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  1. On 1/9/2021 at 2:18 AM, ir_cow said:

    I'm just the baby here, but it getting close to 18 years now for me on OCC.

    I didn't know Verran well, and my memory is a bit fuzzy. However I do remember him being very helpful when I asked stupid questions about computers.

    i started lurking here in 2007 and finally decided to come up for air in 2008 and so green and wet behind the ears... But Verran and Roadrunner and Hrdnrg were about the most helpful members and quite a few laughs... It was most entertaining back then !!

  2. i was just thinin' bout the old days... weekly polls thread is closed, Andrew hasn't posted any dirty photoshop pics for years and things gettin dry n dusty in the members lounge... :glare: but verran is still here in spirit !! lols:lol:

  3. 2 hours ago, RHKCommander959 said:

    939 can still get plenty of work done, especially if you get a dual core CPU. Searching on ebay ~"amd x2 939" you can find dual cores for ~$20. That with your 4gb of RAM will make a nice light system.

    Probably won't interest you but I used to run my 939 system overclocked to 3.2 GHz sometimes, usually 3 GHz, with 4x512 RAM at DDR-550. That really woke the old stuff up, but you won't have luck on the A8NE. If your motherboard died you might try to get a better one like the Asus A8N-SLI, or if you wanted to build the ultimate 939 system the A8N32-SLI - some guys have got it working with 8/16gb of ECC/registered memory! Here's a video of someone playing crysis on 939 with 8gb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggJfb81zd7g I'm trying to piece a system like that together for nostalgia sake - I have the motherboard and RAM but had life events interrupt the progress... This forum used to be at least in part a major socket 939 community as DFI and then DIY forums wayyyy back in the day!

    Good luck whichever way you go. I also love the Intel LGA 1366 socket, which is all before the issues Intel has been patching. You can get xeon CPUs for dirt cheap, triple channel memory, and keep up with modern stuff fairly well especially if you dabble with overclocking.

    :thx:the DFI Lanparty days may be over but  back in 2007-8 when I first came on here this was what was happening ! and it was alot of fun up in here too:withstupid:OCC FTW !!

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  4. yes that's good :banana:and one of these days a new video solution to retire the gt8500 or give it to the hubby... :lol: 

    so just one thought on intel versus amd and it's this; within the last few years it has come to light that intel chips have been leaking data and primarily due to design flaws that allow unscrupulous hackers to infiltrate and exploit confidential data. So with that in mind I will not build another Intel machine until they close the door and keep it closed...

    I know I'm not the only member in here that feels this way but frankly I think it's too late (apologize for the negativity) as some really bad news about other foreign governments and spies getting into our government and corporate networks and files has been in the news a lot lately... and it has probably been going on for much longer than we know about, but intel is off the table for me that's for sure...

    Happy new year ! and be good to yourself over there !!

    Intel Info

  5. actually according to the corsair specs for the 550w, the psu has the 8pin connector for atx power which perhaps can be separated into 2 four pins (some do and some don't) that link together to make it into 8(or an 8 with a 4 branching off) but they do say 8pin and so as you've mentioned both the 24pin and the 8pin need power for it to work. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/591721-REG/Corsair_CMPSU_550VX_VX550W_550W_Computer_Power.html/specs  ...if you must get a new psu then yes

    ...and good grief those old 8500gt cards were the shit back in the day but it sounds like either video card is kaput or the pcie slot is worn out and not properly connecting to the positions on the card. Another possibility is that the pcie has a broken/loose connection so check and make sure it secured to the mobo and no cracked/broken solder joints. If all that is seemingly good and solid then perhaps it's time to consider clearing the cmos and starting over (i have never built an nForce mobo however there were quite a few on here back then) and you'd have to google that or perhaps one of these nice folks has that experience... but if you can get that old beast into bios then you can do something with it... and the one last thing i can think of is checking the drivers but if you aren't getting video then that's a moot point... if the man of the house can do a safe boot into win7 then perhaps the proper drivers are there already and he can work it, but anyway Madame there are lots of guys on OCC who have more experience than me so there you go ! hang in there Ms. Lisa:typing:

  6. MS. Lisa I gather you like to fix things and all but perhaps that ol' rusty bucket is due to be retired... you ought to be able to build a really modern replacement for $300-$500 if you are prudent and selective and use your old hardware where applicable... that machine is pretty much a dinosaur ma'am and you could do better if you have the resources... :whistling: just sayin'

  7. Well welcome lyees, glad to have you onboard ! it's always good to have someone around who is willing to figure things out rather than toss 'em out... while I myself am not familiar with the socket  AM3/938 platforms I assure you that there are plenty of members here who are experienced and willing to lend assistance where needed...

    you will likely need to list full specs of the unit in question, for instance CPU, type of RAM and quantity , the motherboard if known, video card/s, PSU, Operating system, and any other specifications you can think of along with circumstances, symptoms or problems and any issues noticed prior to it's dying... everything will be helpful and more is better for figuring out what is going on with the machine...



  8. 1 hour ago, ir_cow said:

    Oh lame. I ended up getting the GOG version after complaining about making a account lol. If you boot it up, a screen appears saying 

    "Jonny: Go back to sleep, Samurai. It's not December 10th yet!"

    Apparently it links to Epic and Microsoft which I did not know. It actually makes things more streamlined. Here is hoping Orgins, Ubisoft and Steam get added for official linkage.

    well i'm in now (about 1930hrs central time)  and playing way outside my comfort zone as a corpo and experienced level 3... so far just getting set up and the feel for it ... amazing visuals !!

  9. 1 hour ago, Braegnok said:

    Sorry Jim, your not included,.. :lol:  Your coverage is always spot on.

    CD Project Red has indeed confirmed that DRM won't be present in the games consumer release. The company also advised all reviewers that the PC review version curranty has DRM enabled for all reviewers, and will effect performance. Warning reviewers that performance testing content will not align with the final consumer product. 

    Looks like Nvidia released version 460.79 Game Ready driver this morning, and AMD released Adrenalin driver 20.12.1 yesterday,.. seems the AMD update does have Crossfire support, fixes listed in the notes,.. but still no information if CP 2077 will support SLI. 

    I will be running NVLink RTX 2080Ti's at game launch with SLI disabled, and will enable SLI afterwards, see what happens. :yes:



    What he said !



  10. well i don't have any idea when I'm gonna have the time to actually sit down and play this (it looks amazing) but I went ahead and added it to my steam a few minutes ago... It seems there are several of us from the club that are preloaded and ready to go when it goes live... Right now I'm hoping we have an online option so we can meet up and team like Left for Dead...

    and there is a new game ready driver for this; GeForce 460.79 dated December 09, 2020

  11. now that I'm starting to get settled into my new house it has become clear that imma need to build a small budget minded yet semi-powerful camserver for 24/7 overwatch of say 10 cameras. I'm thinking of mini atx or itx with most likiely a new ryzen and modest amounts of ram and storage for the job. I am really getting with the new amd and have loved the x570 tuf but it seems like way overkill for this application.

    so im open to ideas and suggestions for cam and security options if anyone has some thoughts and experience it would be greatly appreciated




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