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  1. good morning  _cow... I was just doing some comparisons of different AMD cards with the intent of possibly taking this newly updated build all the way AMD. I've looked at both of the reviews on here of the xfx 5600 cards, both Ultra and Pro, and i don't see a lot of differences other than HS/Fans and length... I'm guessing they are both 7nm RDNA but will they be able to perform ray tracing ?  like after a firmware upgrade ? Well this is another excellent review and thank you for your videos and other OCC work.

  2. I just installed the Inland performance M.2 Gen 4x4.0 1TB and right away it was seen in bios (this new ASUS X570 TUF w/wifi) but nowhere to be found in Windows. So after googling around I found I needed to go back in and assign a Gen for M.2 PCIe slots and make sure everything was turned on, and that did the trick. It is up and running in the #2 slot. So not totally horrible for my first try at it. I'm planning on the Sabrent Gen 4x4.0 for the #1 slot in a few paychecks, and that comes with the Acronis True Image to make it into my new boot drive.


  3. I was looking at M.2 2280 kits today but I will check into gen 4.0x4 NVMe drives in the morning but I bought a decent corsair h115i platinum cooler today... this cpu 3950x didn't come with a cooler i think because there are soo many different ideas of how to keep a gaming processor cool out there ... but this ought to do the job and I've had sensational results with the Corsair line in the past !


  4. after due diligence and careful consideration i have decided to make a couple of changes to my cart:

    this ram:  https://www.microcenter.com/product/613487/Ripjaws_32GB_2_x_16GB)_DDR4-3600_PC4-28800_CL16_Dual_Channel_Desktop_Memory_Kit_F4-3600C16D-32GVKC_-_Black

    this mobo: https://www.microcenter.com/product/608734/X570_Taichi_AMD_AM4_ATX_Motherboard (this will be my first AS Rock)

    roughly $1,230 at Microcenter and most everything else will remain the same except I may get a new prefab WC loop like Corsair platinum 280mm but this is enough to get started with...

    And a while back i was a winner of an Nvidia TitanXp which I have never put to the test, that has been sitting on my bench ever since it arrived. I know it is a bit outdated these days but i think the time has come to put it in and give it a shot, well since we're gonna be changing things and all... so this should be a decent upgrade !

  5. 2 hours ago, ir_cow said:

    The newest BIOS for the ASUS Crosshair HERO allows 64GB kits to boot (better), but it was still a super hassle. Nothing about 64GB kits (16x4) is user friendly on the X570. So many post failures.....Realistically you are going to have to manually set all the timings yourself and voltages for it to run even at 3200. I can screenshot all my settings if you like for that Viper Steel kit.

    oh wow ok, thanks for that cow... and ok sure please do and I will go back to the drawing board and rethink my ram needs for this upgrade... I have pretty much looked at them all now rgb and non-rgb and keep coming back to the Gskill trident Z neo ...but i will definitely take another look at the patriot set you posted... thanks again ! 

  6. so this thing is bugging me... my old i7-5930 is starting to feel it's age or I am, but i am seriously contemplating upgrading the mobo, cpu and ram, to 7nm. I have the 3950x in my microcenter cart along with the asus crosshair 8 but I am not seeing a good and cheap memory to go along with it at my Tustin store. I can also shop the egg and frys if need be but i'm looking for that seriously 7nm compatible mem that will make a new setup like this really amazing ! ... i'm thinking 64gigs and tight like 14cl ... what say you ?

    i've been reading up on the Crucial Ballistix MAX RGB that braegnok mentioned ... still shopping




  7. sounds like dreadlock holiday but that was about barbados

    On 2/17/2020 at 4:47 PM, Braegnok said:

    Depends what area you go into, and who you ask. Everyone is going to have a story to tell you, I'm sure David Ortiz has an interesting story about patio bars. And others talk about most of Punta Cana being relatively safe, as long as you do not stray away from areas where most travelers stay you should be fine.  https://www.oyster.com/articles/is-the-dominican-republic-safe-to-visit/

    i haven't been myself but yes there are stories...

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