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  1. that's about right !,...pm sent, and thank you !!
  2. For sale: a lightly used like new, Intel I 3 4370 dual core CPU; asking $110 plus shipping to lower 48...prolly around 6-7 dollars USPS...if a buyer is local I'll bring it to you no shipping...i accept PayPal that is all...pm me if you are interested and I'll get back to you asap...Things are changing for me so i need to offload some stuff...more coming soon... asking $110 plus shipping
  3. Hey10-4 frank...was worth a shot...love ya for looking !!
  4. hey frank thanks, do you have an ole p45 or x48 ich9 laying around over there ?? my rampage formula died today and i think imma try n figure out how to rebuild the qx9770 back into something useful,...
  5. ok well, i gotta move this asap so it's going to ebay,...occ sale ended,...thank you occ !
  6. cjloki


    we don't even get fios here or i'd probably be on it instead of flippin charter cable...well up until i read this thread anyways..
  7. cjloki

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    i just aquired a new i7 5775c from the egg,...it will replace the i3 4170 currently main brain in the security cam server for my house,...not that the i3 wasn't doing a pretty good job keeping all 6 foscams moving, at a low energy expenditure, but, imma techno-geek, so why not,...imma also a sucker for the bleeding edge electronica, so shrug...i know some guys are probably saying "well damn cj, why didn't you just take the whole thing to the next level and set up socket 1151", and the reason is the 65 watt tdp, only 9 watts more than the i3 with a fully threaded quad core and 14nm lithography,...it's actually the perfect solution to the applications it's needed for,...and oh yeah, iris pro 6200 and much much more...so i7 5775c, on an asus z97 mini-itx, and devoted to security cams...
  8. I've had almost 10 ASrock boards (including the one currently in my rock-solid NAS) and had no trouble. At the first sign of wonkiness in an open-box board, I would have sent it back. The couple i have used have been solid! you guys are so lucky,...i'll keep that in mind from now on...
  9. cjloki

    Old New Member

    well it's about time,....waht took you so long old timer ?
  10. ..i'm with horneybluecow,...i've had one asrock in my young building career and it was a fail...support was a fail, and final resolution a fail,...never again,...on the other hand, i've had several open box asus and gigabyte mobos that have been and still are good to me..so there ya go
  11. well thank you for that ...that edge has not been all that for me, so and update seems like the right thing
  12. cjloki

    Windows 7 VS 8 VS 8.1 VS 10

    it's not that win10 isn't stable, it is, but the nagging repetetive issue is that the damn thing is geared toward the sales, commercialization and the microsponge store... over and over i get reminded that microsponge office 365 is available, or that there are several ways i can "get microsoft office",... add to that the constant reminders that one note, and microsoft cloud, and store, and groove, all their other microsponge crap is in there throughout the os, end up being one giant commercialized PITA,...uh, imho...in my humble opinion you can have all the exteraneous commercial caca and leave me a functional, easily customizable, os that lets me do what i want to do without having the microsponge big brother beathing down my neck and watching every move i make,...like cortana does... ok rant finished thank you cj
  13. cjloki

    Intel Core i7 5775C Reviewed

    i wish i could frank, but the case isn't tall enough,...and low profile just doesn't cut it imho,...but the iris pro should be plenty to do the job ! whatchu think ?
  14. 'ey 10-4, this seems like it's gonna be a good one ,...it's about time for a new tick
  15. cjloki

    Intel Core i7 5775C Reviewed

    i was looking for a way to bump up the multi-threading and video processing on my new security camera server and this is beginning to look like a viable option... i will certainly keep it in mind \ since the power needs are low, just 65 watts as compared to the i3 4370 i'm using now at 54 watts, it would absolutely do the job at not much more cost,...
  16. Well my lappy just got it, and the gamer is next, (when I get home that is)....
  17. i was about to snivel about my win10 download not working yet on my lappy but then i checked again just now and it has just started,....2712.6 meg,...0% complete....it killing my verizon hotspot but wth,....
  18. cjloki

    What computer stuff are you working on now?

    cj is in the process of building a new mini-itx on the intel z97 platform, and using the core i-3 unlocked 4370 haswell. this machine will be solely dedicated to camera server continually monitoring and storeing all 6 of my home security foscam alert footage. the machine is up and runnning already but the security cam and blue iris is just waiting for me to come and finalize when i get home from this load-out...i have gotten a new appreciation of the intel haswel design and capabilities, along with the low power consumption on this build and may be migrating some more of my systems to this platform in the near future...and asus rules, ftw !!http://www.microcenter.com/product/446605/Z97I-Plus_LGA_1150_Mini-ITX_Intel_Motherboard
  19. cjloki

    What's with all the spam lately ?

    idk, but we sure got bombed tonight !...hopefully nerm and da boyz are on it !!
  20. ya got me thinking seriously about it,...but the 28nm, well it's gettin kinda aged...it won't be long before we hear about the newer faster smaller bleeding edge state of the art...
  21. cjloki

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    it's an oldie but a goodie, about 5 years old...i guess it's seen better days, so it's time for a replacement. the coolmax 950 is coming out and a corsair 1050 is going in...we'll see how that goes ! the psu warnings started after the griffin battle, and i'm just doing the easy run thru with the story line... wth did the spoiler tool go ?
  22. cjloki

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    ...as far as rpg's go it's one of the bestest, imho,...but then i started at the beginning back in 2007 or 2008,... but glad you like it sir !
  23. cjloki

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    ok well i think the witcher is putting the hurt on my tired ol psu,...twice tonight while playing the 3.3v warning popped up followed by loss of video and system shutdown. my guess is the 3.3 leg is dying and it's time for a new psu,...so now witcher is on hold until i get a new kw in here,....it works fine for this stuff but something is getting hot and smelly when monster slaying,....time for a newegg hunt !