watchdogs too...i thought watchdogs was a good game but ti never did take off and gain popularity...fun just the same !

  3. On 7/5/2019 at 2:07 PM, ir_cow said:

    I suspect not all x370 / 470 boards will support the new Ryzen chips. While its AM4 socket. Its up to the manufacture to supply a updated BIOS. Why. Add Ryzen 2 support to the lower end models when you can sell people a new one.

    They can simply say the power requirements are different, or the memory won't run natively at 3200. Something bogas along those lines. The only thing that is true is PCIE 4.0 from the CPU requires the first slot to be like a maximum of like 6" ( I'll have to find the article). A lot of motherbaords have a 1x slot first which is where the 4.0 slot needs to be. Meaning even if they "could" enable 4.0, the first 16x slot is to far away. High end boards have good tracers so that shouldnt be a problem. But once again, why enable a feature on a old product.

    We will see who actually shows love to the Ryzen 2 on x370 in the coming days.

    touche' '-cow ... :thumbsup:

    i have seen on several sites, (forbes being the most notable) that you will be able to run the next gen ryzen 9 on the older boards but not the older chips on the new x570...


    Compatibility and features...

  4. the whole mess is getting kinda hectic imo... what with Intel quietly talking away/down their flaws, and AMD drastically changing the game, and now Intel backing down their prices... and i know that several of you have already gotten way far away from Intel for security reasons, and AMD's higher level of performance of late... I too am seriously considering retiring this machine in favor of an AMD platform... It may take me a little while to get it together, but the security issues are my main motivation... you know unless Intel gets their shit together this is on the table...

  5. lols ...yeah like you have to post so many times before you can buy or sell... no flaming, no porno,  ...erm ..etcetera and so on... and FAQ like why does bosco always fly under the radar ?? you know ...looking things up online before starting a new topic,... or why you don't start a new topic here after you just started the same one on tom's hardware... 

    yeah ok, so where did all that stuff go >>