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  1. i've been out of the loop for a while and just had an older video card failure in a backup machine. So I was wondering what the biggest beast card of the moment is, and also which has the most bang for the buck. Whichever video card solution i decide on will be for my gamer machine, and the current gamer card will go into the failed unit. I am seeing a lot of talk about the new gtx 1070's, which could be a possible answer, but if anyone has any input or objections i would sure like to hear about it. thank you OCC cjloki
  2. No problem! Share what you get when you get it! ok ccokeman, as you know i did a short and sweet unboxing and install of the ASUS GTX 1080 STRIX Edition and posted it to facebook. Actually this card is the most powerful i have ever seen and absolutely flat out runs everything i have tried it on today on ultra without any stuttering, screen tearing, static troubles at all...now if this baby will last and hold up over time like i believe it will, then it will be worth every penny spent on it ! ...this is the beast of beasts ! ...now i just need to figure out how to get my little videos over to here....i'll keep working on it for a bit 'till i have to go...
  3. thank you potato, frank and fight game,... just for the record my stats are not up to speed...i have been remiss in keeping myself updated...the amd unit is long gone and the current gamer is I7 5930 6 core on the asus board i won in the christmas contest (Thank You OCC) i will be replacing the bad ass 7970 vapor x i got from frank about a year ago or so (this is what will be transferred to the failed machine video card position)... ..and now that you have given me a direction and brought me up to speed i will be looking and researching a lot,...honestly i have been with the AMD video solutions for some time and so now i feel like trying another gtx nvidia, either 1070, or 1080, per frank... and for the record, when i'm able to get in here and play games it's on a single screen...so there ya go... I've also had my eye on an LG 37" monitor at new egg, which will replace both of these when that happens to go on sale for the right price... but you all have my gratitude and and hopefully i will be able to get in here more often within the next year... thank you my friends a OCC
  4. yes mostly 1920x1080, but I'm set up with twin monitors (two identical 27") at the moment. But honestly money is not my main concern, and video processing and high quality is,..I want the very best video gaming quality and am not afraid to spend to get it. But also i want the equipment i choose to last a good long while, like 4 or 5 years would be good. thank you Fight Game what about a pair of gtx 1070's
  5. this ! ,...i want,...maybe two of them,...it will def be my next gaming vid/graphics solution just curious frank is that test sample or did you aquire it yourself ? and if so where,...i havent seen any out here in the world yet...
  6. cjloki

    Annual OCC Contest Thread

    YesOkie dokie and look what showed up yesterday...
  7. cjloki

    Annual OCC Contest Thread

    just wondering if the ASUS mobo has shipped out yet ? ,...has anybody heard ?
  8. cjloki

    Annual OCC Contest Thread

    Late last night I finally got parked here in Hooker Oklahoma and I was able to look at the email I got from BP 9801 and check out the results of the contest winnings... once again I have to say thank you to world famous OCC ... it looks like I am winner of a really awesome Asus motherboard that will be the beginning of a new platform for my gamer rig...this is gonna be great and I will start collecting the CPU and needed hardware to put it together...thank you OCC !
  9. cjloki

    Annual OCC Contest Thread

    holy cow, i'm seeing a bucket-load of prizes for this one ! ....thank you OCC !!
  10. cjloki

    Annual OCC Contest Thread

    Email sent bosco... Wondering if the club will be doing the tier level contest this year ?
  11. cjloki

    Official GUNS Thread --

    i like the look of you stock Coors, would look good on my ar10,....that and a 24" barrel. ive been having a little difficulty finding a 24 inch dpms in my size, but i keep looking...
  12. i remember seeing it was on hold until february but i really thot i had missed it...damn i have been working to much this year...i don;t get to log on and hang out like i used to...but i gotta make a living so i can afford more new puter stuff !
  13. dang, cool trailer and tight graphics,...
  14. cjloki

    how terrible are iris pro graphics?

    and i have a I7 5775c in my security camera server; it beautifully manages 6, 1920x1080 foscams with only 6-8% cpu usage... the color and resolution looks perfect even at night in infrared...and btw i think frank did a full comparison of the graphics when he did his review... main reason i switched from an I3 4370 to the I7 5775c was the graphics, and i'm not dissapointed one bit !
  15. well thaks again braegnok, but i'm pretty sure i'll be ok with the OCZ ddr2 1200 that came out of the old rampage machine,...they look funny but they are really bad ass...lols unless of course you just feel like adding them to the shipment, then who am i to deny your joy..... ...but really, i think these will be fine !
  16. lost the motherboard for the first major gamer i ever created today,...of course it's a dinosaur now , but was state of the art 8-9 years ago...now i want to either look for another lga775 mobo and try to rebuild it into something useful again, or just part it out for whatever i can get for it...is anybody in the market for an Intel Core2 Quad Extreme QX9770 ? ...the Asus Rampage Formula it was on is bricked and worthless, so i'm in the market for a decent fully functional p45 or x48 motherboard, with the ich9 chipset that will support a Core2 Extreme QX9770,...this time it won't be used for much more than some light gaming and web surfing, or maybe a tor node, idk...i'm just hoping here that one a you OCC oldtimers, has a dusty old x48 or p45 up in a closet in the back room someplace... well kindy pm me if you have any useful old stuff like that that i can use laying around... thanks OCC CJ
  17. ya know it's funny, my puter was not letting me post, or my messages weren't getting thru , but thank you i'm glad we got it done !! you da mang !!
  18. that's the one Braegnok ...a thing of beauty, pm sent
  19. thank you cheeseman42, thank you for looking ! ...i think Braegnok has the one, so we'll give it a shot
  20. that's about right !,...pm sent, and thank you !!
  21. For sale: a lightly used like new, Intel I 3 4370 dual core CPU; asking $110 plus shipping to lower 48...prolly around 6-7 dollars USPS...if a buyer is local I'll bring it to you no shipping...i accept PayPal that is all...pm me if you are interested and I'll get back to you asap...Things are changing for me so i need to offload some stuff...more coming soon... asking $110 plus shipping
  22. Hey10-4 frank...was worth a shot...love ya for looking !!
  23. hey frank thanks, do you have an ole p45 or x48 ich9 laying around over there ?? my rampage formula died today and i think imma try n figure out how to rebuild the qx9770 back into something useful,...